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Meet the Characters of Flawless Surrender

by on December 16, 2013

When I was writing the first book in The Surrender Trilogy, Weekend Surrender, I was already plotting books two and three. It was easy to see that Zoey needed a chance to tell her story, so I knew who the main players were pretty much from the beginning. What I didn’t know was the names of the other two Keegan brothers.  So I did my favorite thing ever and held a contest for my Brat Pack! Nicole Plummer got the lucky draw and so she got to help me name Dalton, pick his image, and outline his background. I owe her big because Dalton’s become one of my favorite heroes ever. Once I had Dalton drawn up, Clint fell into place! So without further ado, meet the four main characters of Flawless Surrender…

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

 Zoey Carson

(Inspired by world renowned model, Miranda Kerr)

This heroine is beautiful on the outside, but her insides are damaged. She grew up with parents who were more focused on their own interests than her, and neglect shaped her into the woman she is. With long dark hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and a curvy body, she grabs the attention of the three Keegan men from moment one. One rejects her, one hits on her, and the other confides in her.  When history repeats itself Zoey has to accept her own past in order to build a new future.

Tanner Keegan

Aron Abikzer

Aron Abikzer

(Inspired by model, Aron Abikzer)

From the moment Tanner was mentioned in Weekend Surrender, he intrigued me. Who was this man who ruled the Triple T Ranch alone, and why was he alone? There were sparks between Tanner and Zoey, but he lived up to his bad boy dark looks by painfully rejecting her advances. He harbors secrets that he feels are too dark for the pretty young brunette and he has no intention of exposing her to his debauchery.  His respect for Zoey has grown over the years as he watches her survive heartbreak and misery with her head high and her spine straight. He wants to protect her but he can’t figure out how to wrap her in cotton without holding her first. When his brothers move in on Zoey and make it clear that they aren’t going to give her up to protect Tanner’s feelings, he finds himself at a crossroads. Risk everything by exposing himself, or continue living a lonely life as a bachelor cowboy.

Heath Hutchins

Heath Hutchins

Dalton Keegan

(Inspired by model Heath Hutchins) Blonde hair, blue eyes, and he’s a doctor. What’s not to love? Dalton Keegan is the middle child of this trio of brothers, and he is absolutely the most sensitive.  A tragedy in his past drove him to find an escape from his small town Texas life, and after medical school he headed for Africa with Doctors without Borders.  Fate has a funny way of interfering where she is least desired, and he finds himself back home on Texas soil  looking for a new future. Zoey Carson makes being at home easier, as she becomes his confidante and his lover. The two of them use each other to lean on as they face the ghosts of the past. One will end in joy, while the other will end in heartache.

Clint Keegan

Colin Wayne

Colin Wayne

(Inspired by model Colin Wayne)

He set out for Hollywood at the age of 18 to be an actor. There was no doubt in his mind that he would be successful and never have to keep his promise to his mother to return to the ranch at the age of 30 for good.  Reality comes crashing down when he celebrates that milestone birthday as a landscaper in sunny California instead of a move star. Coming back to Stone River means admitting he failed at his dreams, but maybe the best things in life aren’t things? Zoey Carson brings a light into his life that he didn’t even know was missing, but Clint knows she’s in love with his oldest brother Tanner. Risking losing his brother for good, he decides she’s worth the pursuit, and he finds himself dreaming a new dream.

The second book in The Surrender Trilogy asks one big question…

How does a persons past affect their future?

Releasing December 17!

Releasing December 17!

Releasing December 17!



In book two of the Surrender Trilogy: The strength of a man is in the way he embraces his flaws, instead of denying them.

Zoey Carson has worked nonstop to graduate with her Masters degree, after managing to survive parents who neglected her in favor of their own addictions.  Her future of helping children overcome their childhood is within her grasp until she is knocked down by a surprise visit from her mother.  She finds herself at a crossroads when her longtime crush, Tanner Keegan, comes to her rescue, along with his brothers, Dalton and Clint.  Letting them go might help her avoid getting hurt, but the outcome—she would continue to live a lonely, empty life.

The Keegan brothers finally come together after spreading themselves across the globe for more than a decade.  Each fighting his own personal battle with the past and future, but there is no question that Zoey turns them all on.  Who will risk the pain of baring their soul for the promise of a happy future, and who will succumb to their weaknesses?

Return to Stone River, Texas, where the Keegan brothers work together to win the heart of the woman made for them.  Enjoy the journey as Zoey decides if she can be their…Flawless Surrender.

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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  1. Love love love book one. The entire series on the iPad read to be read. Flawless is up next.

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