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October Picture Capture-Flash Fiction Event!

by on October 31, 2013

Have you ever seen a photo, that just took your breath away, and sent your imagination running? That’s the goal of Picture Capturing. I want your imagination to take you away. Here is how it works….

This months picture prompt

Use the prompt to write a 350 word scene.

No limitations.

No restrictions.

Let your imagination go wild.

Alongside every entry, is the authors contact links, and most recent book cover.

If you like what they did, please leave a comment or even better, buy a book!

So, here is what the authors came up with this month….


Lori King   Bookstrand     Amazon    Barnes & Noble

She waited silently in the weeds as the knight drew closer, watching him closely while trying to determine her next move. If Myra were here she would know what to do. Instead, Cass was alone and scared.

In the three centuries that she and Myra had guarded both lake and tower together, only two souls dared to cross their waters. Would this knight be the third?

Sinking just below the surface she was mere feet away from him when he knelt on the edge of the water and used both hands to take a drink. He was handsome for a human. Dark eyebrows angled sharply above dark eyes. A wide forehead was balanced by strong cheekbones and square jaw. But it wasn’t any of those features that drew Cass’s attention. It was the scar that ran from the left corner of his full lips, all the way back to the top of his left ear. A permanent reminder of some horrific event if Cass had to guess.

She relaxed a little when he stood and walked back to his horse, but her ease didn’t last. The knight retrieved his sword and began whacking away at the precious pussy willows that lined the bank. He stripped the stalks from the waters making a pile of them at his feet. Every sweep of his blade cleared a path through the dense thicket, and stung her to the bone.

With a swish of her tail and barely a trail of bubbles, she slid away from her hiding place back into the depths of her lake. What could he possibly be doing with all of those stems?

Within the hour she had her answer, she the ignorantly brave knight finished weaving a hundred or more of the thick stalks into a small raft, and placed it on the water’s surface.

Digging deep for the vicious beast that Myra insisted dwelled deep inside of her, Cassiopeia of Lake Eiren, rose to the surface and launched herself at the invader.


KD JonesKD Jones

Links:   Website    Amazon   Blog

Princess Ana lived in the tower room facing the Eastern Sun.  The castle was small and well hidden among the marshlands.  This was where she had been sent at a young age of four to be raised in secret, away from her parents and the rest of the royal court.
Ana was a child born out of wedlock between King Willis of the Northern Kingdom and Princess Mariana of the Southern Kingdom.  These two kingdoms were at constant war.   During a truce King Willis found himself at the Southern Kingdom’s castle and out of a night of lovemaking was born Ana.
Ana was a beautiful child with curly red hair and big inquisitive brown eyes.  Her birth should have ensured a peace between the two kingdoms.  But it had the opposite effect.  Princess Mariana’s father was furious that his only heir sullied herself with the enemy.  He had even ordered his own granddaughter’s murder. For Ana’s safety, it was decided that she was to be raised in the secluded castle on the edge of the Western Kingdom.
King Willis claimed in the letters he wrote her over the years that it had been a heart wrenching decision. Ana resided there with a handful of personal guards, two nurse maids, and five servants.   Fourteen years she lived a quiet simple life.  She had only one friend that was her age.   Nicolette was the daughter to her head guard Rufus.  The two of them had been inseparable since they were children.   So though her life was a bit dull and unadventurous, it was a happy life.  A complete life, until he came.
Ana and Nicolette were in their rowboat enjoying a fine day of fishing.  Ana’s line was snagged on something. “Help me.”  Ana told Nic.
They pulled the line until a man’s body suddenly appeared.   It took two of them struggling to heft him up into the boat.
“Look Ana, you caught yourself a man.”  Nicolette laughed.
They watched as the handsome man opened his eyes.  As soon as their eyes met, Ana knew her life would never be the same.

Willow BrookeWillow Brooke

Links:  Website  Fanpage   Facebook Alice stared up at the sky, wishing for her true love to ride in and claim her heart forever.  Taking her little note pad out, she wrote the words of what her perfect man would be, and folded it into a triangle before setting it free on the waves of the breeze.
She had performed the same ritual every month since her tenth birthday, reciting the memories her grandmother had taught.  The old spell was said to bring fate and destiny together.  Every month on the full moon, she repeated it just as she had learned, dancing under the silver light as her ancestors did before her.
Coming up on her twenty first birthday, she was losing hope and feeling the painful realization that she may never find the one her heart yearned for. Her skirts twirled with each movement, mirroring the flames that licked and danced from the fire.  Alice moved and swayed to the tune that only she could hear, losing herself in the melodic enchantment. Her mind hazed in another time and place, envisioning the details fate would bring.
Hair as dark as a raven, eyes as blue as the sea.  One claiming kiss would seal their souls together and join them as one for all eternity. She spun faster and faster, blurring the world around her.  Two strong, masculine arms snaked around her, jolting her to an abrupt stop.  Without a single word his lips crashed down on hers, consuming her heart.  Their tongues twined together in a magical dance, delving her deeper into the caverns of desire.  His name she did not know, but his kiss and touch was familiar.  This was the man who had owned her heart in every dream, and flooded her thoughts by day.  When he pulled away to gaze in her eyes, his voice was low and deep.  “Hello Alice.  I am Draven Blackmire.”


