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Picture Capturing! Flash Fiction from Erotic Romance Authors!

by on June 30, 2013

Have you ever seen a photo, that just took your breath away, and sent your imagination running? That’s the goal of Picture Capturing. I want your imagination to take you away. Here is how it works….

Each author is shown the same picture, and asked to write 150-300 words that the picture inspires in their mind. It might be a complete story, or just a scene, or perhaps it’s just general emotions. Whatever comes to mind is what hits the page, and then I compile them to share with you.  

This activity spurs creativity, and keeps our brains flowing freely, so be sure to leave a comment letting us know if you liked a specific blurb. Who knows, perhaps it will inspire a whole book!  Here is this months photo:


Melody Snow Monroe

Her Links:    Siren-Bookstrand    Website     FacebookMelody Two Doms For Vicki

“Brianna, I can’t,” Drake growled. “Or rather I won’t.”

She wanted to ask him what kind of man he was, but if she did, he might use the paddle next time instead of his palm. If he hadn’t just flogged her ass, she might have sassed him more.

The steam from the running shower billowed out. “But I need to get naked.” Her voice came out as a whine. Damn.

He turned around to face her. “I can help you with getting naked part.” He grinned and ran a finger along the hem of her thin tee, his gaze locked onto her face.

He didn’t get it. She ached for the adrenaline rush that only the knife could bring. “I need you to cut off my clothes, then fuck me hard.” She leaned into him. He’d be mad that she told him what to do, but too fucking bad. She had needs, too.

He shook his head. “I might cut you.”

That was the chance she was willing to take—it was what adrenaline was all about. She stepped to the sink and picked up the ten-inch blade she’d brought in. “Then will you at least scratch my back with this?” She waved the knife and jutted up her chin in a challenge.

Drake grabbed the hem of her shirt, and with one violent motion, tore it off her body. Her pussy gushed and her heart rate spiked. She urged him on. “That’s it baby. Don’t stop now.”

He grabbed the knife and sawed through the thin elastic of her thong. In a flash, her panties lay in a heap on the ground.

“Turn around,” he commanded, with a voice that had her hormones racing.

She palmed her hands on the shower door awaiting the needed relief only the knife could bring.


Susan Hayes

Her Links:     Siren-Bookstrand     Blog     FacebookSusan Hayes Eternal Bonds

Cole had passed through exhaustion and into a place where even the simplest thought was elusive and he felt disconnected from everything, even his own body.  He knew he was standing under a stream of water, scrubbing until his skin turned pink and then red, trying to remove every trace of blood and every memory of the horror he’d just witnessed. He was so tired that he didn’t even notice he wasn’t alone anymore. When her hands stroked up his back it took a moment for his brain to connect the sensation to anything other than a moment of pleasure in a terrible time.

“Cole,” she said his name softly, so softly that he almost didn’t hear the synthetic smoothness of her voice. Almost. 

“Ruby. You aren’t cleared to be in this sector.”  He started to turn around but she wrapped her slender arms around his chest and held him in place as though he were a child and not a full grown man.

“I know. But you needed me. You are exhausted and your bio-link is showing you are experiencing emotional distress. I can help.”

“You are not supposed to be monitoring my link, Ruby. You are programmed to take care of the patients, not the doctors.”

“The doctors are needed to take care of the patients. By taking care of you, I am taking care of them.”

He had to smile a little at that. Robotic units were not supposed to have a sense of humor, but sometimes RU-B came close enough he wondered if there was some anomaly in her programming.  “And how are you going to take care of me, Ruby?”

“By giving you what you need to relax, Cole.”  One perfectly bio-sculpted hand drifted down his flank in a surprisingly erotic caress.  “Let me pleasure you.”


Tara RoseTara Rose Obeying her racy firemen

Her Links:     Siren-Bookstrand     Website     Facebook

Don’t shift… don’t shift Saffron kept repeating it inside her head, like a mantra. The sound of running water always made her want to shift, but she couldn’t let that happen right now. Chad would, of course, freak out, and freaking out wasn’t in her plans tonight. She’d waited too long for this.

