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Picture Capturing! 11 Amazing Erotic Romance Authors!

by on July 31, 2013

Have you ever seen a photo, that just took your breath away, and sent your imagination running? That’s the goal of Picture Capturing. I want your imagination to take you away. Here is how it works….

Each author is shown the same picture, and asked to write 150-300 words that the picture inspires in their mind. It might be a complete story, or just a scene, or perhaps it’s just general emotions. Whatever comes to mind is what hits the page, and then I compile them to share with you. I’d love for you to write your own Flash Fiction for the photo BEFORE you read theirs, but if you prefer to just enjoy, read on!  Here is this months photo:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jenika Snow…Jenika Snow

Her Links:    Website      Blog     Facebook

He was hard and hot and the way the sweat glided down his body drove her absolutely insane. He climbed off his bike and stalked forward, like he was a damn lion in the Sahara. Grease was speared against his chest, and she knew it had been from working on his motorcycle. The dirt, sweat and grim should have been a deterrent, but instead it was like throwing gas on an already wild fire.
Hannah inhaled the deliciously potent scent that was all Luca. He slipped his big, strong hand behind her neck and pulled her close. He didn’t speak, just stared down at her with those exotically dark eyes of his. Bending low so his lips barely touched hers, Hannah closed her eyes and waited. She would give him whatever he wanted, as long as he didn’t spare her any of his raw, animalistic passion. Their breath mingled, and she ached between her legs. This was all it took for her to be a puddle of liquid beneath him.
His lips brushed along hers and he whispered in his gruff, lightly accented voice, “You’re shivering.”
His hands on her flesh felt like a current of electricity through her body. “Do you know what I plan on doing to you, Hannah?” God, the way he whispered her name, like he was going to do filthy things to her had her pussy obscenely wet.
“What?” She said breathlessly. Oh, she had a pretty good idea what he was going to do, but she wanted him to say it.
“I’m going to fuck you so hard you can’t remember your name, let alone walk.” And with that he crashed his mouth on hers and made good on his promise.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Laurie Roma… Laurie Roma

Her Links:  

            “Get on!”

            Davis gaped at the woman dressed in black leather that skidded to a halt in front of him. He had a momentary brain lapse as he imagined those long legs wrapped around his waist as he thrust inside her. A bullet whizzed by his head, snapping him out of his day-dream.

            Fuck! Fantasizing about bad-ass Barbie was gonna get him killed!

            The woman pulled a gun out of a holster strapped to her thigh and fired back at the men chasing him. She flipped up the dark face-plate of her helmet and Davis eyes widened in surprise.

            Her eyes narrowed as she all but snarled, “Get on, professor! Now!”

            Davis quickly jumped on behind her, sliding forward so their bodies were pressed together tight as she took off, tearing down the street to the smell of burning rubber. He gritted his teeth as his cock rubbed against the crease of her ass with every bump, making him hard as stone.

            What the fuck was going on?             This wasn’t his sweet neighbor that only yesterday had brought him a plate of cookies while he had been  working on his back porch. Cookies, for Christ’s sake! And now she was using a gun?

            They sped through the streets in silence until she pulled into  an old abandon warehouse. The second they stopped Davis climbed off, eyeing her warily. He watched as she took off the helmet and shook out her long dark hair he had all but ached to touch for the last two damn months.

            “What the hell is going on, Tamara?” Davis watched as her eyes drifted down and he felt her gaze over his rock-hard erection like a physical caress.

            “I’m keeping you alive,” she said. “They want something from you, and they aren’t the only ones…”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

sage marloweSage Marlowe…

His Links:     Amazon      Website      Facebook

The heat of the engine warms the inside of my legs. I listen to the contented clicking noises it makes as it cools down. Waves roll on the beach, providing a more natural background music to the metallic sounds of the big, man-made machine underneath me. Its vibrations have started a pleasurable prickle between my legs. The fading rays of the setting sun stroke my skin. A soft breeze has started up. It caresses my bare chest like a lover trailing tender fingertips along my flesh. I shiver as I imagine him to be the one who touches me, here, in that quiet place by the sea. I lean back, resting my weight on one elbow while my other hand twitches and moves, seemingly of its own accord—just an inch or two, but that’s all I need. The pressure of strong fingers distracts me from the persisting tingle in my groin, then adds to it. Closing my eyes, I allow myself to believe those fingers are his. He knows just how to touch me, tease and torment me and all too soon, my pleasure builds and starts to bubble. Head thrown back, I cry his name as desire boils over and bursts out of me. The air around me is warm from the day’s heat. It tastes of salt, just like my lover’s skin. I drag my tongue across my lips, yearning for him. I can almost feel him, but when I open my eyes, it’s still just me in that lonely space by the sea. The sun warms my back as I turn the bike around and head home, ready to replace a fantasy with reality.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Susan Hayes…Susan Hayes

