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Picture Capturing! Flash Fiction from your fav Erotic Romance Authors!

by on April 30, 2013

Have you ever seen a photo, that just took your breath away, and sent your imagination running? That’s the goal of Picture Capturing. I want your imagination to take you away. Here is how it works….

Each author is shown the same picture, and asked to write 150-300 words that the picture inspires in their mind. It might be a complete story, or just a scene, or perhaps it’s just general emotions. Whatever comes to mind is what hits the page, and then I compile them to share with you.

I’d love for you to write your own Flash Fiction for the photo BEFORE you read theirs, but if you prefer to just enjoy, read on! I’ll select the my favorite Flash Fiction from the READERS comments a week after posting and that reader will win $10 Strandbucks!

So lets get on with it already! Here is this months photo:

The Authors…

Laurie Romalr-ta-intothedream-full (2)

Her Links:  Siren-Bookstrand    Blog   Facebook

Jaxon came to, and panic set in as she realized she was hanging from the ceiling, her arm held high over her head. Something had been tied over her eyes, depriving her of seeing where she was and to make things worse, she was fucking naked.
She could feel the ropes digging into her wrists as she struggled against the bindings, wanting to be free. She felt the heat of a fire burning close by, combating the chill in the air that made her nipples pucker tightly.
Oh God, she thought. Who had done this to her…and why?
The sound of ice clinking against glass had her turning blindly towards the sound.
“Stop struggling or you’ll hurt yourself,” a deep voice commanded from the darkness.
Son of a bitch… “C…Caine?”
“Yes, sweetheart.”
Anger burned through her at the sound of his voice. “What the hell is this? Are you fucking crazy? Let me go!”
“What do you mean, no?” Jaxon sputtered in disbelief.
She jerked as she suddenly felt his hot breath on the back of her neck and struggled to hold back a shiver of desire as his rock hard body pressed against her. She tried to pull away and gasped in shock as his large hand wrapped around her neck, turning her head towards his so their lips were a breath away.
“I said no, Jaxon. I told you, I won’t let you go. Ever. You’re mine.”
“You betrayed me, you son of a —”
“Careful, sweetheart. I never betrayed you and I never would. Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way…”
“I’m going to make you pay for this…”
She could feel his smile against her bare shoulder “I certainly hope so…”


medlarge (2)Shae Shannon

Her Links:     Siren-Bookstrand       Blog       Facebook

Scarlett strained against her captor, arching into the huge bulge that pressed into her stomach. His enigmatic presence sent her senses into a heightened state of unfathomable levels. The mystery of his identity only intensified every feathered touch against her lips, drawing contractions to her juicy cunt. The bottomless blanket of darkness allowed her to surrender, submitting her body and soul to fall at his mercy.

He took her mouth in a demand and entwined their tongues into a spicy tango. Scarlett melted into a puddle of need with each earth shattering conquer. Soft gasps and whimpers escaped her, begging the puppet master to fulfill her desire.

“What do you want Scarlett?” He thrust the tip of his huge cock into the opening of her welcoming sex and stopped.

A gasp shook her, and every heart beat could be felt thudding through her chest. “Yes!” She dug her claws into his ass and tried to bury him deeper.

A deep, gravely chuckle echoed around her. “Not enough? Can you take what I am about to do?” His sentence barely ended before he shoved every inch of his thick, monstrous rod to the hilt into her constricting tunnel. She stiffened in shock from the invasion. A delightful pain began to replace the burning sting in her stretching her love tunnel. Before she relaxed into it, he pulled out and slammed back in with force, making her scream. Her nails dug into the meaty flesh of his perfect ass, demanding more. She didn’t know what else she wanted, but knew that he would be the only one that could deliver it. Instead of bringing her to the abyss that she so craved, he stopped. Her head tossed from side to side in protest.


Taylor BerkeTaylor Berke

Her Links:       Siren-Bookstrand       Website       Facebook

Mandy could smell the scent of cedar in the room, perhaps a closet. The blindfold was waiting, the ability to see what was going to happen to her anxious body was going to be taken from her. Part of the experience, the ad had said. She lay there without moving, the written instructions had been explicit, and she was to lie down in her lacy lingerie on the silky sheets, waiting. Her respirations increased as she pondered the wisdom of answering the request of a Dom looking for women who wanted a taste of what life as a sub would be.