“Baby, that feels so good.” His silky smooth voice forced a moan from her. She brushed her hands over his abdomen again, daring to go lower. His dick was rock hard, and Saffron wasn’t sure she could hold off much longer. She’d wanted him for so long.

“Do you want it, baby?”

Yes, she wanted it. She wanted to take that cock into her mouth, her pussy, and her ass. If she could do this without changing… if she could fuck a human just once, there might be a chance to break the curse. All she had to do was keep it together long enough to get him inside her.

“The water is nice,” she said. “But why don’t we continue this on your bed?”

“I love it in the shower, baby.” Chad turned in her arms and kissed her.

Saffron melted into his embrace and moaned as his lips and tongue moved over hers with expert precision. An image rose in her mind, dark and familiar. She tried to push it away and instead concentrated on his hands tangling in her hair, and his dick pulsing against her lower abdomen. Don’t shift… don’t shift… His hands moved lower now, kneading her ass cheeks. He turned them around so that her back was against the wall, and lifted her as if she weighed nothing. Almost there…  No… Saffron fought against the familiar slipping sensation as Chad teased the opening to her pussy with his dick.


Lori King

My Links:     Siren-Bookstrand     Facebook    Twitter


Nick’s skin tingled under the heat of the shower while he struggled to absorb all that had happened. In a way he was hoping the water would wash away the guilt, and shame that was threatening to overwhelm him. A whoosh of cold air was his only warning before he felt her hands run up his ribs, and the softness of her breasts press between his shoulder blades.

“Jena? What are you doing?”

“You freaked out on us, so I came to check on you.” Nick ground his teeth against the desire that shot from his belly to his balls at just the sound of her voice. He could still hear her moaning in his ears, begging him to fuck her harder, pleading with him to kiss Lance. His best friend. His gay best friend.  

Oh my God! What have I done?

“Nick?” She gripped his shoulder and tried to turn him, but he resisted. Stubbornly facing the running water, and delaying the drama that was coming. “What the fuck is your problem, Nick?”

That did it. His temper got the best of him, and he whirled on her causing her to take a wobbly step backwards in the small shower. “What’s my problem? Are you fucking kidding? I just fucked you and Lance! I’m not gay, and I just had my cock balls deep in a man’s throat! What the hell do you think is my problem?”

A hiss of breath drew Nick’s eyes to the ten inch gap in the shower curtain, and Lance filled his view.

Hurt clouded Lance’s normally sky blue orbs, but he didn’t turn away. He just stared steadily back until Lance finally spoke, “You know what I think Nick? I think that was the best sex of your life, and it scared the hell out of you.”


Laurie Roma

Her Links:     Siren-Bookstrand     Blog     Facebooklr-ta-intothedream-full (2) 

“You need to relax…”

“Relax! Don’t tell me to relax! They kidnapped me, shoved me in here with you naked and now they’re watching us!” she hissed. “What the hell is going on?”

Jasyn sighed. This wasn’t going to be an easy explanation. So far every women they had sent to him had been easy to resist. But this one was different. From the moment Jasyn scented her he wanted her with a passion that rivaled the heat from the suns of his home planet. He only needed her to keep it together for a few more hours until they were rescued. But until then…

“What is your name, little one?”

“My name is Lena.”  

Her body tensed, arms trying to shield her naked form from his gaze. Even though Jasyn fought to keep his eyes on hers, he couldn’t help but notice the utter perfection of her body. He wanted to curse as his body betrayed him. His cock filled and became engorged with lust, making him want to forget their audience, forget everything else but her.

“Come Lena, let’s go into the shower.” Lena’s eyes went wide with shock. “Are you crazy? I’m not going to shower with you, you perv! I don’t know you! And I’m certainly not going anywhere near you when you’re sporting that!” She waved a hand, gesturing at his enormous erection.