Her Links:  

Siren-Bookstrand     Blog    Facebook

When she rose, he was waiting. Not once had anyone managed to find her resting place, yet there he was.   He was the essence of arrogance; reclined along the seat of his motorcycle with his shirt undone and the denim of his jeans clinging to his muscular thighs.

He’d parked the bike behind a wall of cinderblocks, shielded from the last gold and crimson rays of the setting sun. She was cloaked in shadow and should have been invisible to mortal eyes, but his gaze met hers and she knew he saw her.

Her curiosity piqued, she stepped into the dim light. “So what happens now?”

He rose from the bike in a move that reminded her of own of her own species, possessing a fluid grace that most mortals lacked. “Now, we talk.”

She laughed. How delightfully arrogant this one was. She had enjoyed their time together the night before. Blood and pleasure, no names, not empty promises. Did he want to taste the darkness again? She was of a mind to allow it.

He approached her and she licked her lips, her hunger already growing at the thought of his blood in her mouth and his cock deep in her body, two of her favorite pleasures. She was so distracted by her carnal thoughts she failed to notice his blood was too cool, his skin too pale, until it was too late.

Impossibly strong, he threw her against a wall and then pinned to it with his hard body.  With his lips mere inches from hers he demanded, “What did you do to me?”

Surprise, then pleasure filled her and she leaned in to kiss his cooling lips. “I gave you immortality. It would seem the fates do not wish us parted. Now, tell me your name.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lori King…

Coming August 15!

Coming August 15!

Her Links:  

Siren-Bookstrand     Amazon     Facebook

“I can’t stay, Justin.” Erin watched his long lean form pace back and forth. Standing in front of a gray cinder block wall his dark and rugged features looked dangerous, and she felt a ripple of lust under her skin.

“You just got here. And besides, New York is your home Erin.”

Was my home. Eight years ago this was my home, and back then you weren’t interested in whether I lived or died.”

He flinched before capturing her in his gaze. “Oh I was more interested than you know. That’s why I’m not letting you leave without knowing exactly what you are leaving.”

He threw a leg over the charcoal gray Harley Davidson that starred in many of her wildest fantasies, and held his hand out. Temping her to join him.

“You’re crazy Justin.” How many times had she wished for this moment? And now… Her eyes darted behind her to the brick apartment building where her mother once lived, and where an apartment full of memories sat waiting for her to put behind her.

“Don’t think about what happened before, Erin, just come with me. Trust me.” Justin’s voice was low and husky, and his muscular body sat atop the motorcycle like he was a part of it. From the top of his short black hair, to the tips of his heavy black biker boots, he was sin incarnate, and he was offering her a few moments in heaven. How could she resist?

She placed her hand on top of his, and then swallowed hard when he flashed her a wicked grin, “Okay, but only for one ride.”

His laugh rumbled through her as she climbed on the back of the bike, “I promise, that it will be the ride of your lifetime, sweetheart.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tymber Dalton..

Available 8/2/13-Preorder Now!

Available 8/2/13-Preorder Now!

Her Links: 

Siren-Bookstrand    Website    Facebook

He leaned back, shirt hanging open exposing abs I normally would love to run my tongue over. Right now, however, he was just pissing me off. He was on my bike.

“What are you going to do about it?” he asked with a come hither look I’m sure allowed him to usually bag any woman he wanted.

I smiled, reached out, and grabbed his crotch. And not in a friendly, gee, hello there kind of way, either. I squeezed, taking sadistic satisfaction in his bulging eyes and squeaky noises. “I told you if I ever caught you touching my bike I’d fucking castrate you.”

I kept a grip on his junk as he squeaked again and slid to the ground, writhing in pain. “I keep my promises.”

