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Reach the Point of Seduction on the beaches of Sunset Point

by on September 28, 2013

Point of Seduction has been available on Siren for almost two weeks now, and the response from the readers has been phenomenal! Here are a few of the messages I’ve gotten…

Point of Seduction Medium“I really enjoyed this story. The heroine was both strong and went for what she wanted, yet had her vulnerabilities.” ~Tala

“The story was great, the characters memorable, and as an intro to a multi-author series breathtaking.”~Ginny

“The moment between Austin and Gaby on the beach in the moonlight reenacted a personal fantasy of mine, and I will be dreaming of it for years to come.” ~Cassie

“Please take me with you the next time you leave for Sunset Point!” ~Lisa

Thank you so much to all of the readers who have taken the time to send me personal messages and leave reviews!

For those readers who haven’t yet taken the journey to Sunset Point, I’m going to share the snippet that Cassie loved so much…


“So, what time are Michael and Kendrick supposed to be back?” Gaby asked as they pulled into the driveway at the condo.

Austin jumped out and ran around to open her car door before helping her stand. “I’m not sure. They were playing poker with LT. I mean Jackson, Bannock, and some other guys. Probably late.”

She held her sandals in her hand as they walked up the concrete walk to the front door. “So we have the place to ourselves?”

Austin flashed her a grin. “Yes, ma’am, we do. What do you have in mind?”

She pretended to think as they entered the living room. Dropping her shoes on the floor by the door, she laid her purse on an end table and made her way through to the kitchen. She paused at the sliding glass doors that led out onto the patio and threw a seductive smile over her shoulder. “How do you feel about a swim?”

Austin’s gray eyes lit up, and he followed her outside, stripping his shirt as he went. Gaby glanced around them to be sure they were alone before she tugged her tank top and skirt off, leaving her clad only in her tiny bikini. She ran for the waves, with Austin hot on her tail, and just as her feet touched the seafoam, his arms banded around her waist, scooping her up against his chest with a laugh.

“Gotcha! You didn’t think I was going to let you go for a midnight swim with clothes still on, did you, love?” His fingers danced against her back for a moment, and then her bikini top was dangling in his hand.

“Austin! Someone might come out here!”

He paused and kissed her nose. “Trust me.”

She stared up into his face, conscious of the fact that the moon was shining brightly down on them, and he was able to see her bared breasts as clearly as she could see the desire in his eyes. When she finally nodded her agreement, he stood her on her feet long enough to push her bottoms to her ankles. He tossed the bikini up onto the beach and silently Gaby prayed she could find it later. When he turned away from her for that moment, she realized that he was already naked. Somehow he had removed his swim trunks and still managed to run down the beach to catch her. His cock was already thickening, and when he noticed her eyes were on it, it grew even harder.

The water lapped at her calves as she slowly dropped to her knees in what she hoped was a sexy move. It proved to be perfect when his cock twitched and pointed in her direction, beckoning her to it. She heeded its call and stuck her tongue out, running it around the ridge of the corona and back up to taste the pre-cum leaking from the slit on top.

“Jesus, Gaby!”

He hissed, and she continued to run her tongue from his tip to his balls and back, tracing every vein, ridge, and muscle she could find, until he was rocking his hips toward her. Opening her mouth and relaxing her jaws, she let him slide all the way in. She choked for just a moment when he hit her tonsils, but a quick reset and he was pushing into her throat. She felt womanly and powerful as she swallowed her lover’s cock, and she listened to him murmur and plead for release.

Letting go of her mouthful, she dipped her head down to take one of his balls in her mouth, rolling it with her tongue and then paying the same attention to the other. She felt them tighten against her, so she ran her hand up his shaft, pumping him simultaneously. His back arched, and she knew he was close. Deep-throating him one more time, she swallowed hard again and again, pulling the cum from him with her mouth. He tasted sweet and his whispers of praise drifted into her ears on the breeze. Paired with the gentle murmur of the waves, it was arousingly erotic.

She didn’t have much time to think before he dropped into the water next to her. He pressed a kiss to her mouth, but she was quickly maneuvering her so that she lay on her back in the wet sand, the waves lapping at her. He held her hips in his hands, and his shoulders spread her thighs wide. The arrogant lift to his lips and eyebrow left no doubt as to his plan, but still she gasped when his tongue found her hot core.

He didn’t tease or torment her. He went straight for spectacular, pressing his thumbs into her opening and sucking at her aching clit until she was thrashing against him. If anyone had been walking down the beach at that moment, they would have thought she was in trouble until they noticed the six foot muscular man pleasuring her anyways.

Again and again Austin pleasured her pussy with his mouth, alternating fingering her and tonguing her until she burst into flames and cried out his name. When she fell back to earth, he had moved them into the water, but he held her so that she floated on the surface bared to the moonlight. The pleasure on his face was as much of a turn-on as his fingers and tongue had been, and this time it was she who reached for him. They continued to play with each other in the waves for a little while longer, but the temperature had dropped and after the brilliant orgasms they were both beginning to shiver.

“We better head in,” she said softly, whimpering when he scraped his teeth over her sensitive nipple.

“Yeah, I suppose so. I should probably feed you, too, since we left most of our dinner on our plates tonight.” He stood up out of the water, and she watched in awe as it ran off of him, hugging every muscular contour. In the moonlight he looked like some sort of Greek god. His hair had gotten deliciously mussed during their play, and his lips were puffy. Just thinking about what his mouth could do to her had moisture flowing to her pussy again as she, too, rose from the water.

He held her hand as they left the ocean’s waves and made their way up the beach. They stopped once to collect her bikini, but she carried it the rest of the way, determined to prove that she could handle being nude with him outdoors. He smiled broadly at her as she tossed the bikini on one of the chairs when they reached the patio, but the realization that they weren’t alone froze them both in place. Gaby let out a small scream when a dark figure moved in the shadow of the patio umbrella, and a moment later a second figure stepped into the moonlight.

For a short time longer Siren is offering the Sunset Point series at a discount if you purchase all five books!

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Breaking Point – Susan Hayes

Again I offer of my Gratitude to my loyal readers! I love hearing from you, so feel free to give me a shout out on Facebook, Twitter, or just shoot me an email. 🙂

As always don’t forget to Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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