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Finding Satisfaction with Diane Leyne

by on January 20, 2014

Welcome to Satisfaction, Texas where menage is the norm and all the guys are hot, Hot, HOT.  Unfortunately, there’s no real Satisfaction Texas, or there would be a line of cars stretching all the way to the Canadian border and I’d be first in line.

I wasn’t looking to start a new series.  I already have Club Libertine, Libertine Island and Call of the Wolf, but sometimes you don’t get a choice what you write.  It may sound strange to non-writers, but something the characters just demand their story be told.  It was like that for me with “Claimed by Wolves” and it was like that with “Finding Satisfaction”.

For “Finding Satisfaction”, what came to me was Jess and the bond she has with Murphy her dog.   The name Murphy came from the dog in an old movie with James Garner, “They Only Kill Their Masters” where a dog was falsely accused of the titular crime.  That Murphy was a Doberman, but I never forgot the name and decided if I ever got a dog, I’d name him Murphy.  My favourite breed is the German Shepherd dog, so I made that switch.

And then I got to thinking…. would it be amusing if one of the heroes was also named Murphy?  It could cause some interesting, hopefully amusing, confusion.  And add in a little excitement as Jess is on the run with her dog and $100,000 in stolen drug money and you have:  Finding Satisfaction, Satisfaction Texas Book 1, on sale January 20th.  And look for Demanding Satisfaction, coming February 17th.

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Both cowboys smiled as she approached. “Hey, there!” The blond had a nice voice, deep, with just a touch of a Texan accent. “Beautiful animal you have. What is he, about three or four?”

Determined not to let her attraction to them override her common sense, Jess went on the offensive. “Almost five, actually. Why are you two cowboys hanging around my Jeep and trying to win over my dog? Don’t you have some horses to look after or cows to wrangle?” She was annoyed with herself for wanting to give in to her attraction and flirt with them. Now was definitely not the time for romance. She found herself snapping at them instead.

“But, ma’am, you told me to leave the bar and go out your Jeep.” The brunette looked at her, sincerity shining from his lying or maybe delusional eyes. “I was just trying to be obliging.” His accent was so slow and thick she could almost cut it with a knife.


“You did, ma’am. I heard you with my own ears.” The blond was agreeing, his accent now as thick as his buddy’s, and she felt a bit worried. She could barely understand them. She started to back away.

“Maybe I should go and get the sheriff and we can get this straightened out. Murphy!”

The brunette stranger’s deep voice was almost, but not quite, drowned out by Murphy’s bark in reply.

“Yes, ma’am?”

“What? I was calling my dog.”

“You said Murphy.”

“Yes, I did. That’s his name.”

“I didn’t know that back in the bar. As far as I knew, you ordered me outside by name, in a very insulting way, if I recall, calling me no-account and referring to my butt as flea-bitten. I have to say that my butt has no fleas, and I’d be happy to drop my shorts and let you see for yourself.”

“I did not order you out. I, wait. Wait! Your name is Murphy?” Comprehension finally dawned.

“Yes, ma’am. Murphy Smith, owner of the Double S Ranch, and this is Cole Reacher, best friend, blacksmith, and all-around good guy.”

Murphy reached out to shake her hand. Automatically she met him halfway and found herself answering without thinking. “Jess. Just passing through.” She tried to hide her smile when Cole shouldered Murphy aside so he could shake her hand, too.

“Seriously, guys. You didn’t really think I was speaking like that to Mr. Smith. I would never speak like that to a stranger.”

“It’s Murphy, not Mr. Smith. That was my daddy. Although, I must admit that I might have had an inkling that you weren’t actually talking to me, but I wasn’t about to disobey a beautiful woman who wanted to meet me out at her car.”

“And I went along to protect him. You seemed pretty mad.” Cole smiled, and Jess couldn’t take offense. “If you still feel the need to tan his flea-bitten hide, I could help you. I can hold him down while you take your belt to him.”

He grinned and she grinned back.

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