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16 Fantastic Authors – Picture Capturing – Flash Fiction Challenge!

by on August 31, 2013

Have you ever seen a photo, that just took your breath away, and sent your imagination running? That’s the goal of Picture Capturing. I want your imagination to take you away. Here is how it works….

Each author is shown the same picture, and asked to write no more than 350 words that the picture inspires in their mind. It might be a complete story, or just a scene, or perhaps it’s just general emotions. Whatever comes to mind is what hits the page, and then I compile them to share with you. I’d love for you to write your own Flash Fiction for the photo BEFORE you read theirs, but if you prefer to just enjoy, read on!  Here is this months photo:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jenika Snow…Jenika Snow

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Landon took Lucy’s hand and led her through the empty restaurant. The lights were low, adding a hint of romance and sensuality. Tonight was all about breaking Lucy’s reservations and letting her spread her wings. Her hand lightly shook in his and he gave her a reassuring squeeze.
     “There is no need to be worried, baby.” She looked up and him and licked her lips.
     “I know. It’s just…” She took a deep breath and stopped walking. “The very idea of someone seeing us has my stomach all in knots.”
     Taking her face between both of his hands and staring into the blue depths of her eyes, he offered her a small smile. “I know, baby, but how are we going to break free and really experience this in the comfort of our bedroom?” When he decided to call in a favor and have the little bistro on the corner of Main and 5th for the evening, he knew this was going to be a night neither of them would forget. A little exhibitionism didn’t seem like a big deal, but to his dear Lucy it was her Achilles heel. Landon wanted her stripped for him in every sense of the word, and the fact people walking by could see what they were doing fueled his desire. Oh, she might be frightened, but she was also aroused. The scent of her pussy was potent and strong, filling his senses and having his dick rock hard. He led her to the only table in the center of the room, right in front of the tinted front windows. A few people walked by, unsuspecting that he was about to fuck his wife right in front of them.
     “Are you ready, sweet Lucy?” Her pupils dilated, and he knew her answer before she spoke. In one swift move he ran his arm across the table, clearing the “reserved” sign and single red rose that sat in a small vase. Glass broke by his feet, but he didn’t care about any of that. She was his tonight, and the world would see.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Laurie Roma…

Laurie Roma
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Rachel slipped into the empty room next to the reception hall at the hotel for a much needed moment alone. She had been enjoying herself at the wedding until he walked into the room.

            Taking a seat on one of the extra tables she took a deep breath and tried to slow her frantically beating heart. It had been a week since she’d last seen Jesse Knight. He was her brother’s best friend, both of them Army Rangers just back from overseas. Rachel had been in love with Jesse for years, but he had never seen her…not really. She had tried to change that at their homecoming part last weekend, only to have her heart broken when he’d rejected her.

            “What are you doing in here, poppet?”

Rachel’s eyes closed at the sound of Jesse’s deep voice. She had been hoping he hadn’t seen her. Bracing herself, she turned to look at him. God, he was handsome, but he wasn’t hers. He never would be…

“Hi, Jesse. I’m meeting someone, so—”

A dark frown settled over his face. “That isn’t funny.”

            “Just because you don’t want me doesn’t mean no one else does,” Rachel snapped.

            Jesse stalked forward, an unusual glint in his laser beam blue eyes that she had never seen before. “I never said I didn’t want you.”

            She laughed bitterly. “I think you made that perfectly clear.”

            “Christ, Rachel! You were drunk last weekend. Did you want me to take advantage of you? What kind of asshole do you think I am?”

            Rachel gasped as Jesse shoved her thighs apart and pressed his hard body against her. His arm was a steel band around her waist while his other hand wrapped her long hair around his fist so her head was pulled back. He lowered his head so his lips were a breath away from hers.

            “Feel that, baby? You make my damn dick hard by just breathing. Never think I don’t want you. I told your brother this, now I’m telling you. You’re mine. And once I have you there is no going back.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Susan Hayes…Susan Hayes

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This wasn’t how the day was supposed to have gone.