Amy J. HawthornAmy J Hawthorn

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Rapunzal, Rapunzal let down your hair!

He shook his head at the exaggerated, horrible acting Morris had given earlier that morning. He could still hear the little creep’s nasally voice echoing through his head three hours later. He shook his head and continued down the path to the lake.

Where could Kelly have disappeared to? The most organized and reliable person he’d ever known, she’d never miss an appointment and not call.

A lunch appointment. That’s what she’d called it when she’d put it on her ever-present calendar. Not a date. He knew she’d gotten the message when he’d asked her out. Her violet eyes had widened, her soft lips parted in surprise and it had been all he could do not to dive right in and take her against the side of the makeup trailer. So why had she told him she was looking forward to their “lunch appointment” if she felt the same pull as he?

One of the set designers had seen her walk down this way with Morris and he didn’t trust the man one damn bit. An urgent need to find Kelly took root. He’d reached the end of the path and the pond’s dark water lurked before his feet. He sighed in frustration and looked up and the old tower.

A flash of lavender caught his eye from the window in the towers highest level. Kelly’s sweater was that exact shade. The dark clouds rolling in only added to the squirming unease in his gut. Churned by the growing wind, the dark water at his feet seemed to come alive. A scream shattered the quiet. And without a moment’s hesitation he ran for the little rowboat.

Fear of dark water be damned, that sounded too much like Kelly’s voice. Thunder boomed, and a hard gust of wind rocked the little dingy. His hands sweat and he struggled to steady his breathing. He forced the old memories back into the dark cellar of his mind and concentrated on each row of the oars. The only thing that mattered was finding Kelly safe and whole.


Lynne St. JamesLynne St. James

Links:  Bookstrand    Blog    Facebook

Samantha gazed out of the window and across the countryside.  A full autumn moon shone brightly, and she watched as the wind tossed the fallen leaves.

For the last fifteen years she had been kept in highest tower of this castle by her aunt, who brought her here after her parent’s death.  Sam yearned to see the world beyond, but her aunt kept her secluded within the gilded walls. The quiet of the evening was interrupted by a faint sound.

As Sam watch, in the distance a shadowy silhouette appeared, with large flapping wings and a long tail.  It came closer and closer to her tower. Unsure of what she was seeing, she backed away from the window just moments before a dragon’s head appeared in the opening.

“Please don’t hurt me,” Sam exclaimed in terror.

The golden scaled dragon blinked its emerald eyes at her.   “Don’t worry my princess.  I’m here to rescue you.”

Its deep voice reverberated around her room. “But how?  You’re a…a…dragon?”  Frightened, Sam took a step back, afraid she might be dinner.

The air around the imposing beast began to shimmer.  A few moments later the dragon changed into the hero of her dreams — tall, broad shoulders, golden blond hair and emerald green eyes.

“I am Broderick, Prince of the Tryfan Tribe.  I promise you, I’ll cause you no harm.”

How is this possible?  Sam shook her head hoping to clear the vision she had to be having.  But he was still there.

“I must be crazy.  This can’t be happening.”

“We’ve searched for you for years. The old crone killed your parents and hid you from us.”

“My Aunt Matilda?  She can’t have killed my parents. I don’t believe it.  She’s always taken good care of me.”

“Then why are you here in seclusion, unable to leave?”

“She is keeping me safe.”

In two strides Broderick closed the distance between them.  “No. She be-spelled the castle to keep us from finding you, she knows you’re the answer to the prophecy.” His fingers gently lifted her chin and she gazed into his eyes as his lips touched hers.


Jessica AndersonJessica Anderson

Links:   Website    Facebook     Amazon

He rode up on the castle that he had abandoned years ago. The place was old and since the love of his life passed away there he couldn’t bear to stay there. Her spirit still lingered in the walls of the castle, he could sense it, and every once in a while he could hear her voice and feel the warmth of her presence.