Well, okay, so I wouldn’t castrate him, but I gave a final, threatening tug as I let him go and straightened, staring down at him. “You’re lucky I don’t let Ramirez and his gang eat you, you stupid fuck. You’re not paying me enough money for this protection gig.”

He looked up at me while still clutching his bruised jewels. “What fucking kind of bitch are you?” he squeaked.

“The kind you don’t want to mess with. And lucky for you, the only kind that can keep you alive at this point.” I tossed the knapsack at him. “Come on. Let’s go before they get a scent on you.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Doris O’Conner…Doris OConner

Her Links:   Website    Blog   Facebook

“Where are you taking me, Josh?”

“Shh, trust me, this will be worth it.” His deep voice wrapped itself around Elly’s senses, cocooning her in his presence.

It had been thus from the moment they met. Like molten chocolate the deep cadence dripped into her very soul, until she was ready, willing, and eager to do whatever he wanted. “One more step. There you go, my sweet.”

He dropped a kiss on her exposed neck, and licked a heated path of awareness up to her ear. She shivered when he bit down on the tender flesh of her earlobe, and he framed her face with his hands. His firm lips claimed hers in a passionate kiss that left her breathless and clinging onto his shoulders for support. As quickly as he kissed her, he released her, and she heard his footsteps walking away.

“Josh?” Left on her own, and with her blindfold still in place, all her senses heightened, and she strained to get any clue as to where he’d taken her. The rays of the sun caressing her skin held just enough warmth still to tell her it was close to setting. There was the gentle lapping of water. The breeze, lifting the hem of her skirt, tasted salty on her tongue, and there was the faint hum of traffic. Where was he?

The roar of a motor bike close by made her jump. Instantly her nipples beaded and a rush of moisture soaked her panties. He wouldn’t…

“Take your blindfold off now, baby.” Elly had to blink several times to fully be able to appreciate the view. Josh simply smiled at her and revved the engine of the powerful machine again, before beckoning her over to join him.

“Happy Anniversary, baby. Let’s make your fantasy come true.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Taylor Berke…Taylor Berke 2

Her LInks:

Siren-Bookstrand    Website    Facebook

Micah couldn’t believe his luck.  The sun was rising and yet again he escaped unscathed from another sensual interlude with her.  Lady luck had almost given him up for dead this time as he barely got himself out of the apartment as Selina’s very irate husband was yelling himself hoarse in the bedroom.  Their sumptuous Manhattan apartment had been the scene of their torrid love affair for the last three weeks.  He slipped out of the front door with an incorrigible grin, silently thanking the gods that it was only his shirt and not his wallet that he had left in her heated bed.  Yes, she was worth the loss of another article of clothing, he thought with renewed hunger hardening his groin.               

Several drinks and conversation had brought them together but it was that chemical attraction when your body knows that it has to be inside of that woman, be inside or die.  There had been no internal argument about it.  He took her.  The darkened hallway had nooks for just such emergencies as he hoisted her up by her luscious ass to grind himself against her soft body.               

He let out a sigh of remembered satisfaction, there were no panties to bar his path.  Micah hadn’t hesitated in his plundering of her sweet lips, never pausing his assault with his tongue as he freed his monster erection from his pants.  He slid up and down her creamy labia, feeling that desperation to slid in as he heard her whimper in her own need.  Plunging in completely, he felt himself hit her womb.  The animalistic mating took over until her could feel his seed drip from her core.                

Three weeks of hunger.               

Three weeks of bliss.               

Three weeks of outrunning him.               

Micah smiled and couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mia Downing…

Available 8/2/13!

Available 8/2/13!

Her Links:  Amazon    Facebook

Kyle slung his leather jacket over his shoulder and rounded the corner. He hated tending bar, hated the drunks he had to shut off from ordering more. But more so, he hated being reminded he was single now that Jeremy was out of his life. Happy couples in a gay bar just didn’t do it for him.

Two steps into the alley and Kyle halted, shocked. Jeremy—who hated motorcycles—lounged on a bike parked in front of his. Jeremy wasn’t really dressed for riding. His sweatshirt was unzipped to reveal that hard, rippled chest Kyle had loved. Tight jeans encased strong thighs, his ankles bare in those favorite boat shoes. His dark eyes lit up with anticipation and something else… Lust, definitely. But maybe even apprehension.

“Nice bike,” Kyle said as he stopped a few feet away, his heart pounding.