The kids were at their grandparents for the night. She’d shaved, waxed and primped until she barely recognized herself, just for him. She had even managed to garner a reservation at one of the city’s finest restaurants for tonight. For five minutes ago.

Tess stood in the middle of their bedroom and cried. He’d forgotten their anniversary. Ten years ago today he’d vowed to love, honor and cherish her, but tonight she was feeling anything but cherished.

She’d forgiven him the long nights at the office, the business trips that left her a de facto single parent for days on end. The problem was that while he was building them a better life, they were living separate lives. She missed falling asleep tangled in his arms and laughing at his bad jokes over morning coffee. She wanted that back.

Tonight she had hoped to find the man she’d married ten years ago and remind him of what they once had. Instead, she was alone again. He’d called just twenty minutes ago. No apology, just a brief update. He had to stay late. The boss had dumped a major project in his lap at the last minute. Don’t wait up.

She stripped off the dress she’d bought for tonight, tossing it on the bed with a subdued sigh before setting to work undoing the hooks that held her sinfully sexy lingerie in place. “More money wasted,” she muttered.

“I wouldn’t call that a waste.”

She nearly jumped out of her skin when Jack spoke. She spun around to find him staring at her from the doorway, his eyes gleaming with a longing she hadn’t seen in far too long.

“I thought you had to stay late.” She tried to sound indifferent and failed.

“I remembered I had somewhere more important I needed to be. I’m sorry, sweetheart. I’m an idiot.”  He crossed the room and took her into his arms, kissing away her tears. “Tell me I’m not too late.”

“For dinner? Yes. For us? No. You’re just in time.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lori King…

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Lance’s heart was racing, and his stomach was tied up in knots. He could hear Jena greeting Nick at the front of the restaurant, so he knew that it was too late to have a change of heart now.

The swish of Jena’s dress and the click of her heels on the hardwood floor of Zita’s Bistro made sweat break out on his brow, but he stood his ground as the two people that he loved the most in the world, came into view.

Nick’s eyes darted around, taking in the table with its white linens, and three place settings. A red rose and a reserved sign were the only hint that the guests of the table were expecting to have a romantic dinner, and Lance knew that the entire evening could blow up in his face.

“What is this, Jena? What are you doing here?” Nick’s tone was surprisingly bland considering the turbulent emotions that Lance could see in his eyes.

“Nick—” Jena started to explain, but Lance stopped her. If he wanted Nick to take them seriously, then he needed to face him man to man.

“Please, Nick. I know you must have a lot of unresolved feelings from the other night. All I’m asking is that you sit down and talk with me, with us. Give me a chance to explain.” He held his breath as Nick’s jaw flexed and his pulse pounded in his throat. The tension was oppressive, and Lance had to force his knees to relax so that he didn’t pass out.

Jena reached out her hand to her husband, and gave him a tentative smile. “Please, Nick. It’s just one conversation. We can’t leave things the way they are.”

Nick’s eyes went hard, and Lance cursed quietly. “So this is where the two of you team up again? It wasn’t enough that you got me to fuck him, now you want me to date him too? What is wrong with you, Jena? What is wrong with me? Why am I not enough for you?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Doris O’Conner…Doris OConner

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Zeb crunched the damn card up in his hand, and wished he could swipe the entire surface of that table onto the floor. It would give him some small satisfaction to see all the finery smashed to pieces. It was a fucking shame he hadn’t been able to smash Brian’s face in.

He kicked the now screwed up card along the floor and willed his breathing to slow down.

How fucking dare that scum bag do this to Giselle? Zeb had never liked the other man. He’d told himself it was just his jealous feelings clouding his opinion of the far too slick Brian. After all, the man had got to Giselle, before Zeb could declare his feelings. By the time he’d plucked up the courage to tell his best friend that he loved her and wanted, needed to take their relationship to the next level, he’d been too late.

