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So you think you STILL want to be a Beta reader?

by on July 17, 2013

Dear Lori readers,

Would you believe I STILL get asked by many people about how to become a Beta reader? I can not believe it! You all obviously did not read my last post…The Joys of Being A Beta

Now hopefully you have read that, because I want to share another spot of…uh…well…being a Beta.

Blurbs. OH.MY.GOD. Blurbs are a killer! I know, I know, you think this is part of the author’s job, right? And it probably is in some cases, but I’m a Beta all the way. Which means, I participate in every aspect of the writing that Lori asks me to. From blurbs to titles to standard rereads and editing.

Would you like to know how this goes??? I just bet you do. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! It may not be suitable for young eyes, so please avert them if you are under the age of 10, and just to reiterate: I HATE BLURBS!

*On random Thursday evening after receiving a Facebook PM scheduling a meeting, my co-Beta Lisa and I match wits (Don’t laugh) to work on blurbs with our favorite Alpha Lori*

Lori- HELP!!!

Insane Betas- WHAT NOW??

Lori- Have I told you how much I hate blurbs?

Insane Betas(ok that shit is just too long, so from now on we will now say IB…almost like irritable bowel…    yeah JUST like that) IB- *bangs head on keyboard* This is going to be a long night.

Lori- The first one has to be 20-25 words. What do you think of xxxxx? (Note to readers: no secrets will be revealed…yet.)

IB- I don’t like that. It sucks. How about xxxx?

9209723_s (2)Lori- What about xxxxx? (As she totally ignores the insane betas wording.)

IB- umm…sure? *head wall*

Lori- Are you sure? What about xxxxxxx?

IB-*muttering* How are we helping here?

Lori- Do you think this one is better xxxxxx? (This time she does insert SOME of what us nutjobs suggested.)

IB- Yes, that’s much better! Check and DONE.

(If you could see Lisa and I at this moment you would see us both just nodding our heads and agreeing-even      though she can’t see us.)

Lori- Next one has to be 55 words or less. It needs to be gripping, and intriguing. With a hint of the story, but we have to keep from giving it away.

IB- Oh God I need alcohol for this.

Lori- So how about  xxxxxx?

IB- Uhh no. This part is ok, but not this part. What about adding in xxxxxx?

Lori- hmm…give me a minute.

IB- *Watches tumbleweed roll across the screen, goes and gets coffee, smokes a cigarette* (ok that is just me) *Goes pee, then comes back to a 65 word blurb*

Lori- What about this xxxxx? I know its 65 words so I need to cut out some. Here we go xxxxxx? No…not quite…maybe xxxxx?

IB- *stares at the screen in morbid fascination* What about xxxx?

Lori- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(once again she totally ignores IB suggestion)

IB- Do you really need our help?

Lori- YES!!! HELP!! What if I reword here and here?

IB- YES! That’s a winner. Keep it. CHECK AND DONE.

Lori- Not quite. One more to do, and this one is the big one. This one will go on the back of the book.

IB- *head desk, keyboard, wall…*    &**^^*#)@_()%R*$#^$^%#(R))$)*T*DD#I

Lori- Stop it, I really need you. This one needs to be 140-160 words. What about xxxxxxx? or xxxxxxxx? or maybe xxxxxxxxxxxx? Wait! I know, I can flip flop it to xxxxxx…..


Ok so you get the drift right??? I need a lot of alcohol for blurbs, and I swear if I ever become an author myself, I’m making her write them for me. Keep in mind, this whole conversation has been shortened considerably for you wonderful readers, because, well, this is a blog post not a book.

So how did it all turn out? Here is the finished blurb for Point of Seduction which Lori tells me is releasing September 16. How did we do?

Sunset PointBuilt around the premise that love can be found with multiple partners, the Island of Sunset Point has always been Gabriella Larkin’s home. She respects the open minded community, but her own past relationships have left her burned, and she can’t overcome her doubts about love. Throwing herself into her clothing boutique Designs By Lark she makes it her number one focus, until she meets Austin, Michael and Kendrick.

Brothers Austin and Michael Curtis along with their best friend Kendrick McClure are new to the island, but not to the idea of ménage. A chance meeting with the gorgeous Gaby has sparks flying and the men planning on seduction. Enthralled by the intense sexual attraction between the four of them, Gaby embarks on a tumultuous and passionate relationship with the trio, but reaching the Point of Seduction will mean facing off with her past… 


Do you still want to be a Beta reader?? Just wait for the next installment from this fishie for the fun side. It’s enough to make you forget the craziness of BLURBS!!(pssttt it involves a little uhh show and tell)


The Fishie- Chris

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  1. Well personally I think you “Fishies” ummm I mean Beta’s do a fabulous job. May I recommend memory foam on the walls and desk tops to alleviate bruising? LOL Keep up the good work. PS.. 60 days is a long time to wait for this book… can I get another blurb????

    • You got it Trixie! I’ll be sharing snippets and blurbs for all FIVE books in the series soon!

  2. Ahhhh Chris… You hit our conversation dead on….but reading this I am rolling on the floor laughing …we are a very funny crew….great blog

    • HAHAHA But its only about 1/8 of the conversation. To see the whole thing would scare people off for reals!!! lol It was funny though.

  3. Cherie Clark permalink

    Yep nah you can keep your job I will just be the impatient buttercup. Love the blurb and I think you did well. xoxo wait it was xxxxx right lol

  4. Ahhh I love that blurb… That was take 6,548,902,984,739…….*head desk..
    Fishie Chris

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