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January Picture Capture! 7 Authors get creative with a Flash Fiction Challenge!

by on January 31, 2014

Have you ever seen a photo, that just took your breath away, and sent your imagination running? That’s the goal of Picture Capturing. I want your imagination to take you away. Here is how it works….

This months picture prompt


Use the prompt to write a 350 word scene.

No limitations.

No restrictions.

Let your imagination go wild.

Alongside every entry, is the authors contact links, and most recent book cover.

If you like what they did, please leave a comment or even better, buy a book!

So, here is what the authors came up with this month….


Lori KingFlawless Surrender (The Surrender Trilogy II)

Links:   Bookstrand     Amazon    Barnes & Noble

Mona knew better than to speak out of turn, but the words slipped past her lips anyway. “What is this, Sir?”

Cole’s sharp look made her feel terrible for her mistake, but her curiosity was truly peaked. They usually liked to play in the main dungeon, and he rarely set up a scene for her in a private room unless it was a special occasion. He had been acting so strangely, and although she thought the cut off shorts and plaid top looked great on her, it certainly wasn’t his normal pick for her fet wear. Now she was standing in the doorway of a private play room and in front of her was a huge stack of hay bales, covered only by what looked like a flag. She was thoroughly confused.

“That’s five, brat. I don’t recall giving you permission to speak, but I’ll alleviate the worry on your face. I have had this fantasy, of seducing the local farmer’s daughter, and since there aren’t too many farms or farmer’s daughter’s in the middle of Los Angeles, I want to do some role play.” His blue eyes sparkled behind his dark framed glasses, and she smiled at her Clark Kent lookalike.

“Sounds like fun, Sir.”

“Cole, for this scene, brat, and don’t bother making this easy on me. A farmer’s daughter wouldn’t want her father to catch her rolling in the hay now would he?”

She covered her mouth as she giggled, and then tossed her long hair and forced a look of cold indifference. “What would a girl like me what with a farmhand, Cole?”

“The same thing a farmhand wants with the farmer’s daughter.” He tumbled her to down on top of the flag that she was relieved to realize was really just a beach towel, and reached for her zipper on her shorts.

Twisting away from him, she squeaked in pretend terror, “No! I’m not that kind of girl! What would my daddy say?”

“I won’t tell if you don’t, sweetness.”


Doris O’Conner Doris OConnor

Her Links:  Website   Blog   Facebook
Was she really going through with this? It seemed so, as Dan’s calloused fingertips slid under the waistband of her shorts.

Anyone could walk in on them, but such were the terms she’d agreed to—had been forced to agree to—due to her brother’s incompetence at cards. Tears filled her vision, and she blinked them away. It’s not as though Dan wasn’t cute. He was just her type, in fact. She’d been watching him from afar for weeks now, too shy to approach him, all too aware of whose little brother he was.

One simply didn’t mess with the family. If only her own brother had heeded that warning, she wouldn’t be in this mess.

Dan’s fingers slowed, and he put his large hand on her abdomen. Somehow the slightly abrasive texture of his hot palm on her skin grounded her, and pulled her out of her miserable thoughts.

“Why are you here, Tessa? Tell me the truth now, because you certainly don’t seem with me on this.”

There was no malice in his deep timbre, just puzzlement, and a deep seated yearning that sent tingles of awareness down her spine.

When she looked at him the heat in his gaze blew her away. Shirtless, his flawless skin beckoned for her touch, and with his rock hard erection digging into her ass through their combined clothing, Tessa was left in no doubt that he wanted her.

So why did he stop?

His expression darkened at whatever he read in her gaze, and Tessa cursed her expressive face. She could never hide her feelings.

“Dammit, I knew this was too good to be true. What the fuck has Vincent got on you to make you do this?”

He pulled her into a sitting position and yanked his shirt back on.

“I knew someone as classy as you would never be interested in the likes of me. Whatever my ass of a brother got on you, tell him you paid.”

Tessa should leave, but instead she smiled.

“You’re wrong… I do want you…”

Dan’s sinful grin made her forget everything.


Amy J. Hawthorn Amy Hawthorn

Links:   Website   Facebook    Twitter

“Are you sure they’re gone?” Will’s friends were always having a good time or causing trouble. More often than not, the two went hand in hand.