So Zeb had done the only thing he could do. He’d distanced himself, taken on the job in New Zealand and had done his best to forget about Giselle—a completely useless exercise, as it had turned out. He might as well try and stop breathing. So, when he’d received the invite to her wedding—he unclenched his fists and pinched the bridge of his nose—he’d had to attend. Only to find Brian fuck Giselle’s best friend in the toilets at the rehearsal dinner.

The hesitant click clack of her heels behind him told him that Giselle had finally emerged out of the ladies. She’d retreated in there after throwing her engagement ring into the scum bag’s face, and had point blank refused to come out until everyone had left.

“You’re still here?” she asked.

Zen turned around and smiled at her.

“Where else would I be, titch?”

Her beautiful eyes filled with fresh tears, and he opened his arms, grateful beyond belief when she flung herself into them and snuggled close.

“I’ve been such a fool.”

He dropped a kiss in her hair and simply held her.

“Can you ever forgive me?” she asked.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sherri Hayes…Sherri Hayes

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He pressed his hand gently along her back as he guided her through the restaurant. She had no idea where they were going, but apparently, he did. After speaking quietly to the maître d’ when they’d arrived, he returned to her side. They followed the host, weaving through tables until they reached a long black curtain. Without pause, he pushed the heavy fabric back, and motioned her inside.

She lifted one eyebrow in question, but all she got in return was a smirk. Once again, she questioned why she agreed to come on this date. Oh, right. She was here because the man beside her was a persistent devil. He’d wooed her with flowers, and chocolates, and little notes that made her heart beat a little faster than normal.

Taking a deep breath, she walked under his arm, and into whatever surprise he had in store for her.

Beth’s heart nearly stopped in her chest when she saw what he’d done. The room was small, just big enough to hold ten or twelve people at most, but all that currently occupied the space was one round table set for two, and a single red rose.

She sensed Drew come up behind her. He didn’t touch her, but she felt him just the same. “Do you like it?”

“You did all this for me?”

He moved to stand in front of her. “Of course. You deserve to be worshiped Beth, and I’m really hoping that after tonight, you will give me that opportunity on a regular basis.”

Swallowing, Beth tried her best to clamp down on her nerves. “Let’s just see how tonight goes, okay?”

Drew smiled, and it made his blue eyes light up making him look even younger than his twenty-eight years. He stepped back, and extended his hand to her. “Shall we, milady?”

Beth couldn’t stop the giggle that bubbled up from her chest. Placing her hand in his, she let him lead her to their table. No matter how things turned out, she was going to try to enjoy herself.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Erika Reed…Erika Reed

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Tyler heard the lock on the suit open as Rick walked in with Sasha. Tyler could tell by her expression that she was surprised by the table setting.
“Did you do this for me?”
Rick rubber her bare shoulders from behind, “Of course we did, sweetheart.”
Tyler walked towards her and guided her towards the chair at the table. “Sit down, baby. Rick and I want to talk to you.”
Sasha sat in the chair and looked at the glasses and bucket of champagne next to the table.
“Are we celebrating something?”
Tyler and Rick took that opportunity to get down on one knee.
Rick took her left hand, “Tyler and I have waited for this moment for a long time. We wanted to make sure it was special for you.”
Tyler pulled a small black box from his pocket and opened it up. “Rick and I want you to be our wife.”
Sasha began to cry as Tyler placed the ring on her left hand, “Of course I will marry you both. I love you so much. Ever since I met the two of you, my life has changed for the better.” She then hugged them both.
Tyler and Rick both stood and looked down at her. “Rick, did our woman get the bikini wax I sent her to get at the spa?”
“I’m not sure. She mercifully teased me all the way up in the elevator. She wouldn’t lift her dress so I could examine it,” Rick said.
Tyler narrowed his eyes at Sasha, “You disobeyed an order your master gave you, my love?”
“But Tyler, there are cameras in the elevator. I didn’t to expose my bare pussy to everyone.”
“So you chose to ignore an order and now you will pay the consequences. Now, go into the bedroom and strip naked. I want you to get out the butt plug and nipple clamps. When Rick and I come into the bedroom I expect to see you face down on the bed, ass in the air. Do you understand, my love?”
“Yes, Master.”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Shae Shannon…

