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Zoey Marcel visits with Tempted by Brothers….

by on December 13, 2013

Thank you so much for having me here today, Lori! J My newest release, Tempted by Brothers, is about a full-figured heroine and her two tiger shifter men. It comes out on December 18th and is available for pre-order.

Zoey Marcel

Word Count: 54,474

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Rubenesque Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, consensual BDSM, public exhibition, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Amber Donovan has one goal: to get her inheritance. To get it, she can’t marry until she turns thirty, her guardian must approve of the man she chooses, and she must remain a virgin until then. Too bad the McCann brothers are so tempting.

Dane and Carson McCann are tiger shifters who run a restaurant together. They know Amber is their mate, but what they don’t know is why their full-figured girl lets them dominate and all but penetrate her. Despite her personal tug-o’-war and her overprotective guardian, they pursue her.

An ancient evil rises from the darkness in search of virgin blood. But the monster isn’t alone. It has an accomplice and both have made Amber their target. Between random animal attacks in Temptation and Amber’s insecurities about her weight, Dane and Carson have their work cut out for them. But they’re determined that nothing will keep them from the woman they were meant to have.



Dane draped the rabbit pelt over her shoulder and then dragged it slowly down her back, across her buttocks, and finally down and back up her thighs. Amber moaned and spread her legs, letting the bunny fur seduce the nectar from her excited pussy.

Carson ogled her nude sex with a lecherous gleam in his eyes. “Hot naked cunt.”

“I know,” Dane agreed from behind her. “She looks so gorgeous and fuckable. I can’t wait to sink my cock up her pussy.”

She gulped and licked her lips.

Not for several months, gentlemen.

Carson unscrewed the lid to each thermos. “You want hot or cold first?”

“You pick…Sir.” She remembered the title when his predatory blue-green eyes warned her.

Her obedience gratified him, and he took a drink from the thermos she supposed to contain a hot beverage judging by the foggy steam that rose from it.

“Is that tea?”

“Mmhmm, herb tea.” He exhaled in a sexy, masculine way that plagued her with need. “What are you supposed to call me, sub?”

“Sir. Sorry I forgot.”

Carson bent over and latched onto her nipple with his searing mouth. Amber’s mouth fell open and she pushed her tit into him, delighting in the steamy caress he lavished on her.

Next he took a drink from the thermos that contained a cold beverage, probably water. He sipped her other nipple erect with his chilly mouth, making her breath hitch and a shiver snake up her spine.

“Interesting, isn’t it?” he asked.

She gave him a shy smile. “I like it…Sir”

“Then you’ll love what’s coming, but not until I’m ready.”

Such a tease.

Dane pulled the rabbit fur away. “I’m going to use the tawse now. Are you ready?”

She nodded, trembling with anticipation and a dash of dread. “I’m ready, Sir.”

He brushed the cool leather over her butt cheeks, either preparing or taunting her.

Carson lavished her first nipple with a frigid kiss and icy suckling this time to shock the lax nub from its warm slumber. The bud sprang to attention, stiffening and puckering with chills in his cold mouth.

Dane took light taps and minor swats at her bottom, warming her up and sending tremors of excitement and trepidation rolling through her.

Carson took another drink, this time from the heated thermos. He wrapped his lips around her left breast and warmed the cold-afflicted point with an herbal bath of seduction. His swirling oral ministrations dominated the formerly hard nipple and made it lie down and submit to the conquering heat.

He took a swig of tea and consumed her mouth in a steamy kiss that unleashed an herbal medley on her taste buds. While she was still woozy and enraptured by the lingering feel of the kiss, he took several gulps of ice water and then captured her mouth again with his. This time he subdued her with a blizzard-cold assault that was equally sexual and deadly.

When Carson broke free of their oral mating, Dane delivered the first adult strike of the tawse. It woke her butt the hell up and sent a stinging heat into her skin and deeper into her bloodstream when he hit her bottom again.

The pain was temporary and supplanted by gentle rubbing with his hand over the warmed-up flesh he’d tampered with. The light massage was followed by the soothing caress of rabbit fur nuzzling her heated ass cheeks.

Carson’s eyes sizzled with carnal intent as he knelt on the ground in front of her and took another drink. In the storm of sensation play she’d forgotten exactly which thermos he was drinking from. Her answer came in a glacial kiss on her labia that shocked her with cold when he started licking her sex lips. He took another long drink and proceeded to suck her cunt into his mouth, slurping wet, frigid knowledge into it.

Amber gasped and danced on her toes, slapped with heat from behind and scourged with numbing cold in the front. It was pure, heavenly salacity. When Carson’s tongue ran circles around her vagina she grew cautious but hid her uncertainty well. The virginal ring sparked with sensation from his cold frontal rimming.

Dane whacked her bottom hard, driving stinging pain and fiery heat into her skin. The harder he swatted her backside the longer it took for the fire to burn out and the sting to dissolve into a harsh but invigorating memory.

Awareness became heightened and somehow deadened at once as they continued their confusing paradise of pain and pleasure, heat and cold. Time stood still as the sun sank lower behind the snow-capped mountains. A sheen of sweat glistened on her body as extreme temperatures and the lines between suffering and enjoyment were blurred.

It was a mental thing. She knew it was. If any random man had wanted to strap her she doubted she would like it. But here with the men she trusted, willing herself to take the pain for them and being rewarded when they magically turned it into pleasure was a sexual utopia she reveled in.

Carson devoured her pussy with a scalding herbal bath, enticing her cherry with the desire to burst. He didn’t break her hymen, but as his tongue dipped into her vagina, fucking sinful heat up into it, she imagined herself surrendering her chastity to them and forfeiting the money she was entitled to. Normally the idea sent her into a defensive frenzy, but in this dreamlike moment with them it was the biggest turn on. Pretending they were stealing her riches away from her and reducing her to a shameless, writhing woman to sate their needs made her cream hard.

“Remember, you have to ask permission to come,” Carson reminded her, his voice sounding distant like he spoke through a tunnel.

“Please, Sir.” She felt lightheaded and like she was flying.

“You may come, sub.”



Thanks again for having me, Lori!

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