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Picture Capturing! Flash Fic from your fav erotic romance authors!

by on May 31, 2013

Have you ever seen a photo, that just took your breath away, and sent your imagination running? That’s the goal of Picture Capturing. I want your imagination to take you away. Here is how it works….

Each author is shown the same picture, and asked to write 150-300 words that the picture inspires in their mind. It might be a complete story, or just a scene, or perhaps it’s just general emotions. Whatever comes to mind is what hits the page, and then I compile them to share with you.

I’d love for you to write your own Flash Fiction for the photo BEFORE you read theirs, but if you prefer to just enjoy, read on!  Here is this months photo:


Susan Hayes

Her Links:     Siren-Bookstrand     Blog     Facebook

sh-kc-riptide3130401_0145He was sitting at the side of the road in an Armani suit and $500 shoes, looking like sin incarnate. The air around him shimmered with heat waves and Jeanna wondered if he was just a mirage in a business suit, conjured up from the depths of her sex-starved mind.

She wasn’t sure what possessed her to pull over, but when she got close enough she realized he looked familiar. Mirrored sunglasses hid his eyes, but the rest of him called to her in a way she didn’t understand. “Are you waiting for someone, or can I offer you a ride?”

“Yes, and yes.”  He grinned and her brain melted a little around the edges.

“Toss your luggage in the truck bed and hop in then.” A little voice whispered  a warning from the back of her mind, but her libido was calling the shots right now and the warnings were ignored.

She turned the a/c to high as he settled into the seat beside her. “So who were you waiting for out here in the middle of nowhere?  It’s so hot the devil himself would get heatstroke.

“I was waiting for you, Jeanna.”  He reached out and stroked her hand, sending a blast of raw lust straight through her.  He removed the sunglasses, letting her see his eyes, eyes that glowed red and gold. “And I never get heatstroke.” 

“Oh hell no.” She snatched her hand away from his, but she couldn’t tear her gaze away from his beautiful face.

“Whoever you are, get out!”

“You can call me Luc, and I’m not going anywhere.”  His hand curled around her wrist and another flood of lust sizzled over her.  “We’ve been lovers in your dreams for months, my love. I’ve finally come to sample the real thing.”


Tara RosePleasing her racy doms tara rose

Her Links:     Siren-Bookstrand     Website     Facebook

Well this blows. She actually left me stranded at the fucking airport. You tell someone you’ll give them a ride to their hotel, regardless of the fact that things are over between you, and then you don’t show?

She’d better be dead. I call her number again. No answer. I’ve already left four messages. That’s three more than my limit. 

Who is that? Wow. Look at those legs. It takes a confident woman to wear a bright yellow pleated skirt, but with those gams she pulls it off.

“Need a ride?”

“Are you serious? I mean, yes.” Could I be any more of a dork? And did she just think I was grabbing my own ass when I brushed the sidewalk dirt off my pants?

“Come on then. I hate to see a man with a suitcase sitting on the pavement.”

How do eyes get that blue? Why did I wear these pants? I have a giant dirt stain on my ass and there’s no way she didn’t see my dick just jump to attention.

“I’m Lois. And no lame jokes about Superman, okay?”

I can’t help but grin like a fucking idiot. “No jokes. Promise. As long as you don’t laugh and call me ‘Jimmy Olsen’ when I tell you I’m a photographer.”

She eyes my green suitcase as I throw it in the trunk of her Mercedes. “Is that your equipment?”

No, that’s currently pointing at you. “Some of it. I’m Scott.”

“Where you headed, Scott?”

Wherever you are. “Dogwood Street. I’m staying at the Hilton there.”

She raises her perfectly shaped brows and smiles. “No shit. So am I. I guess we should have dinner then, since I don’t know anyone here.”

“You know me.”

“Not yet, but I will.” 


medlarge (2)Shae Shannon

Her Links:     Siren-Bookstrand     Website     Facebook

Chasity pulled up and parked next to the rotating glass doors.  Her childhood friend was due any minute, and excitement flooded her.  Flipping the visor down to reveal the mirror, she applied a sheer coat of gloss to her full lips. The reflection staring back left a disgruntled frown creasing her forehead.  The never ending work schedule at the law firm had left her normally glowing features drained of color and hollowed.

Movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention, shocking her nerves at what sat mere feet from her car.  He was a chiseled cut of masculine power, wrapped in a business suit that screamed sexy.  From the dark shades that left a bit of mystery to his relaxed posture, she was immediately drawn to him in an unexplainable addiction.  Hot, wet, naughty visions invaded her mind, making her lungs struggle for oxygen and her temperature spike.  

Thankfully before her hand could navigate under her skirt, a soft feminine whisper diverted her attention.  “I have to say, I do like your style.”  Her head whipped around to meet Heather, creating a squeal of excitement to erupt from both girls. 

“Heather!  I missed you so much! ” Chasity exited the car and embraced the bouncing blonde, allowing relief to wash over her. 

Their attention was soon captured by the stranger, ending the heartfelt reunion.  “I think we need to give him a ride, Chas.  One he will never forget.”  The husky, seductive tone Heather projected left no doubt in the meaning behind her statement.  Both girls exchanged a mischievous look, before sending him an unspoken invitation of endless possibilities.  Their response was a lazy, panty dropping smile he flashed before he sauntered in their direction. 

“Do you want a ride?”  Chasity purred seductively. 

He flipped up his shades to reveal the thunderstorm of lust clouding in his dark blue pools. In a deep, gravely tone he responded, “More than you know.”


Taylor Berke

Her Links:     Siren-Bookstrand     Website      Facebook

Taylor Berke 2          “Thought you wouldn’t come back to me baby.  You said that you couldn’t do it one more time.  Was that a lie too?”  Mitch queried, sounding rather peevish after being left on the curb, luggage and all as Maxi took off in the convertible.  His convertible she thought, aware of the anger rolling off of him in heated waves.   Did she do it on purpose knowing the dark delights to be found under his hands whenever she displeased him?

            Maxi lowered her gaze and her hands followed suit.  Oh why couldn’t she ever stay mad at him?  One look from his dark liquid eyes made her body tingle and her pussy cream. 

            “I would never lie to you sir, just fib a little bit.  I accept whatever you deem appropriate but reserve the right to run again at first opportunity.”  Maxi spoke in the direction of her feet on the floorboards.

            “Slide over little one and maybe we can see if redemption is a possibility for your soul.”  The sheer arrogance of his will practically dripped from his mouth as Maxi lifted her head to meet his increasingly tender expression.  It undid her every time.  Her fingers went to the hem of her skirt and held his gaze as she lifted it to her waist while spreading her legs.

            “Good girl.  I will go easy on you tonight but first let me remind myself of that which I already own.  Wider please.”  Maxi felt her core clench at the first touch of his manicured thick fingers as they wisped over her sensitive nub only to slide through her dripping folds.  Her breath caught as the breeze from the open top tousled her hair, wrapping her in erotic enchantment.  Never, she thought.  She would never get enough.


Laurie Roma

Her Links:      Siren-Bookstrand     Blog      Facebook

lr-ta-intothedream-full (2)“Are you fucking kidding me? You left me at the curb! I waited fifteen minutes before I realized you weren’t coming back!” The rage Dean felt was so potent he was surprised smoke wasn’t coming out of his ears. “And what the hell are you doing in here?”

“You’re lucky I didn’t run you over, you son of a bitch,” Rachel snapped back at him as she sat down on the bed in one of their guest rooms. “What the hell was that woman doing with you?”

“What woman?” Dean asked throwing his hands up in the air.

“I saw you with Melanie. Business trip my ass!”

Dean clenched his jaw so hard he was surprised he had any teeth left. “She’s my god damn marketing VP! And it’s not like she was the only woman on my plane with me. I had to take several people on this trip to Atlanta. You knew that!”

“But not her, you never mentioned her,” Rachael said quietly.

Dean fought to look past the red haze of his anger to see the hurt that gleaming in his wife’s light brown eyes. “What’s this, baby? Why are you so upset? You know damn well I would never touch another woman.”