She heard rustling from across the room and the sound of another’s breathing. Her core clenched. Partially in fear, and partially in anticipation, making her thighs moisten with the physical response of her elevating excitement. Mandy shifted slightly to ease the ache that began to throb between her sensitive folds.

“No sweetheart, don’t move, not yet. You will learn to wait until I give you leave to do what you want to do. If you understand, then please just say ‘yes sir’.” The rich masculine voice was so close to her ear, she trembled at the delicious riot of sensation that coursed through her as his breath caressed her skin.

“Yes sir.”

He must have been pleased by her immediate obedience and she thrilled as her Dom ran a work roughened hand lightly over her collarbone to trace down the center of her body, obviously able to feel her trembling. “Have no fear little one. I can smell your cream, so we both know that part of you is accepting of this. Just connect with that part and trust. There is only pleasure to be found in this room, with me.”


sh-kc-riptide3130401_0145Susan Hayes

Her Links:       Siren-Bookstrand        Blog       Facebook

Elle tested the ties binding her wrists. No give.
“Nice try,” Scott laughed and Elle wished she could see just a little, but the blindfold didn’t allow it.
“Can you blame me? I’m feeling a bit exposed here.” Elle wriggled her hips, the only part of her she could move given that Scott had tied her spread-eagled to his bed.
“Exposed and downright edible,” a new voice said and Elle instinctively turned her head towards the sound as a thrill of something that wasn’t quite panic washed through her. “Trev? What the hell are you doing here?”
“You bet Scott you could tell us apart blindfolded. So now you’re going to put your money where your sweet mouth is.”
Elle’s heart raced. That sounded like Chris. Holy shit, are they all here?
“Scott, so help me god, if you’ve actually got the entire shift in here staring at me right now I will kill you!”
“Then he’s a dead man, sweetheart, because we’re all here.”
“Jason? You too? All of you! Let me up this minute. I was drunk. I was out of my mind. No!” She pulled at her arms again, tugging hard enough her upper body came off the bed. “Shh.” A warm hand settled on her chest, over her pounding heart. “Relax. You’re safe. I promise. Let us do this for you, Elle. We know you want it as much as we do.” Scott’s voice was a soft murmur and his breath tickled her lips just before he kissed her soft and slow, nibbling at her lower lip until her blood started to simmer and a soft whimper rose from her throat.
“Well, I know that’s you, Scott.” She whispered.
“I was the warm up, sweetheart. Now let’s see if you can guess the rest of us.”


Erika Reeder-mof-blazinginferno3130404_0345

Her Links:   Siren-Bookstrand    Facebook

    “How did I get so lucky in finding you, Victoria?” Brock said as he nipped at her cleavage that was overflowing from her black, lacy cups.

    Victoria allowed a moan to escape from her lips. She had to bite her lower lip to keep from saying anything that would cause her further punishment. Master Brock had advised her not to utter a word or else he would reprimand her for violating his rules. Victoria had first met Brock while working at the library. Brock had followed her inside after she had dropped a book that she didn’t know she lost in front of the building. After finally accepting his offer on a date, Victoria soon discovered her need to submit to the handsome and strict Dom she wanted more than anything to please.

    Brock knew the moment he met the sexy librarian that Victoria was going to be the perfect sub he had been searching for all his life. Brock wants to be the one that unleashed the sweet, innocent, and very submissive librarian’s needs that only a trained Dom, such as Brock, can give her. Victoria was a born sub and Master Brock was the Dom for her.

     “Now that I have you bound to the St. Andrews Cross, I plan to spend hours torturing, tasting, and pleasuring every part of your sexy little body. And just when you think I’m done, I plan to use your favorite crop, floggers, and vibrators until you beg me to come in my mouth and cream all over my cock. You are my sub, Victoria. Remember your safe word in my playroom. And don’t forget my rules, my pet.”

    “Yes, Master.”


me-tr-rn-satisfyingtheirracy3130416_0207Tara Rose

Her Links: Siren-Bookstrand  Website Facebook

Baldessarini from Hugo Boss. He always wore that cologne. She inhaled the scent, letting familiar emotions wash over her like warm summer rain, cleansing and revitalizing. Air movement suggested his presence close by, then across the room, and then at her right side. What was he about to do? 