Shae Shannon

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“Would you care to dance, madam?”  The deep gravelly voice raked over her like hot coals, awakening sensations she had long forgotten.  Deanna looked up to see the source of the sexy-as-sin-Sam-Elliot-voice, and just about fell out of her chair.  If the perfect man existed, this was him.  “Jeremy Jacobs.”  He stretched out his hand in introduction.  His dark eyes gleamed in the dim light, accenting the chestnut hair that brushed against his forehead.

“Nice to meet you.  I am Deanna Andrews.”  Her hand shook as she took his, going clammy on contact.  Throwing her plan to only make an appearance at the wedding before ducking out early into the gutter, she smiled and stood.  “I would love to, thank you.”

Her body dripped into a puddle against the hard body, molding like a glove into his embrace.  After two years of celibacy following the death of her husband, her body jumped into a pleasant party of forgotten desires.

As she gazed over his shoulder, a sudden realization hit her.  This wasn’t an ordinary reception.  Groups of people were joined together dancing in ways less than what was meant for public view.  Torn between leaving and watching, the decision was made for her the moment another hard form pressed against her from behind.  Deanna’s mind yelled in protest, but her body screamed in acceptance.  Unable to keep her composure, she yielded all rationality and allowed herself to delve in the feelings of the moment.

The man behind her was just as impressively gorgeous as Jeremy.  With darker hair and the most impressive turquoise eyes, he was what women everywhere dreamt about.  Two sets of hands slowly crept in soft caresses over her body.  Each passing minute hurled her deeper and farther into a drunken state of primal need. Her head lolled back against the stranger’s shoulder, giving them access to her chest.  Whether it was an intentional move or a subconscious plead, she didn’t care.  Jeremy’s features transformed into something wild and feral.  Deanna sucked in a gasp of air when a set of lips fluttered against the back of her neck.  Jeremy took her open mouth, skipping all formalities and plunged her straight into ‘fuck me’ level.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Karen Mercury…Karen Mercury

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Waiters were starting to clear the wedding reception debris from the banquet hall.  Glittering tabs of white and pink confetti still trickled down from the wooden beams twenty feet up.  Congratulatory voices rang out from the wings, but only a few guests remained in the perfumed room itself.

From up and down the hall came the clinking and thudding of glasses half-drunk, the acrid stench of flat, cheap champagne, and the various items that had been dropped into the champagne glasses.  Emma Burger’s nostrils recoiled as she noted a cherry tomato, a cigarette butt, a rolled-up piece of ham, and even a torn reception invitation floating in various glasses.

Emma had only vaguely known the bride—a high school friend she hadn’t seen in ten years.  But she’d soldiered through the corny memories of her tablemate, a guy who recalled playing Frisbee and backgammon with the groom.

Emma had tolerated it all, and only because she’d heard a vague rumor that Roscoe Flantz was to attend.  Emma sighed heavily as she fingered the “Reserved” card placed on the table by Roscoe’s chair.  They had been good friends in high school, but never more.

Roscoe Flantz wasn’t a good-looking heartbreaker.  Emma had always just felt a connection with him.  Then Roscoe had gone into the marines and Emma had moved to Florida to get married, have two children, and get divorced.  The whole time Roscoe had been on her mind.

Was he still single?  No one at Emma’s table had seemed to know.  Now she was standing there, looking like a sappy moron.  All she knew was that Roscoe lived in Cleveland and owned a car dealership.