“I…” Rachel took a deep breath then just said it. “I’m pregnant.”

Dean blinked in surprise then grinned. “We’re having a baby? You’ve just made me the happiest man in the entire world!” He fell to his knees, pressing kisses on her stomach.

Rachel smiled down at him then yelped as he lifted her easily, carrying her from the room. “I’m taking you back to our room to make sure. I missed you, Rachel.”

“I missed you too. And Dean?”

“Yeah, baby?

“Next time, Melanie flies coach.”

He laughed at that. “Anything for you.”


Lori King

My Links:     Siren-Bookstrand     Facebook    Twitter


The concrete was sizzling underneath the fabric of his Brooks Brothers suit. If there had ever been a day that was built by and delivered from Satan himself, it seemed to Raj that this was it. Jerking his tie loose from around his throat, he kicked at the ugly green suitcase holding the few possessions he had. The rest of his things were in boxes waiting for him to find a new place to live.

“Fuck Kayla. It’s her fault I’m sitting on the side of the road at a fucking truck stop in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere, with a flat tire, waiting for some stranger to take mercy on me.” When she had asked him for a divorce, he had reacted instinctively, and now the damage to their relationship was irreparable. There was no way she would take him back after the things he said to her. “I don’t want her back. Damn it. I don’t love her.”

His conscience ate at him, for the hurtful things he had spewed her way. She had every right to hate him. He was the one who cheated, and hurt her in the first place. It wasn’t like he had set out to hurt her. There was a time when he lover her. How had things gotten so bad so fast? It seemed like only yesterday they were exchanging vows and making love for days at a time.

The rumble of an engine perked Raj up, and he jumped to his feet. Speeding his way was  a raggedy looking pickup truck in dire need of a muffler. The driver slowed to a stop just a few feet away from him, and when two long sexy legs dropped out of the driver’s side, Raj’s heart skipped a beat.

He didn’t mean to hurt Kayla, but there was no way he could remain faithful. Not with a five foot two inch petite bombshell sashaying his way. Nope. He was toast.


Avery Gale

Her Links:       Siren-Bookstrand       Website      FacebookAvery Gale Red Clouds Dancing

 Despite his casual pose, Lillie knew her Master was anything but…  Anyone else looking at Matt Reynolds would have seen a man waiting patiently for his ride after a long plane ride from a boring business meeting in some equally dull location that he hadn’t chosen to attend. But Lillie saw the feet placed one in front of the other indicating his desire to get moving and their placement was all about order…which translated to mean punctuality…oh yeah, she was really in for it. 

Lillie had intended to be early, but her last client had been running late. Under ordinary circumstances, Lillie would have made the young woman reschedule, but Lillie knew how hard her assistant had worked to get his sister to seek help. Getting all of the paperwork taken care of and arrangements made for Kalah’s safety had taken far longer than Lillie had planned because the woman was literally too terrified to answer questions for most of their first hour together. 

As Lillie had raced toward the airport her heart had pounded in anticipation of seeing Matt again. He’d only been gone a couple of days but she never slept when he wasn’t holding her close. In public her Master was always put together to match GQ’s finest, but when he was in full-Dom mode, the tie was loosened and the stubble was ever-present. 

Sighing as pulled up to the curb in her shiny Lexus she watched his purposeful movements and felt her pussy flood and spasm in anticipation…oh yeah, there was definitely a long session over the paddling bench in her future. Lillie had no doubt that her Master would forgo her punishment if she explained why she’d been delayed…but truthfully, where would the fun in that be?


Karen Mercury

Her Links:     Siren-Bookstrand      Website       FacebookKaren mercury The Grass is Greener

Burt Macklin’s chauffeur had failed to pick him up at the Toledo Express Airport on his return from capturing fugitives in New Guinea.  Burt swore.  Goddamned chauffeurs.  After a week of racing through vegetable markets, leaping over mango pyramids, then crashing into a cart full of dragon fruit, you’d think they’d show a bit of appreciation.  Goddamned chauffeurs live the high life and think we do the same.  As though third world commandos had nothing better to do than to lie around eating caviar and driving limousines.  The really tough part of Burt’s entire week, though, hadn’t been the spiky, stinky fruit clinging to his Hugo Boss suit for days afterward.

