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…on Plagiarism and Disgust

by on June 15, 2013

I HAD to share this on my own blog! You can’t deny the evidence that this girl stole from Loralei and Renea. The fact that she denied it has the entire book loving community up in arms. I would love to hear your take on it.

Adventures of a Caribbean Girl... who writes!

I am angry,

I am very angry.

I am blowing a gasket, a fuse or any of the other metaphors you can come up with for red with anger. I chuckle at this as I can’t technically turn red since I’m black but you get the point.


This evening started off pretty well. I’m still working on my practice writing in an attempt to propel my Muse from her awkward teenage, acne-filled, bracing wearing years to a more mature young adult when Laurell K Hamilton retweeted a tweet that stopped me dead in my tracks. The original tweet was made by Lorelei James who complained of someone , Alison Gilmore, passing off one of her books published in 2009 as their own. Alison used a website to upload the book one chapter at a time. She was originally a member of where she stated she was writing One…

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