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Mated by Avery Gale….”More Edge than Hedge”…

by on September 30, 2013

Avery Gale is releasing a new werewolf ménage story, and you all know how much I love those stories. 🙂 I’ve asked her to visit today and to share with us why she decided on werewolves…

Werewolves and magic are the perfect combination.  The possibilities are endless and the sense of community of pack-life is extremely appealing to me because the level of loyalty in the folk-lore touches my soul.  The hierarchy of their social system reflects their ability to weather the changes that have brewed like a storm all around them.  They have adapted, but not changed or sacrificed their ways of doing things and that idea fascinates me.

I’ve read a lot of different shape shifter books…but the wolves are always my favorite.  And when you add in ménage and erotic romance that has more edge than hedge, well…that is about as perfect a recipe for a story as it gets.

Adding a reluctant heroine with magical abilities was fun and I hope readers like Kit because there is a special quality about her that appeals to me.  She is whip smart, beautiful, sassy, and kind.  She also understands that with great ability comes great responsibility and she hasn’t been any too anxious to run headlong into that particular fire.

And Kit’s brassy grandmother with the red-sequined high tops is a nod to my own Granny…I miss you every single day!


Avery GaleMATED

The Wolf Pack Series

Book 1


Centuries of tradition have bound your soul to ours so tightly that neither time nor trial will ever be able to separate us.

In Book One of the Wolf Pack Series: Kit has avoided her parents increasing pressure to marry for years. Granted, her shifter parents refer to it as mating, but Kit isn’t one to split hairs over semantics and the results will be the same. She’ll lose her freedom and the idea of answering to an Alpha doesn’t appeal to her in the least. Kit also knows that mating will bring on her magical powers and those come with some hefty baggage. After seeing the burden the powers have been to her mother and grandmother, Kit is in no hurry to join in the never-ending battles between good and evil. However, an evening of dancing with a friend ends Kit’s hope of avoiding her destiny.

Jameson and Trevlon Wolf traveled the world looking for their mate and almost gave up finding her when she walks into their New York City dance club. However, they quickly discover that convincing her to give them one week to prove that being their mate won’t be the end of the world was the easy part—protecting her was going to be a lifelong challenge.
Warning: Sexually explicit content M/F/M


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