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BLOG TAKEOVER by Chris the Fish! Read an excerpt from Caress of the Wolf

by on February 19, 2014

The Fishie is back…and I’m causing TROUBLE!!

Hey all you Lori King fans! Guess what? THAT LORI LADY IS OUT OF TOWN!! I sooo love it when she is out of my hair for a bit. You know what this means? The Fishie runs the roost for a bit!  Are you excited?

I know I sure am!! For a blissful few days she won’t be hounding me for work, and I can be naughty and share a sneak peek of Caress of the Wolf! You see I shared this with her “Brat Pack,” and now I’m going to share it with you!

This latest and greatest, is also her HOTTEST! And I should know, I just cleaned up my computer and I had seven, yes seven versions of this book on my computer. SEVEN!!!!  That crazy Alpha worked my poor brain and fingers to the bone! (Lots of alcohol is involved in dealing with her crazy arse!) No one can replace Rafe and Ryley in my book, even though Shandi stole them from me in Legacy of the Wolf.3-LOTW-Medium

But wow! Whitneys mates are drool worthy!

Ok enough of me running my mouth (and day dreaming of sexy wolves). Here is a chunk of Lori’s newest work that I snagged and wanted to share with EVERYONE!!!

Caress of the Wolf (The Gray Pack 5) Coming May 2014!

The fragrance of almonds filled the air when Cadence reached Whitney’s cabin. He could hear the water running in the bathroom, and his cock thickened. He wanted his mate, but he wasn’t sure that she would welcome him after what had happened to Tawny.

Walking through the bedroom, he paused just outside the bathroom doorway, watching her sleek curvy form through the ivory colored shower curtain. His wolf pushed at him, growling and pacing in his head because it wanted to get closer to its mate.

“Are you waiting for an invitation?”

The shower curtain slid to the side, and she gave him a scorching look. His mouth went dry and his cock grew hard in an instant. Her beauty was breathtaking. She looked like a sea nymph with watch coursing down her golden skin, and her black hair slicked back and reaching to her hips.

“You’re tired. I figured I better give you a little space.” He said, with a shrug.

One of her dark eyebrows rose and she stared pointedly at his swollen cock, “What if I don’t want space?”

He barely breathed as he shot across the room to join her in the shower. She was laughing as she tugged his forgotten and now damp clothes from the loop around his neck and tossed them to the bathroom floor. It was as though both wolf and man were starving for the woman in front of them. Running his hands over her satiny skin, he caressed every inch he could reach, and then proceeded to kiss her senseless. It was the only way he knew how to tell her what he was feeling.

Grateful that she was safe, terrified that this wasn’t the last time her life might be in danger, anxiety over her earlier unwillingness to leave her pack and be the Alpha-Bitch of his, and grief over the loss of yet another pack mate. Sure, Reyes wasn’t his best friend, but he still felt a sense of obligation to the man as family.

Whitney absorbed every emotion and responded in kind. Caressing his with her tiny hands, and soothing the raging beast in his soul. She was oxygen to his fire, and he didn’t hold back. Lifting her off of her feet, he braced back against the wall and held her curvy ass in his hands. She writhed against him and he reciprocated by grinding his cock into her hot wet slit.

“I need you.” She whispered.

If you weren’t ready before, I bet you are now! Catch this newest addition to The Gray Pack in May! If you haven’t read the series yet…well what are you waiting for? Go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Bookstrand and pick up the first four so that you’re ready for Whitney and her men!

Read the first four in order:The Gray pack

Fire of the Wolf

Reflections of the Wolf

Legacy of the Wolf

Dreams of the Wolf

Also, if you have any questions you want to ask while I’m controlling her blog today you better ask fast! Before she catches wind of what I’ve done!  It’s a pleasure telling stories on the Alpha Wench! *heehee*

With much spanks,

The Fishie

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  1. Cherie Clark permalink

    Thanks for that Fishie… Alrighty then question time huh. Is Lori our alphaness working on an Apache Crossing book next????

  2. Diana Merritt permalink

    The spanks will be so worth it!

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