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Is there anything sexier than a hot cowboy?

by on August 1, 2013

Hennessee Andrews is visiting today to share her newest release with us, and ask us this simple question….

Is there anything sexier than a hot cowboy?? Hmmm, maybe blue collar men in general. It should come as no surprise, but all of my heroes fall into one of those categories.

I suppose that is a sure fire way to get my muse talking. Yeah, rev my engine imagination. That is how the Texas Senator’s Sons came about. Some may wonder how authors think up this stuff and for me, it is really easy. It is not scientific in any way. Here is a typical development in my head. This one is for Damon.

1. Hot cowboy falls for floral shop owner.

2. What else? He can’t be average!

3. Oh! Light bulb!

4. He is the son of the Texas senator.

5. Hell yeah!

6. Okay, so what can I do to these star crossed lovers?

7. Yep, big ass monkey wrench. I’m seeing a strip club, a bitch stripper that is Drew’s fiancée, the press. Ooo, wickedness!

8. Devious plot begins to develop. I put it in action and see how my characters overcome obstacles in their path. LOL!

There is much more to Damon’s story….I guess you’ll have to read it and find out what happened! *wink, wink*

Drew, holy hell. That guy is just hot and naughty with a big ass chip on his shoulder. I had to break him, which is why the book is rated SEXTREME. Oh, yeah, lots of spanking, bondage, cock rings…..Need I say more?

Now with Drake, he was a different hero. For starters, he is the BASTARD son of the Texas senator.  Oooo, plot bunnies were bouncing in their cage.

Want to see what happened to my men???

Hennessee Andrews Drake

 (The Texas Senator’s Sons 3)

Drake Chandler didn’t ask to be the bastard son of the Texas senator. When the news breaks, life will never be the same again. His brothers hate him, and reporters want a glimpse of him. In the middle is a woman who challenges him to overcome the obstacles, and captures his broken heart.

Alex Mullins is working her veterinary internship on the Radcliff Ranch when Drake shows up, along with a media circus. She isn’t one to keep up with the news or politics. Instead, she is determined to complete her degree in veterinary science. As much as she tries to not like Drake, she can’t help but fall for the city boy, even though he comes with a lot of baggage.

The Radcliff family drama and hatred from Alex’s father toward the senator work to keep the two of them apart. Can Drake bond with his brothers? Can his life have a happily ever after?

Buy it now at Siren-Bookstrand:

If you missed the first two books, you can find them at all major e-book retailers now, or at Hennessee’s Siren page :

Hennessee Andrews - DamonHennessee Andrews - Drew.








Thank you Hennessee for coming by!

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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