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Reality Bites.

by on April 29, 2013

Today I was reminded that reality bites sometimes. There are people in this world, who’s sole purpose in life is to make others miserable. I learned the hard way what betrayal feels like, and how percarious my place is in this world.

I’m trying to put my best foot forward, and focus on the possibility that this was the path I was mean to walk in the first place, but I’ll admit that’s tough. Since I’m currently a FULL TIME WRITER without any other employment, I will share a new teaser from Dreams of the Wolf, my current WIP.

I hope you enjoy it!4065151_s

The moment that they were out of view from everyone, Thomas spun around to face her. The blazing heat in his brown eyes rocked her to the core, and she fell against his chest. The heat from his body against hers brought a soft sigh of contentment from her lips. He felt so perfect, and she fit so nicely into his arms. This is what it meant to be held by your mate. She wanted desperately to resist it, but all she could do was melt into him.

She lifted her face up to look at him, unsure of what to expect. If he felt half of the turbulence that she did right now, she didn’t think they would survive the mating lust. His chocolate eyes were nearly black with confusion and lust, and his jaw was clenched tight.

“Little one, I’m not exactly sure what’s happening here, but I hope you feel it too.” The rumble of his lust tightened voice made her belly quiver and her pussy muscles clench.

“I feel it too. Damn it.” Her snarl was met with his tight groan of need, just before he captured her mouth. Fire raced through her blood from her the top of her head to the soles of her feet and she arched into him. The friction of his chest against hers was mind numbing.

His hands slid down to cup her ass, and lift her higher against his body. Instinctively she locked her ankles behind his back, her thighs riding tightly around his lean hips. The hard ridge of his erection pressed against the seam of her jeans giving her the pressure she craved against her swollen clit. She rocked against him, cocking her hips forward to provide the perfect cavity for his cock to nestle, and he cursed against her mouth.

Biting her bottom lip, he dug the fingers of one hand into her ass, and his other hand snaked up to cup her breast. A sharp pinch on her nipple made her gasp and cream in her panties, and she broke the kiss to throw her head back and press her breast further into his massaging palm.

“God, you’re beautiful, KJ.” He cupped her aching tit in his large hand, and tweaked the nipple with his thumb. Even through her bra and shirt, his fingertip was heaven against the sensitive bud, making her moan. Suddenly, his was releasing her, and dropping her back to the ground. His hands were threading into her hair, and holding her in place while he rested his forehead against hers, “Damn it all to hell. I want to just take you here and now, little one, but I’m afraid your brothers would rip my throat out and bury my body.”

She couldn’t stop the laughter that bubbled from her throat, “You’re right, Doc. Even though they don’t know me, they don’t seem to want anyone fucking with me.”

“Baby, I damn sure plan on fucking with you, but I will wait until we have more privacy.”

The grin that spread over his face made her cunt pulse, and she felt her own stickiness dripping down her thighs. She glanced behind him into the park, but there was no one else around now, and she sighed with relief just before a masculine growl sounded from behind her.

Spinning, she came face to face with Luke and Noah. The first man looked pissed off, while the second wore an arrogant grin and winked back at her like they hadn’t just seen her climbing up Thomas Jameson’s long hot body.


I’m off to write now, and hopefully it’s the beginning steps toward a long future of writing.

As always, Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance~Lori

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  1. Cheryl Marcus permalink

    Shifter stories are not my first choice, but you’ve caught my attention with this sample. Putting it on my to-buy list and cannot wait to read more. You’re a gifted author and never feel down about doing it full-time.

    • Start with the first one.Fire of the Wolf,then Reflections, Next is Reflections.. Then this new one Dreams…When its released ;). Otherwise you will be scrambling trying to understand where each character stands. I promise, they are worth reading!!!! (and I have it on super high authority!!
      ❤ The Fishie(umm Beta..) Chris

  2. It could be a blessing as well my alpha lovie!! ❤ ❤

  3. kaylynd permalink

    Reality Sucks balls!! Sending virtual hugs! But LOVE THE TEASER!!

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