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Brand New from Lynn Ray Lewis…”Rane’s Giants”

by on October 8, 2013

Thank you Lori King.

Lynn Ray Lewis  For allowing me to take over your Blog today!  I am so happy to be able to announce the release of my newest book, Rane’s Giants.  This is the first book in The Tremble Island Series.  JK Publishing has been so kind as to allow my muse to have free reign, and you can bet I will run a bit wild.

This series is set on the planet Echo, a world far away from earth that has been accidentally found by a space exploration and population craft when it crash lands from a mechanical malfunction.  The explorers find that the planet is in the beginning stages of evolution.  Manlike creatures are dragging their knuckles on the ground as they walk through the heavy vegetation, Animals appear to be shifting from one form to the next in rapid succession.

Tremble Island is where this story starts.  Since I now have a pristine world to play in, it will certainly not be the only place to have a story or more.

Rane is the village Healer. She is a solitary being, not by choice, but by profession.  Everyone knows that a Healer and Dealer of Medicinals is a Witch, right? While Rane is hiding from the one man at Droildorf who thinks to tame the Witch.  She begins to find giant men injured and shackled, deep in the bowels of Droildorf Hall.  She has no idea that her interference and natural gifts of healing have triggered a Prophecy. One that will see her joined with the giants Lion and Nord. There are those who have other plans, plans that could pose danger to the Lords and new Lady of Tremble Isle.

Please enjoy this excerpt from Rane’s Giants.  Keep scrolling for the Promised Lily story.

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     As soon as Lord Ludwig left she crawled from behind the big chest, and slowly approached the prisoner.  He had not moved since they brought him in, and shackled him to the wall.  Her hands began to warm, as she slowly ran them from the top of his head, to the tips of his toes so she could assess the damage done to his body.

This man had taken a beating like none before him.  His skull was a web of cracked bone, and three of his ribs were completely broken, with one sticking out from his flesh.  His thickly muscled legs were striped by fresh rope marks, and his entire body was bruised with deep painful injuries.  The stab wound in his gut worried her a bit, but not as much as the cracked skull.

This warrior had not gone down easily.

She had to sit astraddle his thick muscular thighs to reach his head with her hands.  Goddess, but the man was huge.  Her legs were spread so far apart that she could feel the burning stretch in her own thighs.  It was good that he was unconscious because she could feel the thick bulge of his man organ nestled between her own sex.

Rane placed her hands on his head over the worst of the webbed bones under his hair and skin.  She began the tedious task of melding the bone back together, making sure to interlock every small shard of bone so none would be left to float around in his skull after she healed him.  Any tiny sliver of bone could cause damage and pain later, so it was better to get the pesky things taken care of the first time and be done with it.

She leaned over him for hours, concentrating on healing his skull, and pushing the gel that was causing pressure on his brain to seep out of the lesser openings where the skin was broken.  Even if she had water to wash away the blood she would not have done it yet.  It would take another day, at least to heal the rest of his injuries enough to remove him from this place, and place a pile of ashes in his spot.

Rane was getting quite a collection of big men hiding in the cave near the river.  As soon as she heard that the Lord had a new prisoner, she slipped into the dungeon through the secret rock in the wall, and observed the guards and the Lord or Simon come into the room to torture the men for information.



Lily likes to take her naps in the recliner or my rocker. She has to be picked up and put on the furniture because she cannot jump any longer. I heard a bag smashing in the living room and thought it was just the Grand Daughter messing with something.  I was in the kitchen with my hands covered in pie dough. I yelled at Sadie to knock it off, but the noise kept up, so I walked into the living room in a cloud of flour to see a paper bag that my hubby had used to throw his candy wrappers and trash into, rolling over the floor and being jerked around. I thought one of the cats had been allowed inside and was cursing a blue streak.  I grabbed a bunch of candy wrappers from the floor vowing to hurt someone when the bag tumbled onto my foot. I picked up the bag and looked inside to see which mooching cat it was and was shocked to find an unrepentant poodle glaring at me with her white eyes. She had a large piece of chicken skin in her jaws. All the noise and mess had been from her digging the trash out of the bag to get to that chicken skin. I was worried that she had already eaten the bones. Yelled at hubby, who told me that he threw the bones in the kitchen trash and had thoughtlessly tossed the last piece of skin in his bag because it was not crispy enough for him. Lily had climbed onto the arm of his recliner and onto the table from there I actually think she fell off the table looking for what she was smelling. Luckily for her, the bag was well padded with junk food wrappers. Poodle got her chicken skin, even if I had to fight with her to let me cut it up before she choked on the big piece. She cannot see, and she cannot hear, but It seems her nose still works.


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    Soooo anxious for this book’s release. Great things headed Ms. Lewis’s way.

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