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Sometimes our flaws are our greatest assets…read an excerpt from Flawless Surrender

by on January 9, 2014

You guys have made both Weekend Surrender, and Flawless Surrender an amazing success and I couldn’t be more grateful!  The Surrender Trilogy centers around three stories whose heroes and heroines much surrender the pieces of their past that they cling to, in order to find their happily ever after.  I’m hard at work finishing the last book, Primal Surrender which will release Spring 2014, but to thank you for all of the support, I’m sharing a never before released excerpt from Flawless Surrender which released in December! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the stories from Stone River, Texas as much as I have loved writing them!


Flawless Surrender (The Surrender Trilogy II)Flawless Surrender

In book two of the Surrender Trilogy: The strength of a man is in the way he embraces his flaws, instead of denying them.

Zoey Carson has worked nonstop to graduate with her Master’s degree, after managing to survive parents who neglected her in favor of their own addictions.  Her future of helping children overcome their childhood is within her grasp until she is knocked down by a surprise visit from her mother.  She finds herself at a crossroads when her longtime crush, Tanner Keegan, comes to her rescue, along with his brothers, Dalton and Clint.  Letting them go might help her avoid getting hurt, but the outcome—she would continue to live a lonely, empty life.

The Keegan brothers finally come together after spreading themselves across the globe for more than a decade.  Each fighting his own personal battle with the past and future, but there is no question that Zoey turns them all on.  Who will risk the pain of baring their soul for the promise of a happy future, and who will succumb to their weaknesses?

Return to Stone River, Texas, where the Keegan brothers work together to win the heart of the woman made for them.  Enjoy the journey as Zoey decides if she can be their…Flawless Surrender.



The sun was low and his belly was growling as he paid the cab, then retrieved his suitcase.  Standing in front of his childhood home, he was flooded with memories of playing basketball behind the barn, shooting BB guns at tin cans from the front porch, Christmases and Easters and everything in between.  The smell of home hit him as he pulled the front door open.  It was still exactly as it had been when his parents lived there, and he was comforted by that.  Maybe being home wouldn’t be so terrible.

Of course, in all likelihood, Tanner didn’t have the extra resources to redecorate, but still, his mother would be pleased he had left it the way she had it, if she came home for Christmas.  A noise in the kitchen surprised him, and he lowered his bag to the floor before walking through the living room.  Expecting to find Tanner microwaving a frozen dinner, he was shocked to find a sexy woman dancing around the kitchen with a bowl in her hands and ear buds in her ears.  She was humming a tune Clint recognized from the radio and stirring whatever was in her bowl like a mad woman.

Her long dark hair drifted around her swaying hips as she grooved to the music, and Clint couldn’t take his eyes off her ass.  Perfectly shaped with just enough junk in the trunk to make it soft.  It made his mouth water.

He wondered what the rest of her looked like, and when she continued to work with the goop in her bowl like she hadn’t heard him, he figured he better announce himself.  Reaching out, he plucked one of the black ear buds from her ear, and said, “How did Tanner manage to catch an angel and put her to work in his kitchen?”

Instead of laughing, the woman screamed and Clint found himself covered in white icing from nipples to nose as the bowl she had been holding flew at him.

“Holy shit, angel!  I wanted a taste, but I didn’t need to wear it!”

The woman stood across the kitchen with both hands over her mouth.  She had mesmerizing cornflower blue eyes that were wide with shock, and then crinkling with laughter as she began to giggle.  Clint should have been pissed, but the soft sound of her giggles went straight to his cock making him hard as concrete.

“Clint?  Oh my God!  I didn’t know you were coming home!”  She went to the sink to collect a washcloth and wet it before hurrying to his side.  “I’m so sorry!  I can’t believe I threw that at you!  Here, let me help.”

Her tiny hands began running over his face, neck, and chest as she attempted to wipe the creamy goop from his skin.  His mouth quirked up in a grin when he finally realized who was giving him a sponge bath.  “Zoey Carson?”

She froze and lifted those beautiful blue eyes to his, “Yes, but I’m surprised you remembered me.”

“Oh I never forget a gorgeous face.  So how did Tanner manage to land you?  Last I knew he was living like a priest, paying more attention to his land than his dick.”  Clint took the cloth she held out and completed the job before using paper towels to dry his face.  His shirt was sticky, so he tugged it off over his head.  Awareness zipped through him when her eyes zeroed in on his cut chest.  He might not have made any movies, but he still had a movie star body thanks to the ten hours a day he had been putting in as a landscaper for the last couple of years.

“Uh…um…Tanner didn’t land me.  I’m just living with him, er…well…temporarily.  He’s giving me a place to stay for a couple of weeks.  Does he know you’re back?  He didn’t say anything to me.”  Zoey seemed flustered as she retrieved the now empty bowl and put it in the sink to be washed.  He watched as she pulled another bowl from the cabinet and began making the icing again.

“Not yet, but he’ll know soon enough.  So you’re not Tanner’s girl then?”

She hesitated before shaking her head no, and Clint was intrigued.  They might not be an official couple, but something was up between the two of them.

“Well good, then I don’t have to feel bad about making out with you.”  He turned and started to walk back to the living room, working hard to resist laughing at her gasp and fumbling protest.

“Wait a second, I’m not making out with you!”  She looked so indignant that he wanted to throw her to the floor and prove her wrong.  Instead he just shrugged.

“No, not yet.  We’ll save that for later.  First, I need to unload my stuff in my room.  Do you know where I can find Tanner?”  Clint stopped and cocked his head in confusion because her cheeks went pale.

“Your room?  Um…well…you can’t.”

“I can’t?  I can’t what?”  He narrowed his eyes.

“You can’t use your room.”

A laugh burst from his throat, “Oh really?  And why is that?”

“Um, because I’m using it.”

Clint was struck dumb.  He stood there staring at her, and fighting to keep his erection from busting the seams of his pants.  Holy fuck!  The angel was sleeping in his bed!  How lucky could he get?  He knew he should be a gentleman and offer to take the couch, but if Zoey wasn’t with anyone right now, then he wanted to take advantage of this moment and coax her into giving him a shot.  He couldn’t wait to get her under him naked.

When he left years ago, she had just started puberty.  She was skinny as a rail and her head was bigger than the rest of her.  Now, she was a voluptuous woman with killer porn star curves.  It reminded him of his own ugly duckling phase, and it shouldn’t surprise him that she had matured into a swan too.

“Aw, that’s alright, Zoey love.  That will save me some time and effort, because you were going to end up there eventually anyway.”  He spun on his heel as she sputtered and cursed up a blue streak behind him.



You can read more from Flawless Surrender as well as from the first book, Weekend Surrender under the Available Now tab! Thank you for reading!

As always, Live Laugh and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori


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