“Emma.  Emma Burger.”

Emma twirled around.  There stood Roscoe Flantz.  He still wasn’t a good-looking heartbreaker.  He came toward her with a wide smile.  He took her hands in his.  “Emma.  I was hoping you’d be here.  My flight from Cleveland got delayed.”

“Roscoe.”  Emma could feel the joy radiate from her heart.  This was better than she’d dreamed of.

She was where she belonged.  Holding Roscoe’s hands again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tara Rose…Tara Rose

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How do you impress a woman who’s already had everything? Jack had no idea, but if the look on Paige’s face was any indication, he was off to great start.

Her warm gaze flitted over the wine glasses, the “Reserved” sign on their cozy table, and the single red rose in a tiny vase. Finally, it rested on him, soft, and filled with possibilities. His cock jumped to attention.

“The rose. You remembered.” Her musky perfume wafted past his nose as she approached the table.

Jack stood, wondering if she’d notice his boner. “Of course.” He pulled out her chair and then took his seat. Whose voice that was? It sounded so confident.

“This is nice, Jack. You’ve outdone yourself.”

“A first date is special.”

The corners of her mouth turned up. “Is that what this is? A date?”

He covered her hands, not surprised to find her skin cool. “It can be anything you want it to be, Paige.”

A server appeared, the way they always do when you aren’t quite ready for an intrusion, and Jack ordered a bottle of wine.

“Nice choice. The wine, I mean.” She pulled her right hand out from under his and picked up the rose, bringing it close to her nose. “I’ve missed this scent.”

Their wine arrived, and after they ordered dinner, Jack poured her a glass. “I hope you can taste this.”

The look of pure bliss on her face as she took a sip was worth ten times what he’d paid to give her this night. It was only money, after all.

“What happens after dinner, Jack?” Her voice was sultry, just as he’d imagined it would be the first time he’d glimpsed her dusty portrait in the basement of the museum.

He lifted her hand and kissed the back of it, as she would expect a gentleman to do. She had lived two hundred years ago, after all. “You tell me, Paige. It’s your call.”

Her smile was sly and wicked. “When I return to my portrait at dawn, I no longer want to be a virgin.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Randi Alexander…shirtless wet muscular man in jeans and woman hands, studio shot

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“Reserved?” Rhonda Frader jammed her fists on her hips as she gazed around the large ballroom, empty except for this one table holding that one perfect red rose. Why had her girlfriend insisted she come all the way downtown Houston to check out the ballroom setup? This would be no help at all with Rhonda’s work as a caterer. She turned to leave just as the lights dimmed.

Her favorite belly-rubbing country song played over the speakers. High on the ceiling, a disco ball spun slowly, bathing the twilight of the room in sparkles. “Hello?” She swallowed, took a breath, and repeated. “Hello?” It came out a little louder.

From close behind her, the distinctive clomp of cowboy boots on a wood floor sounded, in the familiar cadence of her cowboy, Quin Bronson.

Spinning to face him, her purse strap slid off her shoulder and the bag hit the floor with a muffled thud.

Without his cowboy hat, Quin’s dark hair shone in the subdued lighting, but there was no smile on his face.

“Quin?” A thousand questions rattled through her mind, but as he reached her then dropped to one knee, every brain cell stopped functioning.

“Rhonda.” His voice rolled low and sexy.

Against her chest, her heart pumped frantically. “Yes, my love?” Her lips quivered with a nervous smile.

He gazed at her with those perfect blue eyes. “I realize we’ve only been together a handful of months, but I know you’re the one for me. You’re the woman I want to have my babies, live with until we’re old, and…” He opened a Tiffany-blue ring box. “Give my heart to.”

The heart-shaped diamond caught the light. “Oh Quin.” Her voice failed.

He stood and slid the ring on her finger. “Marry me, Rhonda.” He glanced around the room. “I’ve reserved this spot for one year from today.” He grinned. “You willin’ to take a chance on a crazy cowboy like me?”

