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Christmas has arrived in Rebecca Joyce’s Treasure Cove!

by on January 23, 2014


Happy Release Day

Rebecca Joyce!

It’s Christmas time in Treasure Cove! As the town gears up for the upcoming holidays, two sisters learn how gloomy the holidays can really get. Janie Hicks has waited for her good news ever since she married the Jeff and Caleb Hicks. Now that it’s happened, she is learning that having it all isn’t all that its cracked up to be.
Charlotte Connelly, is more than any one person can handle. Thank goodness, she has two husbands who are eager to help. If only she would let them. Determined to have everything her way, she learns that just maybe, something’s are better left undone.
When all of towns residents rally to help two of their own, they all soon realize that this Christmas, is going to be one for the history books. Because when the town of Treasure Cove gets together to celebrate the holidays’, anything that can happen, generally does.


Teasingly she cocked her head to the side, grinning. “You didn’t ruin anything. Actually, I do believe this is the first time we have been alone together and you are actually talking to me. That is a plus in my book, but if you decide to clam up again, I will be forced to make you talk.”
“Oh really? A little bitty thing like you couldn’t blow over a leaf.” He smiled as she felt his hands trail up her arms. Her body shivered, going languid. Her temperature began to rise as her pussy dampened, and when she felt his lips against her own, she moaned.
When he started to say something else, Annabelle put a finger over his lips, simply saying, “Shush, let me take care of you.”
Pulling his shirt from his pants, she slipped it over his head, exposing his broad chest and muscular arms. Placing her hand on his chest, she stood, pushing him back onto the bed. Trailing her fingers down his stomach, she slowly undid his belt and pants, as he kicked off his shoes. She didn’t have to say a word. Lifting his hips, she tugged, pulling his pants from his body, leaving him only in his briefs. Walking back to the door, she turned the lock. Turning back to him, she licked her lips and moved toward him. Through it all, he never took his eyes from hers.
He may have been upset, but his cock was showing signs of life. Gently placing her hands on the firm bulge, she rubbed it through his briefs, feeling it grow and stiffen in her hands. Again, he tried to say something, but Annabelle didn’t want to hear it. She wanted to do this. She didn’t know why. She had never been one to initiate anything of this kind, but the despair and longing in his eyes had awakened something within her, and she just needed to do this for him. Slipping her fingers into his briefs, she slid them down to his knees, exposing his now rigid, hard cock.
Taking him in her right hand, Annabelle cupped and massaged his balls. Her trimmed nails lightly scratching them. He moaned, closing his eyes as she petted and played with him. She watched him intently as she leaned forward, licking the underside of his shaft, kissing her way down to his balls before licking upward to the head in one wet move. Her tongue then circled the bulbous head several times, as if she were enjoying an ice pop. Then, looking into his eyes, she wrapped her lips around him and took him fully into her mouth.
“Oh, fuck!” he growled, his hands gripping the bed covers tightly.
This was what she wanted. She wanted this for him, to take his mind away from everything, only to focus on one thing. Her. He needed this more than she needed to know more about him. There would be a time and place for that, but now, he was hurting, and she wanted to take away his pain, replace it with a memory that was good.
Taking her time, she explored him as if her were the lost city of Atlantis. She wanted to know everything about him. What made him groan? What made him moan and what curled his toes? Licking, sucking, even nibbling, she seduced him with her mouth, never letting his cock slip from its warm confines. Her hands massaged, stroked, and tickled his balls. Before long, she had him writhing on the bed, as if the ecstasy she was showing him caused him pain.
When she felt his heavy balls begin to tighten up, she knew he was getting close and let his cock slide from her moist, wet mouth.
Standing, she removed his briefs the rest of the way as she looked into his dazed eyes and saw enjoyment, awe, and something else. As she slowly removed her clothes before him, he never said a word, just lying there, watching, and taking everything in. Naked, she knelt between his legs again and started to stroke him. His cock grew ever harder as she played with him, and she knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Wanting to taste him, she lowered her mouth again, taking him all the way back to her throat, and swallowed.
“Oh God, buttercup!” he cried, as her head bobbed up and down, her tongue twirling as she did. Her hand rubbed and pulled his balls as she manipulated and tortured his shaft, willing the thick, hard beast to give her the cream she knew was in there. Sucking harder, she hallowed out her cheeks and devoured him vigorously.
“Fuck, baby, I’m gonna come!” he shouted, and with one last pull of her lips, his hard shaft stiffened, shooting his seed into her mouth as she gulped and swallowed him. She never relented, taking everything he gave her, her mouth and body craving more. When the last spurt left the tip of his cock, she slowed her pace, licking him clean, letting his cock slide from her mouth with a loud, audible pop.
Rebecca Joyce
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