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Beverly Price wants to know if you’re “Feeling Lucky?” (3 book Giveaway!!!)

by on October 9, 2013

Beverly Price’s brand new book, Feeling Lucky is available at Bookstrand today, but she is giving away a complete set of the first three Lucky, Montana e-books to one lucky reader! Read on to find out more!


Feeling Lucky



Beverly PriceSamantha Brown decided to expand her shop with her friend Piper. Everything is great until Piper gets hurt, leaving Sam to do the research for her next book at a BDSM club. Sam falls into a world of D/S and isn’t sure if her past will allow her to fully enjoy the new, wild experience.

Noah Wilde and Sydney Powell work undercover at the club trying to catch a suspect who is kidnapping submissives. When their friend Milo calls, asking them to babysit his sister, they don’t expect a spitfire blonde bombshell to arrive.  They are supposed to train the sexy siren as a submissive, but they have their work cut out for them.

Issues arise, making the three of them find time to spend together while working. The suspect discovers Sam is the men’s weakness and takes her for his own evil plans. Can Noah and Sydney get Sam in time, or is Sam faced with her haunting past again?

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Sam woke up groggy and in desperate need of coffee. Once again, she fell asleep on the damn couch. She had hoped she would make it to her bed last night instead of enduring another night on the lumpy, bumpy couch. Making her way to the kitchen, she clicked on her coffeemaker and waited for the rich, bitter aroma of the coffee beans to penetrate her fogged brain. Today was another day, but at least now she had something to look forward to. Piper was coming to the shop and hanging out with her. She knew Piper wouldn’t be much help, but knowing she was there was comforting to her. Deciding to take a shower while the coffee finished, she hurried into the bathroom to wash up.

The shower felt amazing. The hot water settled the stiffness from the previous night, letting the cleaning soap soak into her skin, and allowed the thoughts of pleasant times to creep into her mind. She remembered when she and Piper were at camp. College was fun, and so was when she moved here. Throughout her life, every good memory usually included her best friend. She was the one person who she never had to hide anything from. Granted, she and Milo were close, but he was her brother for goodness’ sake. She could only tell him so much. Finally awake enough to move without hitting anything, she walked into the kitchen where her beloved coffee finished brewing. It was calling her name to drink its delicious goodness down, and Sam couldn’t refuse. Filling her cup with coffee and adding a heaping amount of sugar, she heard a knock on the door. Who the hell would be here this early in the morning? Not releasing her coffee, she took a large gulp, feeling the burn going down her throat as she made her way to the door. When she opened the door, she was surprised to see Wes and Grady standing there with her purse and small overnight bag.

“Oh hey, guys, what’s up?” Sam asked as she pushed the door open more.

“Hey, kiddo, not much, can we come in?” Sam gestured them inside as they all walked into the living room to sit down. “We brought back your stuff from the club. Ryan feels really bad about what happened. Do you want to tell us about it? All Ryan said was that he was sorry, and that he would love it if you would give the club another chance,” Wes stated. Grady had gone into the kitchen and poured them some coffee before coming back in and then settling down in the chair.

“Look, I’m fine. It was nothing. Just a big misunderstanding, that’s all. Just let it go, okay? I don’t want to talk about it,” she said, hoping to dismiss any further questioning they both might have for her.

“Okay fine, we’ll let it go for now, Sam, but you should know that Noah and Syd both quit after they heard what happened, and some other guy is on suspension. They asked us to give you their numbers and e-mail addresses. Don’t worry, I didn’t give them yours, but if you want, I can,” Sam gasped at his words as a panic must have registered on her face, because Grady was quick to respond “They really are great guys, Sam. You should at least try and talk to them. What do you say? You have been cooped up in the house far too long having your own personal pity party. You put on a good front, but, Sam, seriously if you need anything, we are only a call away,” Grady stood and headed out the door without a second glance.