She laughed and leapt into his arms. “I’m willin’.” She kissed him. “Now dance with me, cowboy. I wanna rub bellies with you for the rest of my life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jana Leigh…Jana Leigh

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Arden looked down at her clothes and rolled her eyes.  What was one supposed to wear to a spy lunch?  She had gone with all black, however looking at the women around the room who were dressed in the latest fashion craze of bright colors, she looked like she was going to a funeral. Now she stuck out like a sore thumb, and didn’t blend in.

Glaring at the two men who were trying to find the best place to sit, so they could get the info they wanted, she began to tap her foot.  Of course, they didn’t have a care in the world being men.  They were all hot and sexy in their suits, while she could pass as a waitress.  Damn them!

“What?”  Mason asked when he finally looked at her.  His grin was practically a lethal weapon, bastard.

“You could have warned me we were going to a fashion show.  I had the perfect little hot pink number that would have fit right in.”  Arden grumbled.

West turned when he heard then talking and smiled also, shit double you trouble with these two.  “Ready?”  he asked when the perky little waitress waved at him eagerly.  She wondered if snapping the girl’s bright pink bra would be childish, why the hell young women these days wore bras that could be seen through their shirts, pissed her off.  Had they never heard of subtle?

Arden pasted a fanatic grin on her face and walked with her head held high into the dining room.

She felt a rush of awareness when both of the men put their hands on the small of her back, and then West whispered,  “You can put it on when we get to the hotel and give us a show, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed in the response.  Although, the dress you are wearing makes me just as hot, you know naughty headmistress and all.  We can totally work with that.”

Aden giggled, shit really?  Her face turned red and she focused on putting one foot in front of the other.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gracie Meadows…Gracie Meadows

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Amanda Seville clearly printed, yup, this card proves she is now part of the dumbass club. So many times she wanted to get out of these events, but her parents had insisted she take part. Now standing in heels that she believed were a torture device men created for women to keep them in one place, she downed the sweet tasting champagne. Only an hour left before she could sneak out the back. Making a mental note to burn the shoes when she got home.

            She was about to sit when the chair flew out from underneath her. “Oh shit.” A hand reach down and grabbed her before she fell on her ass. Mandy put her hand out to steady herself, and realized she was flush against a very masculine chest. She unconsciously rubbed her hand up and down as she looked up at her chair thief. His gray eyes glanced down at her as the color started to change into a shimmery silver. Taking a deep breath, it hit her. Her mate. Damn it, she didn’t have time for this. A rumble from his chest escaped as realization must have hit him as well.
            She was about to open her mouth to speak when he quickly lifted her like a rag doll and walked, well more of a run, into the closest room. She knew what was going to happen next, and she could feel the energy charge around her as her pussy screamed, yes. Damn traitor. Before she could blink she was standing in a small broom closet and his lips descended meeting her with the passion of ten men. Feeling the mating heat filling her with desire, she opened to his demanding tongue. Growling in response he plunged into her mouth causing her to moan. To soon the kiss ended.
            “Wait, I don’t even know your name,” she stuttered between breaths as he continued to kiss her neck.
            “Ethan, my name is Ethan.” The name suddenly felt like a bucket of cold ice hit her. Ethan was her brother’s rival Alpha. Fuck, she was in trouble now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bryce Evans… Bryce Evans

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I sat down afraid to touch anything.  The table was set with a beautiful white tablecloth where only one red rose sat elegantly along with crystal glasses and fine china.  The rose symbolized the struggle that abused children went through.  Nothing was left untouched in the arena.  Blaze Demure was known for raising the most money for abused children.  So many rumors out there regarding the billionaire.  Some say that he was an abused child and that is why he is so hard-core and successful in business.  Others just say he is a bastard who goes out and gets what he wants.  JC has heard all the rumors about the man standing across the room looking like the sexual god he was.