“I thought a lot about what you said over the past two months. I decided you were right.”

“You didn’t have to get a bike.” It was a sweet ride, though, and Jeremy looked damned good straddling it. But he had to play it cool. A bike didn’t solve their issues.

“Not wanting to ride again was part of the skeleton I needed to bury. We didn’t work because I was stuck in the past. This was my first step toward burying the bones that needed peace.” Jeremy ran his hand through his spiked hair, the only show of nerves in his usual guarded composure. “I’m still fucked up. A twenty-five hour bike course isn’t going to heal me. But I’m willing to change.”

“Change is good,” Kyle whispered, his chest aching from the shallow breaths he took.

“Don’t just stand there…” Jeremy held out a hand. “Kiss me or something.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sherri Hayes…Sherri Hayes

Her Links:  Books    Website    Facebook

She walked out of the club, chatting with her friend, not really paying attention. That was until April grabbed hold of her arm, and gasped.

Jane looked at her best friend wondering what on earth was wrong. April wasn’t paying any attention to her though. She was gaping at something across the parking lot.

Curious as to what had April so transfixed, Jane turned to look. What is he doing here?

Apparently, she’d asked the question out loud, because April responded. “Maybe you should go find out, Jane.”

Jane chewed on the inside of her cheek unsure. “I don’t know.”

“Go on. What do you have to lose?” It was amazing how quickly April had gone from stunned to encouraging her.

“But what about our girls’ night?”

April gave her a gentle nudge to the ribs with her elbow. “We can meet for lunch tomorrow, and you can fill me in on all the x-rated details.”

Her friend giggled.


“Go on. He’s not going to wait all night,” April said.

“Okay, okay. Here goes nothing.”

The walk across the parking lot felt ten times longer than it was. As she got closer though, she saw him lift the side of his mouth in the barest hint of a smile. “Hi.”


They stared at each other for several moments before he sat up. “I thought maybe you might like to go for a ride.”

“Just a ride?”

He smiled wider. “That’s up to you. I’m game for more if you are.” He paused. “So what do you say?”

Jane glanced back at her friend. April was standing where she’d left her with a ‘what are you waiting for’ expression.

She turned back to face Adam, and he extended his hand to her in invitation. Before she could chicken out, she climbed on the back of the bike.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mia Ashlinn…

Releasing 8/12/13! Preorder it now!

Releasing 8/12/13! Preorder it now!

Her Links:  

Siren-Bookstrand    Website    Facebook

He’s here. Cody-Fucking-Thomas was here—to see her. Holy shit!

Shelly Sampson squared her shoulders. She wasn’t about to reveal the excitement buzzing through her to anyone, let alone the man leaning against the wicked bike like he was God’s gift to women. Although, as she raked her eyes over his scrumptious face, bare chest, and ripped abs, she had to admit he was God’s gift—to men, women, and everything in between. But he didn’t need to hear that from her. Seriously, People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly did enough ego-stroking for the bad boy actor as it was. He didn’t need—or want—his sister’s BFF to stroke anything. Damn it.

Shelly started for Mr. God’s Gift. But she didn’t make it a full step before he drawled, “Hey Shell.”

His voice washed over her, and she froze. Damn, oh damn, damn, damn, that voice. He sounded like sex. And chocolate.

Delicious lips kicked up into a devastating smile. “Excuse me? Chocolate?”

Fuck. She’d spoken aloud. “N—n—nothing.”

“Sure.” He seemed to be struggling to hide a smirk.

Asshole. God, she hated him. He was too fucking hot. Shit. ‘Hot’ didn’t cover it. He was a sweltering stroll through Death Valley in July hot. And fuck, he knew it, too. His ego was huge. Almost as big as… Shelly couldn’t control herself. Like a rabid fan with a sex addiction, she dropped her gaze to the sizable bulge in his pants.

Gulping, she lifted her eyes to his amused ones. “To what do I owes this pleasure, Cody?”

“Baby, I need your help.”

Shelly ground her teeth together. “You need more than my help, sweet cheeks.”

Cody’s smirk broke through as he got off his bike and swaggered toward her. “That’s what I’m counting on.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you so much to all of the authors who participated! I hope you’ll encourage us by letting us know if you would like us to continue our specific stories. Just leave a comment for us in the comment section. We’ll be back on August 31st with another one! As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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