Wes stood up as well and looked back and smiled at her. “I’m gonna give them your e-mail. Why, you might ask, my dear friend, because I can. I’m not a big pushover like Grady is. I keep telling him and Milo you just need your ass spanked and you’ll be fine. You can trust both of them. I do, especially with you. They would never hurt you, Sam. Which reminds me, I got a new book in, but I am letting Piper borrow it first. You can read it next. It’s hot,” Wes said with a wink and went out the door, following Grady.

Sam stood frozen as both men left. Had she been that transparent that people noticed her acting odd? Damn it, she thought she was covering pretty well. It had to be yesterday then. She did know that she didn’t chatter along with Old Man Winters when he came in. He was a riot. He could say the funniest things, and he swore that she made the perfect smell to ward off Sasquatches. Who knew that cinnamon spice was a Big Foot repellent? Deciding to make the best of the situation, she packed her stuff up and headed out the door for yet another day of work.


“Tell me, princess, did you get all hot and bothered when you saw that little sub all displayed out for all to see? Having little jewels attached to her nipples making them pop out like small little berries to be plucked? Did you imagine me or Sydney doing that to your mouthwatering breasts? Then after we attached them, we would suck them until you screamed for relief, but we would hold you off. Just like that sub, I would suck that hot little clit unto my mouth and attach a clit clamp, making that hot little pearl shiny and ready to be rubbed and fucked. Are you seeing it in your head now, princess? Did seeing her laid out ready for anything make your pretty pussy leak with your honey nectar?” Noah asked as he ran his hands up and down on her arm. He watched as she closed her eyes as if envisioning it happening to her. Noah loved the fact she was getting hot and bothered by his words. Sydney took his cue and started to kiss her neck, nibbling his way down as he spoke next.

“Can you see it, baby girl, feel it? Then the flogger comes out, but you can’t see anything because your eyes are covered. Your body can only respond to what your Masters set up for you. The idea of the unknown excites you. The first hit of the soft leather smacks against the swell of your breasts, but the sting fades before the next swat comes to your other one. Again and again, the leather connects to your skin. The pain starts to radiate down into your exposed pussy. Your little clit pulses with the need to come, yet no relief is given. Soon the flogger moves down your body, your tight little stomach, your right thigh, your left thigh, upward to the inside of those lush legs, but never hitting were you want it most. You’re panting with need, wondering how much more you can take. Then it stops, only to be replaced with a tug to your nipple, causing more juice to flow down your leg. The need is so overwhelming that you cry out in frustration and desire. Do you feel it, baby girl? Do you feel what that sub is feeling?” Sydney said as he started to move her small dress off her shoulders, exposing her tits. She didn’t stop them but only moaned as Sydney took her nipple into his mouth. Her mewling set Noah off while he watched his best friend play with their little sweet sub.

“You know what happened in the end of the scene, princess? Do you know what that big bad Dom did to his poor little sub? He played more. He played with his little toy as if it was Christmas day and he would never get to see it again.” Noah took this time to run his hand up her thigh as he widened her legs, allowing him access to her now-exposed sex. Hearing her breathing patterns pick up, he slowly slid a finger through her folds to find she was already soaking wet. The idea of them playing with her and the fact that anyone could walk in excited him. He deliberately brought his finger to the opening of her sex and slowly, teasingly, worked his way in. She gasped at his invasion. He never stopped his dexterous fingers while he continued his vision to her. “He would then take her sweet little nipples into his mouth and suck them, and he pushed his finger into her tight little cunt, causing her to cry out. Over and over again he would suck and bite them, but would keep his fingers from touching her sweet little clit. She could cry out and thrash, but she wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. She was pinned, bound, only to be left at his whim. Her cries could be heard everywhere, but no one would do anything to ease her suffering. She was helpless to his sweet torture as he continued to push her higher and higher until she was about to go over. Then once again he would stop before bringing the flogger out again and starting the whole process all over. Her need would grow and grow to the point to where she would feel like she was losing her mind, but she still doesn’t use her safe word. Do you know why, princess?” Noah asked as he pushed a second finger into her pussy, making her moan an answer inarticulately.