JC watched as the high rollers worked the room vying for his attention.  She knew she was way out of her element when her boss asked her to attend the gala event.  Mr. Johnson advised that a lot of potential clients would be attending.  “Don’t worry JC, you will fit in just fine.”  Mr. Johnson always made JC feel special even when she knew she wasn’t anything but an orphan who studied hard enough until she received a scholarship to the Harvard Business School.

“We need that account JC.  Blaze Demure is shopping around for the advertising company who can take on the man himself.   I have faith in you JC.” That is what the man said.  He has faith in her.  She can’t even look at the man without blushing. JC sighed as she watched the top three advertising companies whoring for his account.   Her best friend Juliet looked at her husband Tim Meadows, “Take JC and dance.”  JC looked at Juliet confused, “Now go get that account.”  It was the opportunity she needed.

Tim escorted JC out to the dance floor.  JC danced her ass off with Tim.  When she turned around Blaze Demure was standing before her.  “May I have this dance?”


“Mr. Demure my name is…”

“JC Campbell.  Yes Miss Campbell I know who you are.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jessica Anderson…Jessica Killabrew

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The best man sat down at the table, unable to take his eyes off the beautiful bridesmaid. He had never seen her before but she was beautiful. She had bright green eyes but brown hair. How he had never seen her before he would never know but she was a beauty to say the least. He took a sip of his champagne as the bride and the groom started the dance.

The bridesmaid he had been so overwhelmed with started to walk towards him and his heart pounded ferociously in his chest. She walked up to him and smiled as she bent over to whisper in his ear. “You know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” She said seductively, turned and walked out.

Overly excited he followed her out, almost tripping over his chair as he stood up. He watched her walk into the bathroom and continued to follow her. She smiled as he walked into the bathroom. She locked the door behind him and quickly undid the buttons on his dress shirt, then on his dress pants. All she wanted was some quick mind blowing sex, since his cock was already hard it seemed like that was what she was going to get. She pulled her panties off and he pushed her up against the bathroom door lifting her up so that their fun parts were aligned. He shoved himself into her, thrusting in and out hard, and fast, just as she liked it.

She wrapped an arm around his neck and left her hand at his hairline. “Harder.” She demanded, breathing heavily. “Oh god yes.” She whispered when he did as he was told.


“Where the hell is the bridesmaid, and the best man?” The bride asked furious.

“They both left about a half hour ago.” The Maid of honor answered.

The bride watched as her newfound husband smiled at the sight of the two trying to sneak back in to the room. She shook her head angry that they couldn’t wait a little while longer to be promiscuous. “Let’s Just cut the damned cake.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Shelby Lynn… Shelby Lynn

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This special night had been weeks in planning. It was the only way Sharon knew she could pull her twin brother away from his self-imposed isolation. When he had lost his longtime lover three months ago to cancer—it had destroyed his faith in love. Their “kind” were destined to find the perfect love or mate only once in a life-time, but Darren had fallen hard for the lovely Louisa. Although, she wasn’t his true-mate Sharon knew he had loved her as if she was.

With her gift of sight, Sharon knew the time had finally come for her brother to meet his destiny. Now, all she needed was convince him to come to this very important dinner. All she truly wanted was for her brother to find the same happiness, which she had found with Damien. She thought to herself as she laid her hand on her slightly rounded stomach. This little miracle was the main reason they had planned this very special party. They were both so excited to tell the family about the newest member to their growing family. It was truly a miracle, since the doctors thought she would never be able to have children after the accident. Sharon was determined to make her vision become a reality and bring a little happiness to be beloved twin.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you so much to all of the authors who participated! I hope you’ll encourage us by letting us know if you would like us to continue our specific stories. Just leave a comment for us in the comment section. We’ll be back on September 30th with another one!