No, the low point was when LaTasha Peignoir had dumped him so crassly.  Burt had never expected this.  If anything, he would dump her.  Burt Macklin did not run around getting dumped by women.  He was the dumper, not the dumpee.  “Darling,” Latasha had said as they stood on her Port Moresby penthouse balcony, “it’s not that I don’t love you.  I love you more than life itself.  It’s just that I can’t bear thinking about your dangerous job.  Every time you come back from dangling a terrorist from a palm tree with a papaya mashed to your butt, I’m shattered with fear for your safety.  Please, please.  If you truly love me, get a less dangerous career.  I heard there’s an opening with the Navy Seals.”

Damned women.  Always trying to control a man’s lifestyle.  If they had stayed together, Latasha probably would have started criticizing his chartreuse Samsonite luggage.  Burt swore again as he noticed a cigarette butt and used condom in the airport’s gutter.  I’m never hiring this chauffeur company again.  The drivers were probably all out having a caviar party while he sat there, so low he could play handball against the curb.


Erika Reeder-mof-blazinginferno3130404_0345

Her Links:     Siren-Bookstrand     Facebook

After being thrown out on his ass by his ex-girlfriend, Antonio called his long time, secret love, and best friend, Isabella. Antonio’s ex, Monique was tired of coming second best to his beautiful model, best friend, Isabella.  He knew the time had come to confess to Isabella how he really felt about her this weekend as they headed to Isabella’s beachfront home.  
Antonio gave her a warm smile as her convertible pulled up at the curb. He tossed his suitcase in the backseat and slid in to give her a kiss on her cheek, “Thanks again for letting me stay with you at your house for a while, Bella.”
Isabella Montero was a successful model that had traveled all around the world, dated the best-looking men in every country, and yet the one person she longed to have was Antonio. Enough was enough. Isabella was tired of watching Antonio date every woman in Florida. She wanted to be the only woman Antonio desired. This weekend she planned to give it her best shot at seducing the man that plagued her every dream and fantasy.
Antonio patted her hand as she drove away, “I can’t tell you how much I have missed you, Bella. I have a feeling this weekend will be one neither one of us will ever forget.”
Isabella turned her face to him, lowered her sunglasses to the bridge of her nose, “I don’t know about you, Antonio but I could stand to unwind a little this weekend. I think you may be pleasantly surprised with what I have planned for the both of us this weekend.”
“I have to say that lately I seem to be experiencing long overdue stress release myself, love. Put this thing in drive and let’s get this adventure started, why don’t we.”


Thank you so much to all of the authors who participated! I’m always amazed at the creativity, and thought that goes into these little exercises! I hope you’ll join us and show us your creativity in the comment section! We’ll be back on June 30th with another one!

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

  1. Cherie Clark permalink

    Ok here goes….

    Lime green seriously that was the only colour left in the shop for my suitcase.. what a great start to my trip to visit that sweet woman I met on line and to make matters worse she is running late. I feel the sun streaming down on me I have to loosen the tie and attempt to get comfortable, oh the horror. Then a car pulls up and urgh the woman has used a photo form when she was twenty and is really in her 50’s. Yep… what do you think of this nightmare Doctor Leigh…?

    Yep not romance but I just feel like writing something not so smutty.

    Love you all so very much. xoxox

  2. Cherie Clark permalink

    I love this I will give it a shot when my brain is fully functional. xoxox

  3. These are great! I love seeing everyones take on the same photo. Ya’all are creative geniuses! Thank you so much for allowing me to participate Lori! Hugs to you all!!

  4. erikareed permalink

    Wow! Everyone had such wonderful stories. Thanks for having us, Lori. 🙂

  5. Thank you Lori King for allow me to be part of so many talented authors who I am privileged to also call friends! Phew, these snippets are so hot, I am going to need more than some ice tea to cool me down! I hope everyone enjoys them!

  6. Had fun reading all the other stories! Thanks for letting me part of this. 🙂

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