Sydney had released her breast and started to kiss her neck. “Do you know, baby girl, why she doesn’t? Because she knows once her Master allows her to come it will be worth it. She can take it because it pleases her Master, which excites her more.” Sydney gave him a silent nod, letting him know that he wanted him to push her over. “Can you feel it, baby girl? The need, the desire to come for us, for your Masters? I want you to come, baby, come on Noah’s fingers. Let go and just feel.” Sydney took her breast into his mouth to bite on her nipple. Noah pushed his fingers into her faster and faster. With the other hand, he reached down and rubbed her clit, setting her off. She screamed her release, throwing her head back and gasping for air. Her body shook violently, and sweat dripped from her brow. God, she is beautiful when she comes. She wasn’t going to be a quiet one in the bedroom, and that thought made him smile even more. He loved to hear a woman lost in the throes of passion. He removed his fingers and put them into his mouth to suck her juices off as she opened her eyes and looked up at him. Her eyes were wide and full of fire. The deep blue sparkled bright with excitement.

The Giveaway!

Beverly is offering up a complete set of the first three e-books in the Lucky, Montana series!!

Just Her Luck


Feeling Lucky

One lucky reader who leaves a comment/email address on this blog post will be selected to receive all three!!

Contest is open to all readers!

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  1. Beverly Price permalink

    Wow I am overjoyed with the response I got. First thank you Lori for allowing me a spot and this give away, and second to all you wonderful people who commented. It made my release day ten times better than I could ever possibly dream! Now to the good stuff. I have randomly selected a winner based on the emails, and the winner of all three Lucky Montana books are…. Lee Todd!!! Congrats Honey!!!

  2. Maria McNamara permalink

    These sound HOT..I so want them but I don’t blog, but I will share it on FB and add to my wish list. 🙂

  3. Hi! I would love to read a new author! The books look good!
    Thank You for this giveaway! 🙂

  4. Okay so don’t include me in the giveaway, I decided to get the series so I could start reading now.

  5. Wow, Love the excerpt and am definitely going to read, thanks for chance to win

  6. Madelina permalink

    These sound simply fantastic and I’ve GOT to get my hands on them!

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    Wow, Samantha surely sounds like a lucky girl. Thanks for the post.

  8. melissa schooley permalink

    I love this blog always get introduced to new authors that I end up loving, I cant wait to read these books! FYI this would be a perfect birthday present!

  9. Kimberly Morgan permalink

    Awesome excerpts! Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. This looks hot can’t wait to read it

  11. Terri H permalink

    Ooohh, sounds really good! I hope you get lots and lots of sales! 🙂

  12. ltfrombc permalink

    New series – having read this teaser, I need to read the whole series….Please

  13. Cheryl M. permalink

    After the dream I had last night, I am feeling very lucky. Hope that includes a new ebook, too.

  14. Stacey permalink

    These have been sitting on my TBR waiting for a chance to buy them! Love the excerpts and sounds right up my alley with a lot of heat and a bit of angst and suspense! Can’t wait to read these! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂


  15. cherie Clark permalink

    Thanks for sharing some tasty tidbits with us. Slimshrub AT Hotmail DOT co DOT nz.

  16. Eva P. permalink

    Love the sound of this story, very hot and sexy!

  17. Brandie Wingfield permalink

    I’d love to read your books. They sound so fascinating and Exciting!!!!

  18. HAWT!!!! Read the adult excerpt sitting at my desk in work… NO NO NO! Had to go stand outside for a minute! LMAO Looks like ALL of my FAVORITE things~ ❤

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    I like it when excerpts are shared…I get hooked and then I have a whole weekend of reading!

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    I read this and loved it! This book is just another example of your wonderful talent!!!!

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    this book looks awsome i wanna read it

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    Great excerpt. This sounds really HOT! thanks for sharing.

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