“I gave them enough chores to last three days. They’ll be busy for a long while. Come here.” When he used that low tone, touched with subtle hint of dominance she couldn’t resist. Without fail, her body warmed and loosened for him after just a few simple words. She sat where he patted on the hay bale. His callused hand rested at her hip and he leaned in to nip at her ear. “Finally, you’re all mine. It feels like I’ve waited years to get my hands on you.”

She didn’t know how long he’d been waiting, but she knew it had easily been years since she’d first dreamed of tasting his kiss. Though she’d known of him all her life, their families had been at war since before they’d been born and as soon as she’d graduated high school, her father had shipped her off to college and no one dared defy Tom Tackett, not even his offspring.

But those were dark thoughts and the last thing she needed to think about today. Today was a day for sunlight and happiness.

Smooth as silk, he turned and she ended up on her back and in his arms.

“Let me have a taste, Janie.” She opened for his kiss and melted beneath him. Hot, wet and sweet, his mouth mated with hers until she wanted him from her head to her toes. Maybe she should be alarmed by the power he had over her, but she couldn’t make herself care. He was it for her. She’d known it from the first time they’d spoken back in high school. And when her car had overheated on the side of the road and he’d pulled over to lend a hand, she been toast before he’d even opened his mouth.

If falling hard and fast for Will was wrong, so be it. For the first time in her life, she was prepared to be the bad girl.


Michelle Graham


Michelle Graham

Links:  Website   Facebook   Twitter

“So why no date?” Jack asked Kelly as they strolled by the barn, away from the noise of the Independence Day party in Kelly’s yard.

“You don’t have one either.”

He stopped and took her hand, stepping well into her personal space. “I’ve only ever wanted the girl next door.”

Kelly’s heart raced as he lowered his head. He moved slowly, giving her time to pull away, but she didn’t want to. All those years growing up together, and she’d never dreamed she could feel this way about the sweet, slightly geeky boy from the neighboring farm.

What started as a slow, sensual kiss quickly progressed. The passion of his kiss swirled through Kelly’s body, and every nerve tingled, lust clouding her thoughts. When Jack began to trail light, burning kisses along her jawline and down the side of her neck, she couldn’t help moaning. Jack pressed her closer to him and she could tell just how into this kiss he was.

A nearby wolf-whistle brought her back to her senses for a moment, and she realized that though they stood in the shadows, they were still visible to anyone passing.

“Inside the barn,” she gasped.

Jack pulled her to the nearest door and they quickly climbed the ladder to the hayloft. He wasted no time lowering her into the soft hay and kissing her again. Kelly responded, her libido in control again. She tugged his t-shirt out of his jeans and slid her hands up his smooth chest, smiling at his groan.

He pulled back and whipped the shirt off. Kelly tried to pull him down for another kiss, but he resisted. He traced the line of her jaw with one finger, moving down her neck, across her collarbone, and down between her breasts, leaving her trembling with need.

“Please, Jack,” she whispered.

He slipped his fingers lower, now drawing light circles on her stomach, drifting closer to the waistband of her cut-offs. “Please what?”

“Touch me, please.”

He grinned, and began to undo the button on her jeans. “I’ve been waiting to hear you say that.”


JC Szot JC Cerrigon Szot

Links:  Website   Bookstrand   Mike’s Tree of Life

“Didn’t think I’d deliver, did you?” Roger asked, grinning down at her.

His fingers curled around the waistband of her shorts, tugging lightly.

“I…” Traci gasped.  His touch had her flesh battling between a vibrating burn and a shivering chill.

Roger’s gruff laughter echoed around them.  Traci drew in a rush of air, air that was scented with the earthy fragrance of brittle straw and the sweetness of grain. She gazed up at the timbered beams of the barn.

“You should never underestimate a geeky nerd, such as myself,” Roger winked. His hand slipped lower, working his way into that hot, confined place that thirsted for his touch.    The awareness of Roger’s body rising over hers as he stoked the fire higher had her heart fluttering against her ribs.

They’d met last week at the tax assessor’s office. Roger had been hired to trouble-shoot their computer system.  He’d caught her off guard, not asking Traci to go out for the cliché drink or dinner, but to go with him to the annual Fourth of July parade. It was a festivity that Traci thought of as an inconvenience because half the town was roped off.

Roger had told her he’d make it worth her while.