Shit. He had been hoping she hadn’t noticed that. Jasyn sighed again. Nope, this wasn’t going to be easy. “The shower is the only place we can speak freely,” Jasyn spoke, barely moving his lips. “Either we talk in the shower or they pull you out of my room and give you to someone else to breed. Now, make your choice.”


Shae ShannonShae Shannon Always and Forever

Her Links:     Siren-Bookstrand     Blog     Facebook

Running water sounded, creating her heart to thump in her ears and her stomach to flip flop.  She was alone, or so she thought… 

Lilly jumped up and set her Kindle on the couch cushion, doing a mental scan of her options.  Flower vase, lamp, television remote… Shit.  What am I going to do, turn the intruder on?  Well, if he is hot, hopefully.  No!  Stay focused.  Stranger.. danger… She smiled at her own little mental conversation despite the seriousness of the situation. 

Deciding on an umbrella from the hook by the door, she tip toed into the bathroom to investigate.  With every step, her breathing became more erratic.  She gripped the Marry Poppins weapon of choice with both hands and peered through the cracked door.  Her eyes squinted to see through the clouding steam that rolled out of the huge walk-in shower.  An object moved behind the glass door, turning slightly to reveal the body of a Greek god. 

Sweet bajeezies, I knew I should have grabbed the remote!  Lilly couldn’t tear her eyes away.  Quietly, she eased into the bathroom undetected.  She sat in awe watching the soap glide over each crevice and bulge. 

Then it happened.  The moment of her fantasies was unfolding before her eyes.  His hand slid down the most delicious washboard of ripped muscles she had ever seen.  With a heated force, he gripped the thick cock that stood in a salute.  Her mind shut down, leaving only the months of pent up sexual frustration to lead her.  Lilly stepped into the steamy cage cautiously, oblivious to the camisole top and lace panties she still wore.  When she reached him, her arms instinctively went around his massive back.  To her surprise, he didn’t jump, or get angry.  Instead, he turned and flashed an orgasmic smile as his hand led her hand down to wrap around his thick shaft. 

“I wondered how long it would take you to get in here.”


Tymber Daltontymber dalton

Her Links:    Siren-Bookstrand     Website      Facebook

She loved the way he responded under her hands, the way he practically froze in place as she explored every inch of his flesh with her lips.

Her one.

And that he knew what she was and didn’t run away screaming was a bonus.

“Are you sure you want this?” she asked.

He nodded, his eyes remaining closed.

“You don’t have to,” she said. “We could go on like this.”

“I…I want to,” he said, his voice husky with emotion.

“There will be so much you can’t talk about with others. So much you’ll have to keep hidden.”

“I don’t care. I want it. I want you.”

The hunger was there, burning deep inside her, because of him. She walked around to stand in front of him. His thick erection had tented his shorts.

She licked her lips.


But for now, “You need to ask me for it. I won’t force you.”

His eyes fluttered open. “I want to be yours.”

She reached out and grabbed his ear, pulling his face down and close to hers. “I will leave my marks on your flesh.”

“I know.”

She kissed him, hard, making him moan. “Then go get busy and make me dinner,” she whispered. “And after, we’ll start with a session with the cane.”

As he hurried off to the kitchen, she watched him with a smile on her face. She thought maybe she’d finally found her slave.

Better, she knew she’d found the love of her life.


Erika Reed

Her Links:     Siren-Bookstrand     Facebooker-mof-blazinginferno3130404_0345

“I’m sorry Mason. I never meant to hurt you. This has been a fantasy I have had sine I met you and Kirk.” Jasmin whispered against the back of his wet shoulder blades.

