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Hostile Takeover of Lori’s BLOG! I’m spilling her secrets….

by on May 4, 2013

Pssssttt…’s me, the fishie…Chris! I have decided to stage a hostile blog takeover. You see, Lori is at RT. For those of you who don’t know, that is the cream of smexy. Authors unite with readers, sexy models, and lots of swag. The ROMANTIC TIMES BOOKLOVERS CONVENTION!!  So needless to say I am beyond jealous! I was all set to go but my travel arrangements just didn’t work out. So, to get back at the fact she is sharing a room, and fun times, without me. I snuck into her writing cave to see what I could mess with. At first I was just going to unplug her mouse, or disconnect the printer, because it would drive her crazy. But I figured Mr. King would get blamed. So then I thought, what about renaming all her folders? But then I saw a folder labeled “Eye Candy”. O my GAWD! That is one full folder! I still get hot under the undies when I see pictures of Rafe and Ryley or Cash… *fanning her face with a stack of papers*.

Oh shit.. JACKPOT! Do you have any idea what papers I grabbed? It is DREAMS OF THE WOLF!! The fourth book of The Gray Pack series!

* thumbing through the pages*  This is too good not to share.  I found where the All-Supreme-Alpha shared this tiny little snippet once..

               The way Thomas was licking his full lips, and Bryson’s green eyes had darkened to nearly black made her shiver. “Well then get on with it! Show me what I’ve been waiting for boys!”

Their laughter was drowned out by her moans and soft growls, as Thomas kissed her senseless while pinching and pulling at her nipples, and Bryson started a slow descent back down her body to her dripping pussy. When he firmly put his hands on her inner thighs and forced them wide apart, she gasped and then squealed when his thumbs drew her puffy labia open to his view.

“Pretty in pink aren’t you peaches. You smell like candy.” Bryson said just before he flicked his tongue into her folds.

She might have screamed, but she wasn’t sure, in her head she could only hear the racing of her heart, and the rush of blood in her ears. The moment Bryson’s tongue slid up to stroke over her tiny clit, she arched off of the bed. Thomas pressed her back down, and moved from kissing her lips, to sucking at her nipples again. He alternated between her breasts, pinching one, then nipping the other, all while Bryson licked at her cunt.

A tsunami of sensation was building in her belly, and it’s center was between her quivering thighs. Bryson blew on her hot skin, and then chuckled when she growled at him. “That’s it peaches, come for me. Let me taste your sweet juice.”

It broke over her, blocking out the rest of his words, and everything else that might have happened around her. All she knew, was that her body exploded in an orgasm unlike anything she had ever been able to accomplish with her own fingers. Her pussy muscles clenched and unclenched inside of her so hard that she could feel her abs tightening with the motion. When she managed to pry her eyelids open again, it was to find Bryson with his chin resting on her public bone and her cream all over his lips, while Thomas sat above them, grinning at them both.

“Holy shit.” She whispered.

“That was fucking incredible.” Thomas said, and she giggled.

“You should have felt it from this end.” She said playfully, and Bryson slapped her thigh gently.

“Oh we will, love. No doubt about that!”


What a damn tease she is. The part AFTER that was soooo much much…Oh you know what I mean!

But, before I give you the best of the best, can I ask you all a BIG question????

Ahh I knew I could count on you!

If you hear a really loud girly scream, could you please find that hotness filled cowboy singing Cash to come save me!!!!! ????? Do you see me on my knees begging???

When Lori gets home on Sunday, I will be in hiding. I just hope all of you realize how much I love Lori’s readers and if this fishie is to be flushed down the bowl, at least I am going out with a bang…errr or royal flush.

Alright I have rambled enough (and begged plenty) remember the begging please! (Dont forget.. CALL CASH!!)

               Bryson moved to tug his jeans off, exposing his thick long erection to her curious gaze. For the first time since meeting him she let her eyes run over his form unabashedly. He was gorgeous, built of muscle and sinew, and rock hard form head to toe. Her fingers itched to run over every dip and curve, but more than anything she wanted to get her hand wrapped around the length of him.

The two men moved without any conversation, switching spots so that Thomas was at the foot of the bed. He dropped to his knees and tugged her down until her butt rested on the edge of the mattress and her legs hung over his shoulders. Eye level with her flooded cunt, he winked up at her. “My turn little one. I’m going to stretch you a little before I take you, I don’t want to hurt you.”

She nodded, and then looked for Bryson. He was lounging next to her, with his body curved slightly around her head. His cock was within reach now, and she didn’t hesitate to reach for him. “Whoa, getting brave now, peaches?”

His taunt hit its mark, because she narrowed her eyes at him, and tugged him closer. Just as she licked his tip, Thomas licked her pussy, and she jumped. “Easy! I don’t want to lose a chunk of me because Tommy-boy is playing with your girlie bits!”

KJ started giggling, “Girlie bits?”

“Really, Bry? You have to make her laugh now? I didn’t tell jokes while you were eating her pussy, did I?” Thomas said, his hot breath on her wetness making her shiver.

“Sorry man, but I have to protect myself.”

KJ licked at Bryson’s cockhead again, “I think I can handle it, but then again, I get lock jaw occasionally…”

The look on Bryson’s face was priceless, and Thomas let out a loud laugh, “She’s kidding, Bry! Now, fuck her face!”


See I told you it wouldn’t disappoint! I can not wait until Dreams of the Wolf is released to every single one of you awesome readers.

Ok I have less than a day to head for the hills now. I sure hope it doesn’t take her long to forgive me. But if she doesn’t maybe, just maybe I will find myself a couple of werewolves while I’m in those hills to occupy the time.

-The Fishie-



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  1. You wicked wicked girl……;) that’s why we love you…..

  2. Cherie Clark permalink

    I love you Fishie I can not tell you just how much..If you give me Cash’s number you can be sure I will call him not o save you , you must understand that I want him for me. Oh well I hope them hills have a great amount of hiding places because she was sure that she had locked you out of here lol. Thanks Chris and the other silent partner in this takeover. Such a lovely snippet to read before hitting the hay. Legend.

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