She heard his breathing, soft but rapid, the same way it always was right before a scene. If she weren’t blindfolded, she’d be able to see the slight flush of his cheeks and the light in his blue eyes, twinkling with amusement and lust. Her skin tingled with anticipation, as though she’d moved too close to live wires. He hadn’t yet touched her except to place the cloth around her eyes.

The vulnerability overwhelmed her senses. She’d been placed in full bondage before by Sir, but never while blindfolded. She couldn’t see what he held in his hand, where he stood, or what his gaze fell on. She had no visual clues, and consequently, every sound in the room was enhanced.

“Are you ready, baby girl?” That voice! She trembled simply from the sound of it. Every nuance in it was magnified by not being able to see his facial expression or watch his body language. She was used to those cues, but now they were gone.

“Yes, Sir.” Her own voice sounded breathy and unsure. He’d like that.

“Good girl.” She loved it when he told her she was a good girl. It meant that she pleased him, and that was what she lived to do. She wanted to be dominated. She wanted to do his bidding.

Leather tails brushed lightly across her lower back, then over her ass cheeks. She moaned. As the whistle of the flogger split the air, she sucked in a deep breath and waited…


Lori KingTripleShot-Med

My Links:       Siren-Bookstrand       Facebook

Teo’s nerves jumped and skittered like mice in an alleyway, as he watched them bring Luisa to the stage. She wore a lacy black teddy that melded into a garter belt. A midnight black lace blindfold sheilded her eyes from the people in the room. Elegant was the best word to describe her as she waited for the unknown. Her body trembled slightly, and he saw her tongue dart out to taste her lush pink lips.

Unable to resist such a decadent treat, he leaned forward and skimmed his tongue over her sweet lips. The catch in her breath sent all of the blood rushing to his cock, and for a moment he wondered if he would be able to complete this particular challenge.

Throwing a quick glance over his shoulder, he caught the smirk on the dungeon master Arian’s face. The bastard knew that he would struggle to control his overwhelming need to protect and coddle a delicate submissive. He set me up with the impossible. Shaking off his irritation Teo focused on the beauty in front of him.

A quick nudge of his whip against her thigh, and she sunk to her knees on the ground. She was perfection in her form, and when her knees spread, he caught a glimpse of the prettiest pink pussy he’d ever seen. How many years had he fantasized about having Louisa kneeling at his feet? His mouth watered to taste her, but first, Teo had to prove that he could handle the whip in his hand again.

Thank you so much to all of the authors who participated! I loved getting to read each of your perspectives on the same photo! I’ll pick a winner next week, and hopefully we’ll all be back to do this again next month!

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

  1. DelAnne permalink

    Jackson tied the blindfold gently over Luna’s eyes. Unsure of her venture into new territory, Luna waited tensely to see what Jackson would do next. Luna listened closely to all that was going on around her, she heard the rustling of clothing as Jackson undressed, then felt the air stir and the warmth radiating off him as he leaned over her. The gentle brushing of his lips on hers had her straining to get closer. To bring his lips closer to her, to end his teasing.

    Jackson lightly ran the tips of his fingers along her collar bone slowly lowering the strap of her teddy down her arm following his fingers with his lips and he worshipped her scent and taste. He smiled as Luna’s breathing increased and a moan escaped her as he slowly trailed soft kisses down her neck, to her the curve of her breast. He could feel her heart beat as he nipped closer and closer and closer to the beckoning tips that craved the warmth of his mouth.

    “Please Jackson…” Luna moaned. Jackson returned to her mouth as his hand cupped her right breast and gently massaged her breast slowly increasing the pressure until he took the tip in between his thumb and forefinger and pinched her teat. “What Luna?” he murmured against her lips. “Jackson,” Luna sighed “Please I need…”. Jackson slowly kissed his way down her throat and made his way slowly toward her left breast as his hand continued to tease her right. “What do you need Luna, tell me.” Luna tried to maneuver her body trying to get her breast closer to the mouth she craved. “Please I…” Luna was unable to hold her thoughts together enough to make her wants known. “I want you to tell me Luna, if you don’t I will take it to mean you do not like what I am doing and stop. Is that what you want me to do Luna? Do you want me to stop?” Jackson asked her quietly as he laved her areole taking care not to touch her turgid peak.