Shane had no clue how her presence was warm, most spirits felt cold, but not her. Maybe it was the love he still had for her. He needed to fell that again. It would have been their anniversary today.  He walked across the bridge with the flowers he brought in his hand. He could feel her presence as he entered the castle engulfed in her warmth. He had often dreamt about drowning himself in the river just to see her beautiful face again.  He knew exactly what would have happened if he stayed there. He walked up to her room and set the roses on her bed. He turned to leave but there she appeared. Her brown hair flowed in the non-existent wind, her skin lightly touched by the sun and her green eyes shining through the darkness.

“Amy.” He gasped as he hit his knees on the stone floor. “I have missed you so much.”

“I love you.” The words whispered on the wind that came out of nowhere. Before he could say anything the image of her was gone. The beauty he once woke up to every morning was gone as was the roses that were left upon the bed. He had cheated death the night that he lost her. The guilt still carried on him, he should have been the one that got stabbed by the psychotic intruder, but instead he had been out at the bar with his friends. Living with the guilt of that night, waking up to realize that he had climbed into bed with his dead wife, without realizing, it was enough to turn him into a psychotic person. He left, forever.


Lisa Carter

Lisa Carter

Links:  Facebook 

She stood at the waters edge, her mind too confused to register the wind. This was her farm and she knew this hadn’t been here today, but her eyes weren’t deceiving her. A single tower stood within a moat smack dab in the middle of her cornfield. Moonlight gleamed off the ripples and danced in her sight like fireflies. “This has to be a Halloween prank. But who would go to this much trouble?” Casey mumbled to herself. Suddenly the wind picked up, blinding her by tossing her long black curls into her face. A pair of arms wrapped around her and the world tilted on its axis. She tried to struggle but her arms were pinned across her chest. When the world stopped spinning and righted itself, she was standing in a luxurious bedroom. Thick carpets surrounded the king size bed that dominated the center of the room. Silk curtains hung down the posts, fluttering in the dying wind. Hot hands roamed across her breasts as soft lips nibbled down the cord of her neck. A strange lethargy invaded her mind as a velvety tongue swirled over each nibble, soothing the sting of increasingly stronger bites. Hot breathe bathed her ear as the hands roamed caressing across her stomach and lower. “I knew the moment I saw you standing in the moonlight that you were my One. The One to share the endless millennia with. You are mine, now and forever.” The voice, so dark and sensual, sent a wave of longing through her body until it centered on her clit. She felt her body turned in his arms. Looking up, she was lost in deep black eyes only peripherally aware of the mans god-like beauty. Black hair almost as long as hers but straight as an arrow, broad shoulders that almost blocked out the view, but his eyes were mesmerizing. Casey was so mesmerized that she never felt him lower her to the bed but she felt his weight settle on her. She closed her eyes and fell into paradise as his mouth roamed down her throat…


Randi Alexandershirtless wet muscular man in jeans and woman hands, studio shot

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It was the strangest thing Mila Terrance had ever seen. She set her kayak paddle across her lap and lifted her binoculars. She’d been exploring this region of the island for months and had never spotted the brick structure before. Was it some kind of Halloween prank the other researchers were playing on her?

“Kind of elaborate, even if it is just a facade.”

She shook her head as she noted the spot on her map then picked up her paddle. The clouds grew thicker, turning the gloomy day into twilight. “What the hell?”

Beneath her kayak, the murky green river picked up speed, carrying her along with it.

“Okay, too weird.” She turned her boat around and started paddling. Despite putting everything she had into it, the rush of water was too strong for her to fight. Breathless, her heart thudded in her chest from her exertion—well, mainly from her increasing fear. She couldn’t jump into the water. Poisonous and carnivorous creatures lurked beneath the surface.

She had no choice. Mila turned the kayak to face the structure and pulled out her camera. She snapped a photo, but in the display, the tall grass showed green, the clouds gray, but nothing else—no castle. Her mouth went dry. She snapped four more photos, each one closer than the last as the current sucked her toward the structure. No building appeared in the shot.

A grating, clanging noise, like chains through a metal loop rattled from the building. Two massive wooden doors swung inward to reveal a dark interior. Mila grabbed her paddle and furiously stroked away from the structure, but it was like a ride at Disney World that she couldn’t get off. A stone stairway led from the river up to the open doors. Her kayak bumped against the bottom step and immediately began to sink. She crawled out of the boat onto the step and sat watching her only means of escape disappear into the mucky water.

“Welcome.” The deep male voice echoed from inside the building. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Mila turned. Tall, dark hair, piercing green eyes, a black candle in a blood-red holder in one hand. He held out his other hand to her and smiled. That’s when she saw his fangs.


Jana LeighJana Leigh

Links:   Website   Facebook   Amazon

Trina tromped through the tall cornfield.  Her damn car broke down and she was pissed.  Here she was trying to find the closest farmhouse, following the smoke that was billowing up from a chimney she walked as fast ad she dared.  Getting repeated cuts from the corn hurt.