“I like this,” he whispered. His fingers eased through her folds, sliding through the wet heat that Traci felt pooling between her legs.  The pad of his thumb slowly circled over her clitoris.  Her thighs trembled, wanting to open wider, welcoming him all the way in. His breaths came faster, rushing through her ear.  “Do you?”

“Yes,” she hissed.  Her eyes pinched closed as her back bowed, scraping against the coarse straw.  His other hand glided up her ribs, resting below the swell of her breast, teasing and taunting.

Her body was starved, ready to consume all that he offered. Traci rested her hand on Roger’s chest, savoring the tactile contours. His heat warmed her fingers as her caress traveled, meeting the arced flesh of Roger’s housed cock, straining to be freed and attended to.

“There it is baby, and it’s all yours.”  His mouth descended.


Sherri HayesSherri hayes

Links:  Facebook   Blog   Goodreads

She kept her eyes closed while he went inside the barn. He said he wanted to surprise her. The suspense was killing her, but she was trying not to spoil whatever it was he’d put together.

A hand wrapped around her wrist, startling her. “Shh. It’s just me.”

Without thinking, she started to open her eyes.

“No. Keep them closed.”

He led her forward, guiding her. Maybe she should have been scared, but she trusted him.

They stopped. “Okay, you can open them now.”

There, less than four feet in front of her were several bales of hay with an American flag blanket. He’d set it up as a bed of sorts.

She looked up at him with a huge smile on her face. It had been nearly impossible to get alone time during their two week visit with his family. They’d stolen a few kisses here and there, but for the most part, they’d had to keep their hands to themselves. It seemed as though every time they got close his family had some sort of intimacy radar and would suddenly appear, ruining the moment.

But they were alone now. “How long do you think we have?”

He pulled her into his arms. “At least two hours. Dad and my brother went to help with some sort of veterinary emergency across town, and my aunt called to ask Mom if she’d help with the swap meet setup.”

“Ahh. And how did you and I get out of helping?” Although she really didn’t care, she also didn’t want to get walked in on. Again.

She backed toward the makeshift bed, and lowered herself down—pulling him on top of her. He followed eagerly. “I told them you weren’t feeling well, and I didn’t want to leave you all alone.”

Arching her back, she pushed her breasts higher into the air. “I don’t care how you did it as long as it means I get to feel you inside me.”


Corinne DaviesCorinne Davies

Links:  Twitter   Facebook    Amazon

“Gosh, Nancy I feel like I’ve been waiting for this since the nineteen thirties.” Ned Nickerson wrapped his hands around Nancy Drew’s pert ass and lifted her up against him.
“I never realized.” She wrapped her long legs around his hips and rubbed against him like a barn cat in heat. “There’s always so many distractions.” Her hands trailed over his bare chest, tracing his muscles. “I’ve dreamt about touching these muscles.”
Ned’s cock throbbed hard behind the fly of his jeans. Stumbling in excitement, he carried her over to the hay bales in the back of old man Schuster’s barn.
“Oh, ouch, Ned. It’s prickly. I’m going to get straw stuck in my yeehaw.”
He grabbed a flag that had been hung up for the Fourth of July celebrations, tucking it under her. “Here ya go, sweetheart. Old glory will protect you.”
Ned paused to look over her delicate body. Nancy had always been paragon of perfection, but sometimes she was too perfect. He wanted to see the dirty girl he was sure she hid under her prim and proper ways.
“Yeehaw?” he bent down nuzzled the soft skin below her ear. She smelled like a tropical flower, lush and heady. “You can do better than that. Say pussy for me. Tell me how wet you are and how bad you want me to slip my hard cock into you.”
He debated the wisdom of encouraging her because if the word pussy crossed those shiny pink lips of hers, he’d ruin his favorite pair of jeans and he chance to finally get between her silky thighs. Flicking the button of her cut-offs he pressed his fingers closer to paradise.
“Ned, what’s that?” Nancy’s attention had drifted to a spot on the floor a few feet away from them. When Ned had stumbled earlier he must have aside some hay that was strewn across the floor exposing a hatch. “Is that a secret passage?”
Her question hit Ned like a bucket of ice water, making his cock deflate. He’d been so close this time.


Thank you so much to all of the authors who participated! I hope you’ll encourage us by letting us know if you would like us to continue our specific stories. Just leave a comment for us in the comment section. We’ll be back February 28th with another one! As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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