Mason turned into her arms so that he was now eye level with her big beautiful green eyes. “I had no idea that you were interested in having a threesome, Jasmin.” He then palmed the side of her cheek, “Especially with my best friend, Kirk.” Mason’s felt his cock harden against her stomach. “I have to say this comes as a big shock to me, but I have to say that I am seriously turned on at the mere thought of you sucking Kirk’s cock as I fuck you from behind.”

Jasmin cleared her throat before saying, “Actually…my fantasy is for Kirk to fuck my pussy as you fuck my ass from behind.”

“I should spank your sweet ass for fantasizing about another man, but it’s making me crazy thinking of the three of us burning the sheets up together in our big bed. I’ll bet your clit is swollen and your thighs are soaked right now.”

Mason was right. Her knees were about to give out on her. Good thing he was holding her up. She needed Mason to take her hard and fast against the shower wall.

Jasmin whimpered, “Mason please, I need your big cock deep inside me right now.”

“I always take care of your needs first, baby. And after our shower, I want you to put your butt plug in so your ass is ready for this evening.” Mason whispered as he slid his finger between the crack of her ass.

Jasmin’s body shuttered.

“Yes my beauty. I have some plans for the three of us tonight. And hopefully by morning you will find yourself a well satisfied woman.”


Beverly Priceunlucky- beverly price

Her Links:     Siren-Bookstrand     Website     Facebook

When he called her to come over, she didn’t know what to expect, but then he kissed her. A real, no holds bar, kiss, taking her breath away.

“God Dani, how many night have I longed to do that to you? I went to bed every night with  such a damn hard on that I might have a permanent case of blue balls,” he slurred and he pulled her closer to him. She wanted him too, but not while he was drunk.

“Simon, you’re drunk. Let me make you coffee, and we can talk.” Dani pulled away from him as he reached for her again. “I promise we will talk when you are sober.”

Simon agreed, but then suddenly made a beeline for the bathroom. She wondered if he was feeling sick and went to check on him. Nothing worse than falling into a toilet filled with your own vomit. As she reached the bathroom door, Simon stood before her gloriously naked, turning on the shower. She stood frozen to the floor as the water cascaded down his body covering every rippled muscle. Suddenly he started to sway.

Dani ran up and caught him before he could fall. Shit, she was wet. Well she might as well clean him up before he hurt himself. Holding him from behind, Simon leaned his head back into the water again, except this time he grabbed her hand pulling it down until he placed it on his ever growing cock.

“See what you do to me women. When you pull away from me, I get so damn hard. I need you so much Dani. God I have to have you.” He spun taking her by surprise pressing her against the wall.

“Yes, oh God yes!”


Sherri Hayesslave

Her Links:    Amazon     Website     Facebook

Beth walked up behind him, wrapped her arms around his waist, and flattened her hands to feel the hard ridges of his muscles. There were definite advantages to dating a firefighter.

He sighed, leaning back into her touch. “I didn’t think you’d still be awake.”

“Why wouldn’t I be? I knew you were coming.”

“I know. I just thought…” She stepped around him so that her breasts were pressed up against his bare chest.

“You thought what?” As she spoke, she snaked her hand between them, and cupped his growing erection. He closed his eyes, and groaned.

“Like that?”


Beth scrapped her nails along his cock, causing it to pulse beneath her hand and grow harder. She smirked. “I think you’re happy to see me.”

He swallowed, and clinched his fists. “It was a long two days.”

“Yes, it was.”

Instead of relieving his ache, she had one of her own he was going to take care of first. She hooked her fingers in the belt loops of his jeans, and walked backward, pulling him with her. When her ass hit the back of the table, she released him, and hoisted herself on top. She scooted back enough so that she could place her heels on the edge of the table for support, and then leaned back.

Lifting her hips, she removed her panties, and then spread her legs wide, giving him an unencumbered view of her pussy. “Show me how much you missed me.”


Mia Downing

Coming in July 2013!!!

Coming in July 2013!!!

Her Links:   Amazon    Website    Facebook
“Gotcha,” Allie purred in his ear.

