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Dreams of the Wolf – Character Exposé – KJ Whetstone

by on August 10, 2013

Katie Jo (KJ) Whetstone

*Photo used as visual inspiration for the character only*

*Photo used as visual inspiration for the character only*

Aliases: Ice, Little  One, Peaches

Career: Currently the heroine in Dreams of the Wolf – The Gray Pack 4

Hobbies: Avoiding the Kaplan Pack wolves

Age: 24

Hair Color: Golden Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Height:  Five feet six inches

Weight: one hundred thirty four pounds

Wolf Coloring: Golden Yellow

Personality: A bit of a smart ass and a cynic. 

Family: Mother: Tasha, Father: Graham, and two brothers Rafe and Ryley

What she’s looking for from a mate:

“I don’t need a mate! What I need is a little bit of peace and quiet. I’m so tired of running for my life, and fighting for everything I have. I just want my freedom.”-KJ Whetsone

Lori’s favorite KJ moment from Dreams of the Wolf:

“Do you think I have a choice?” she snapped. “I don’t even want one mate, much less two of them. I have plans for my life, and they do not involve being strapped to two chauvinistic arrogant assholes.”

She shoved at Thomas’s chest pushing him away from her, and turned her back on the two of them, so that they wouldn’t see the tears that spilled from her eyes. She began walking again, refusing to just sit here and wait for the Kaplan wolves to find them and haul her back to be Nicolas’s chew toy.


Coming August 15!

Coming August 15!

Katie-Jo (KJ) Whetstone is on a mission to save her mother’s life and protect the Quiver Creek pack from Nicolas Kaplan, a deranged werewolf. She has already journeyed across the country from Wyoming to Missouri, to find brothers that she never knew, and now she must lead them back against their own reservations. She’s shocked when her libido goes haywire over the only human traveling with them, Dr. Thomas Jameson.Fighting to keep her distance from the mating lust, KJ and Thomas both end up needing rescued. Bryson Samuels is an enemy wolf that makes her body sing as loudly as Thomas does. With strangers for mates, she fights the need to bond, with her desire to be free from the pack. In the end they will all have to decide if they are willing to do anything to protect each other.

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Stay tuned this week for introductions to KJ’s heroes, as well as excerpts from Dreams of the Wolf!

Find the first 3 Gray Pack books here!

Find the first 3 Gray Pack books here!

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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