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

  1. The Rose, a snippet by Reece Butler

    The short-stemmed red rose had thorns. He made sure of it. She would discover that much later in the evening, however. First, she would be wined and dined, danced and romanced.

    Only later would she discover how a sharp touch aroused and inflamed.

    She would be on time, perhaps even early, as she was eager to please. Eager, but not too compliant. He would have to work before she would open herself to his touch. A woman who sank easily into submission was no challenge.

    She walked into the room, head high and shoulders back. Her confidence was as much a lure as the lush body undulating toward him. Royal blue fabric clung to her curves, draping to hint at the breasts he could already taste. Understated elegance was her style. Hinting at what lay beneath, a promise that few would see.

    He would see, but not yet.

    Her smile lit the room as she spotted him. Oblivious to the stares of men, and glares of women, she waited for his approach. He took her hand, brought her knuckles to his mouth, and gently nipped. Her eyes widened, her nostrils flared, and her lips parted. He followed with the more common kiss to the cheek. Her perfume swirled around him. It was not one that came from a bottle. No, it rose from her skin, a mixture of rose soap, shampoo, and her feminine scent.

    “Good evening. Thank you for joining me for dinner. You look lovely, as always.”

    He put his palm on her lower back to escort her to their corner table. They would have excellent service, being disturbed only when he lifted his finger. He would orchestrate everything to serve his purposes, as always.

    He pulled out her chair. As she bent to sit a hint of blush pink lace flashed. Were her nipples that faint color, or were they darker? And her lower lips—were they swollen and eager for his touch?

    Soon he would know these things. But he would wait. Seduction was a process to be savoured.

  2. Another round of amazing flash! I look forward every month to seeing what creativity all of the uber talented authors come up with. Thank you Lori so much for including me, and thank you all for the great stories!

  3. so I wrote one…. Great pic, and fantastic stories (I read themafter like you said)
    Here’s my effort 🙂

    How could she tell them, no sign needed? No wine, no flowers, and please ditch the rose, the music and the nouvelle cuisine?
    It looked so beautiful. The glasses shone, the linen was immaculate, and the setting as the sun set over the lake, and the fireflies danced was perfect.
    And all for what? Nothing
    Cassie, took a deep breath and walked across the room like an automaton. Her hair swung like a glistening bell of chestnut over her shoulders. Her lips and nails echoed the color of the rose that mocked her from its place on the table.
    Looser, sucker, The words echoed around her mind.
    Jagged images flooded her mind. Dancing on a beach at midnight with only the moon to show them where to stand. Splashing each other, and the droplets shining like stars.
    Running through the woods, kicking the leaves at each other, laughing and giggling like school kids let out of class early.
    Snowballs and snow angels, hot chocolate and hot toddy. Every picture of both of them, and always the red rose, their symbol of undying love.
    She took a deep breath, and fled her memories away deep in her mind, to perhaps bring them out one day. Maybe.
    “Ms. Lloyd?” The Maitre D’ stood in front of her. “Shall I show you to your table?”
    She took a deep breath. “Sadly no. There’s no point. There’s only me here.” She spread her arms out. “No Rod, no, “her voice caught. “No point.”
    She turned away from his shocked face and began to walk toward the door. Even getting drunk didn’t seem a good idea. Blinded by her tears she walked into a wall.
    The wall rocked and held her tight.
    “Cassie? That’s the wrong way.”
    She looked up through a film of tears. “Rod?”
    The man in camouflage and still wearing heavy boots grinned and lifted her into the air to spin her round and kiss her soundly.
    “I told you I’d be here. Yeah cutting it close but, hey. Happy Anniversary love.”

  4. Such amazing flashes from everyone. Thanks, Lori, for organizing this. Such fun and I’ve got a new story idea from my one this month 🙂

  5. Gracie Meadows permalink

    These all were amazing! Thank you so much for letting me play!

  6. Thank you for letting me be a part of this. They’re always so much fun. 🙂

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