    Luna was thrashing her head back and forth straining to lift her self closer to him. When she fails to answer him Jackson begins moving away from Luna causing her to cry out on protest, “No, don’t stop!” Luna tries to reach up to grab on to him, but the straps of her teddy inhibit her. “Stop teasing me Jackson I need your mouth on me and I need you inside me. Don’t leave me like this Jackson I need you.” She tries to reach the blind fold to remove it when Jackson takes her hands and pulls her into a sitting position against him. “Leave it Luna, I’ll give you what you want, trust me, but first make me burn for it.” Jackson promises as he pushes the straps completely down and off her arms.

    Slowly lowering her back to the chaise as he puts his arm behind her arching her up as his mouth finally settles on her as he pulls her peak strongly into the warm cavern of his mouth as his fingers trail up her thigh towards her heat. One by one he opens the snaps caressing her through the material between each snap. When finally she was exposed to him completely he began to kiss his way lower, stopping to lave the indentation on her abdomen with his tongue. With each darting of his tongue he slips his finger into her sheath causing her to moan loudly. When finally reached the core of her need and kissed her mound she arched towards his mouth silently begging him for more. He moved his hands to cup her buttocks then his tongue darted into her channel ……

    • Nice DelAnne! Please come back at the end of the month and join us again! I’ll post a new one May 30!

  2. I’m announcing the winner as winterrosexo because I just mailed Cherie a prize pack from Chat the other night! Email me at winterrosexo and I will get you your strandbucks!

  3. Sue reilly permalink

    Lori king, sydneys tripleshot, hot cover

  4. winterrosexo permalink

    Her senses were heightened, the brush of his bare chest against her own barely clothed front sent shivers through her body, her breath not so even as he kept one hand in her hair, the other at the base of her spine as it pulled her close.

    Without the ability to see what was happening, all she could do was feel. And gods, did he know how to make her feel, even when it was the last thing she wanted. If she could fight this impossible man, she would. Though he knew as well as she did, that she was his. Always would be.

    “Now, now Savannah..” He all but growled, pulling on her bottom lip with his teeth before letting it go, that hand tightening in her hair letting her know exactly who was in control and it was not her.

    “Please… stop teasing me..” She all but whimpered, hating the fact that he seemed to take her self control with him when he had her like this. Normally, she liked her control. Anywhere else, he would give it to her. Here? She had no chance. She was his, and he knew it.

    [[And there is my attempt, my sister convinced me to try 😀 I hope you like it.

    • Cherie Clark permalink

      No fair you sound like a professional so I am still the best, due to be the older sister I decree it. But bravo I am really happy (mostly) that I told you to have a go. 😉

    • I think you BOTH sounded awesome! I love having readers join in. 🙂 Thank you for exploring your creativity!

  5. Cherie Clark permalink

    Eyes closed and feeling, I can hear the clock ticking in the background my heart trying to sync to its beats but that is not going to happen. Not when I can feel the caress of fine lace on my cheeks, smell the allure of a cologne spicy and sweet with just a hint of arousal mixed in. Mine and his, Max leans over whispers in my ear , Are you ready Darcy dear, I can smell how ready you are, please I whisper knowing that this is what I have been dreaming of for so long. I hear his chuckle and the sounds of a bag being opened beside me. What toys and pleasures does Max have in store for me today I feel the caress of something so soft running up between my breasts, my heart begins racing oh this is going to be good. What is that I hear a beeping a annoying alarm of some sort I loose a hand to turn it off. Bloody alarm just five minutes more…

    Well Miss Lori King I tried but as you can see there is a reason I am the reader not a writer. Huggles to you and these fantastic Ladies for sharing the loveliness that is their writing. I hope you have had a fantastic day. Love you.

  6. I loved all the other authors responses to the picture. We all seem to have quite the imagination. 😉 Thank for having me, Lori! 🙂

  7. Wow! I had such a great time reading all these! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this. 🙂

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