Nick jumped under the spray of the water, shampoo stinging his eyes as her slender arms wrapped under his arm, her palm cupping his right pec. Oh, God, the heat of her pussy and belly pressed against his ass. He scooted forward in the cramped camper shower until his now-erect dick brushed the wall. The door whisked shut behind her, and her other hand settled at the base of his shaft. No way in hell should Allie be in here, gripping his cock, nipples blazing holes into his back, and fuck him, that sweet pussy had to be slick and bare.

“What the hell?” he croaked out, his eyes stinging.

“I’m conserving water. You said the motorhome doesn’t carry much.” She sounded innocent, but her hand worked his cock with smooth, practiced strokes with a skill that would make a high end hooker weep with envy. Not that he’d ever had one.

“But Mark—”

“Is getting registered, and the line is out the door. Plenty of time for a shower. I’ll wash your back…” She rubbed her nipples side to side, as if scrubbing him. “Maybe I’ll let you wash mine. You’ve got the perfect tool to make sure my backside is good and clean.”

“Said tool is now diamond hard. I don’t think it’s good for cleaning.” He had to be dreaming. There was no way the woman of his wet dreams was here, in his shower, insinuating she wanted his cock in her ass.

“I think it’s perfect.” Her lips peppered kisses across his shoulder, to his neck. Despite the alarm bells and flashing red lights, he leaned his head back, baring his neck to her caress. “Mmm, you taste good. I can’t wait to taste all of you.” 


Thank you so much to all of the authors who participated! I’m always amazed at the creativity, and thought that goes into these little exercises! I hope you’ll encourage us by letting us know if you would like us to continue our specific stories. Just leave a comment for us in the comment section. We’ll be back on July 31st with another one!

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

  1. Barb Church permalink

    It’s phenomenal that you all see the picture with a different lens. Really enjoyable.

  2. Alicia Fortuin permalink

    Damn, excuse me, but you all very talented and good. Me mortal just looked at the pic and had just the normal thought but you all showed me why you the Author and me just the reader lol

  3. This is my first time go to see at here and i am actually pleassant to read everthing at one place.

  4. What great stories! I love how each one is so different despite the same picture! Thanks for letting me participate.

  5. Great stories, ladies! I really enjoyed them! 🙂

  6. Oh no, no, no. You all did not pit me against Tymber…she is my Idol, my all time favorite author. Talk about making your mind go blank and your fingers trip on the keyboard…and I missed it 😦
    So here is a quickie of what I would have said…

    Quiet, and shy, Becca couldn’t resist the temptation.
    Rob, in her shower.
    Now. Now was her chance. The only chance she had to make him see her as woman.
    She slipped into the steamy room.
    Her hands itched and her body came alive.
    She didn’t give him a chance to turn, or a chance to say no.
    Her arms snaked around him as she whispered into his shoulder. “I’m not backing off, say no now, or lose your privilege to talk.”
    Her lips ran along his shoulder, her tongue painting her intentions as she went. “Turn for me.”
    Without hesitation, he turned in her arms.
    “Becca, what.”
    She held a finger over his mouth.
    “I said say no or nothing at all.”
    Wisely, he shut his mouth and moaned approval as her mouth continued its erotic journey.
    Holding onto his hips, she continued her story, and after every long lick, she whispered the words her tongue blazed across his skin…

    Nothing beats a quickie…lol

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    Loved it!!

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    Utterly amazing and all so different. Tara, you have to turn that one into a book, dying to know what kind of shifter Saffron is and the rest of the story.

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    LOVED them! Thank you

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    WOW! all of these books rock. I love them all. Lori you are the best. Can’t wait for what next.

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    Wow I loved them all, I loved Lori’s story line but I truly want to know what kind of Shifter Tara’s Saffron is and then Susan Hayes with the Ruby my gosh. Ladies I have been truly blessed to read all of your teases today. thank you. You all ROCK. !!!!!

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