“Thank goodness,” Trina muttered to herself as she finally saw the end of the field.  As she drew closer, she saw that she had found the house, and what a strange site it was.  Tall and thin with a strange cloud surrounding it.  She stayed in the field unseen, not sure if she could trust walking up to the door.  The house looked a little strange.

She looked around, trying to figure out where the next house was to run to, if it was too far away, she would suck it up and knock on the door.  She was deep in thought when she heard a rustling sound.  A drop dead gorgeous man walked around the side of the house.

His hair was like spun gold, deep blonde with a shine any woman would be jealous of.  Even from the distance between them, she could see the muscles in his arms, defined and lick worthy for most women.  He looked like a Greek God, the one that started with an A…Apollo she thought.  But she was having a hard time putting to thoughts together, it could be Hercules.  She smiled to herself, look at her brazenly staring at a hunk of a man.

Trina never thought of herself a forward, with he rounded figure, most men didn’t look twice at her.  When she felt someone staring at her she looked up.  The gorgeous hunk was grinning at her.  She shook her head, he was probably laughing at the state of her hair.

“Look at the stunning woman the heavens appeared to he sent me.”  The Adonis said to her.

Trina turned around to make sure he was talking to her and then turned back, the man was suddenly in front of her.  Holy shit, he was even more gorgeous up close.


Marquaylla LoretteMarquaylla Lorette

Links:  Amazon    Facebook    Website

Charlotte’s heart pounded in her chest as she ran deeper and deeper into the woods on hallows night. Just a few seconds ago, she was in her bedroom on her way to bed when three men burst in.    As the men began to shift she screamed and jumped out of her bed. Charlotte knew she had to get out of there soon she was in heat and there was a full moon out.  She quickly jumped out of her bedroom window as the wolves started toward her, luckily her bedroom was on the first floor.  Something deep within her propelled her to run into the woods she didn’t have time to second guess her feelings.  The three werewolves were right behind her howling as they closed in on her.

It’s okay mate come to me just keep running I will protect you. A voice drifted into her mind propelling her faster and somehow making her feel safe at the same time.

Come to me mate, I will protect you. The same voice soothed her once more as she ran through the pond surrounding the spooky castle up ahead.

A tall man with muscles bulging out of his shirt grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the water as she made it to the other side.  Through the glint of the full moon, she could see half of the man face suffered third-degree burns, but that didn’t take from his beauty. The man spoke with so much power that it caused her and the wolves on the other side of the pond to whimper.

Charlotte watched as the three wolves tucked their tails and ran back into the wolves.

“Mate,” Charlotte whispered as the man turned around and stalked towards her.

Before she knew what was happening he was in front of her wrapping his arms tightly around her waist and pulling her close to him. A shiver ran down her spine as he leaned down kissed her on the cheek and whispered into her ear, “I have waited over two hundred years for you, mate.”


Sherri HayesSherri Hayes

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The breeze blew through her hair as she walked along the shore. Dark clouds could be seen in the distance, and Ellie thought it was fitting. Although her life looked perfect on the outside, it was anything but. She was one crisis away from her world tumbling down around her.

Plucking a blade of long grass, she twirled it between her fingers as she continued to stroll along the winding bank. The wind was picking up, and she could feel the rain in the air.

I should probably get back.

But as that thought occurred to her, she noticed something in the distance. It appeared to be a tower of some sort, but where had it come from. Ellie could have sworn it hadn’t been there the last time she looked.

As the clouds darkened around the tower, something moved in the water. She squinted, trying to see what it was, but she needn’t have worried. It was coming toward her—a small wooden boat with a man inside.

Ellie stood, frozen, as the man drew closer. She wanted to run, but something kept her from moving.

The man maneuvered the boat to the shore, and hopped out. Ellie wasn’t sure what she’d expected, but it wasn’t the young man who stood before her in a long robe and worn clothes.

“I’ve come for you milady.” He held out his hand, beckoning her.

She blinked, sure she’d misheard him.

“Milady, we have to go. There isn’t much time.”

Without waiting for her to respond, he took hold of her wrist, and pulled her toward the boat. Like before, her limbs betrayed her and although her brain was screaming that she should run away, she found herself climbing into the boat with his assistance.

Before Ellie knew it, they were moving farther away from the shore, and closer to the mysterious tower. “Brace yourself, milady.”

That was the only warning Ellie got before she was pressed back against the man’s chest and hurled into some sort of vortex.


Thank you so much to all of the authors who participated! I hope you’ll encourage us by letting us know if you would like us to continue our specific stories. Just leave a comment for us in the comment section. We’ll be back on November 30th with another one! As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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