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Sidney’s Triple Shot…The Video?

by on May 16, 2013
Sidney's Triple Shot Apache Crossing 1

Sidney’s Triple Shot
Apache Crossing 1

One of my most loyal readers, Lisa Carlton created an amazing Youtube video for Sidney’s Triple Shot! Not only did she bring in many of the inspirational photo’s that I used to create the characters and their story, but she also chose a song from the books playlist, and SANG IT HERSELF!!!!!!!  Here is what Lisa had to say about the correlation between books and music for her…..

Is there a connection between the love of music and books? Well, I think there is. I had a conversation recently about this topic and this is the only way I could explain….
When you really listen to a songs lyrics, what do you hear? What do they make you feel?
To me a song is a story put to music. It is the words and feelings that your heart speaks that most times you feel you can’t say out load, but put to music you can express how you feel in a single song. Whether you’re happy, sad, mad or even hurting a song can bring out emotions that normally try to stay hidden away. Music allows you just to listen. To feel and RELEASE everything  within you….to let go.
Now tell me this, when you read a book, what do you feel when reading the authors words?
Well to me it gives the same emotions as music.
The book that an author writes for us comes from deep inside them, their struggles, their happiness, their fear and of course their fantasies are stripped from them and then put onto a blank page where they create a story for everyone to read. Where they leave their heart and soul on every page they write. They give us the emotional songs that are in their hearts.
So you see, to me whether you write music or write a book, or if you are one to just listen or read, the books and music bring us to a place where our emotions and feelings show right through to our souls.
Paring music with stories is a perfect match when an author can merge the two together it is magical, it allows a memory to be embedded into our brain to connect the story to a song or songs they have given us.
I know the healing the two can give. Books and Music open your heart and make you listen to the music the story gives us.
Here is the link to the beautiful video! Please feel free to share it!
Thank you so much Lisa! You have no idea how much it means to me that you enjoyed the book enough to create this video. 🙂
As always readers, don’t forget to Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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  1. Oh. My. God!!!! That was sooooo awesome, Lisa! You are really, really talented! Really, really cool!

  2. Thanks Cherie Clark….it was hard for me to put into words how I feel….and doing the song well that was special to me….I may not be the best but I love to sing and when I do it chases some of the demons away …you know…..always love having your support 😉

  3. Cherie Clark permalink

    Wow Lisa that was amazing. I loved it you are truly Talented. Thanks for putting your heart out there we will keep it safe.

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