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Why do we love cowboys? (Reece Butler)

by on September 27, 2013

Why do we love cowboys, especially ones who spank? 

Reece Butler writes erotic cowboy ménage with happily-ever-afters. Her Bride Train series, set in Montana in the 1870s, now moves forward with the grandchildren of the original series

It’s not just the snug Wranglers hugging that taut butt, or the broad shoulders perfect for throwing us over while hauling us away. No, there’s something else. Yes, his laughter after a hard day’s work when dancing up a storm helps. So does his patience with a young child.

But really, what is a cowboy to a romance reader? He’s got values  we wish we saw in the people around us.

His word is his bond. If he says he’ll do it, he’ll move heaven and earth, and maybe a few stars, to get it done. Sometimes that’s not possible. Mother Nature has a way of messing with anyone who lives off the land. If you’re thinking of going out to dinner and a cow gets stuck in a mud pit, that cow has to get out before your cowboy can think of romancing you. But when he does, he’ll knock your socks off as well as your boots.

He has flaws and wounds. Some of the wounds are invisible, which makes them hard to see, and harder for the heroine to help him with. Not that he wants help. Far from it. But to win her heart, he’s got to do some soul searching even if it kills him.

My heroines are strong women who have overcome obstacles, or are working their way through them. They want an even stronger man, one they can trust, to stand at their side. She must find him handsome, but that does not mean pretty. Far from it. Cowboys have survived years of tough outdoor work, and their faces and bodies show it.

Strong women don’t want a pretty face atop a body sculptured from hours at a gym, lifting weights and staring at their reflection in the mirror.  They want a man who can get up early after a morning’s session of loving, do a hard day’s work, and come home eager for more.

Some also want him to take her in hand, which involves domestic discipline, otherwise known as spanking. Doctor Nikki Meshevski, the heroine of Having It All, is one of them.

Why would a strong woman want to be spanked by a man? Why would she choose to obey him? Even more, why would she purposefully egg him on until he decides he’s had enough, grabs her hair in his fist, hauls her over his lap, lifts her skirt, and spanks her, hard?

A strong woman spends her life making decisions, caring for others, and doing millions of small tasks that require intense concentration. Her brain is full of lists of things to be done, tasks that must be constantly reassessed for priority as circumstances change.

When her cowboy tells her that he is in charge, and she has no say as to what happens, she can clear her mind of all the minutiae of life, and submit. Instead of trying to meet the needs of so many, with herself often at the bottom of the list, she only has to do what her man tells her.

When her cowboy takes her in hand, he gives her what she needs, even if she won’t admit it to herself. He insists she relax and let her problems go. This may require blindfolds, restraints, and the need to concentrate on one thing—the sting of his hand on her naked bottom.

When he is spanking her, or cuddling her afterwards as she finally releases her blocked emotions in tears of relief, he is there one hundred percent for her. She is the focus of his attention, his caring, and his love.

* * *

reece butlerHaving It All  tells the story of Doctor Nikki Meshevski and the Frost brothers from the Circle C Ranch. As the primary care physician for Climax, Montana, Nikki has finally completed her career goals. Pursuing those goals single-mindedly, she never allowed a man to touch her. However, to properly advise her female patients, many of whom share their bed with two husbands, she must lose her virginity.

Nikki wants a short-term affair with a big hunk who will show her what she needs to know, and then disappear from her life. Eric Frost, an engineer who rarely spends more than two weeks at a time in Climax, is perfect for her needs. His brother Matt wants a wife, so even though he stirs her blood, she sets her sights on Eric during his short visit home.

Eric sees Nikki as an intelligent woman who can enjoy his need to dominate and command. Her six foot height and sturdy structure suggest he could finally release the beast within him, one too robust for dainty women to take. His needs match Nikki’s unspoken fantasies but, having been abandoned by her father at conception, she is loathe to trust, or give up control.

Torn between what she’s believed all her life, her dark desires to be dominated, and the demands of both Eric and Matt, Nikki must come to terms with her past, and her future.

Note: this companion novel to The Merry Widow of Tanner’s Ford contains erotic spanking, light bondage, anal sex, double penetration, as well as tears and laughter

* * *

Excerpt from Chapter Two of Having It All by Reece Butler is below: / /

“Will you check her out while I’m gone? She’s strong, smart, and gorgeous. Perfect for the both of us.” Matt Frost held out his arms as if encircling a big woman. “When I danced with her, she fit.”

Eric nodded at his grinning younger brother. Matt’s last two words, said with easy simplicity, summed up the situation as far as Matt was concerned. At thirty-six, Matt had found the woman he wanted to marry. Decision made, he wanted action. After days of nonstop travel from Peru, Eric struggled to think what that meant.

“Say that again?”

With two six-foot-plus men, a bed, battered side tables, and dresser, there wasn’t much space in the motel room. Matt’s long-suffering sigh easily filled it.

“I want you to take care of Nikki while I’m at the cattle auction,” said Matt slowly and distinctly. “I won’t marry her if you two don’t get along.”

“Take care of her?” Eric frowned. “Is she hurt?”

“No, she’s not hurt, she’s fine. Better than fine. I want you to take her for a test ride.”

“A test ride.”

“You know, to see if she bucks you off, or accepts the reins.” Matt’s eyes unfocused. A sappy smile curled up his lips. “She wore this blue dress that hugged her curves. A long strand of pink pearls dropped between her breasts. I wanted to follow that necklace with my tongue, all the way down.”

After sixty-plus hours of travel, Eric’s brain was operating on only two cylinders. His spark plugs had no spark, and his battery was drained. He picked out the salient facts. Matt had found The Woman. He wanted Eric’s approval. A “test ride” meant—sex! The engine below his belt shifted from neutral into first gear.

“You want me to haul her into bed and make her purr like a kitten?”

“That’s what I said,” replied Matt with false patience. “But Nikki’s a wild cat, not a kitten.” His grin lit up his eyes. “She keeps her nails short for work, but I bet she scratches your back.” He leered. “Maybe she bites.”

After Eric spent frustrating years trying to find a woman to suit him, his little brother had found one, right here in Climax? He scratched both sets of fingernails through his hair, hoping it would wake a few brain cells. His cock was awake, though. For the first time in months it was alert and eager to get the job done.

“You want me to tame her?”

“Heck, no! I like her fire.” Matt stared at the wall, obviously seeing something far different than fly-speckled paint. “We’ll ease her into enjoying us, starting with you.”

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