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Beta Reader Chris visits Apache Crossing…

by on April 5, 2013

TripleShot-MedYippie I got to visit Apache Crossing!! Recently, I took a trip to Apache Crossing, Texas, specifically to see the men who own and run the Triple Shot Bar. Xavier, Tyce, and Noah Dawson…

…I made it just before opening hours, so I that could visit for more than just a couple minutes, and as I walked into the dimly lit bar, I was pleased to see one of the trio immediately. At the bar wiping down the gleaming wood bartop, was Noah. Sweet, sweet Noah. *Sigh* Tall sexy and sweet, a wonderful combination. His curly brown hair and aqua eyes just seem to beg for my attention. On my right I could see Tyce making sure everything was set for his band, Texas Knights to play on stage. All I can see is his back, but oh what a back it is. A tight arse encased in tight jeans.. hot dayum. His signature cowboy hat was covering his longer brown hair, and I couldn’t wait to stare into his beautiful sapphire blue eyes. They sparkle like a jewel when he’s flirting, which is always. I have yet to hear him sing, but Lori raves so much about his voice, that I will most assuredly be sticking around to hear the band tonight. The oldest of the Dawson three had to be hiding in his office. Xavier. Oh Xavier…how to describe him to you…. a military haircut that fits his personality perfectly, and these ice blue eyes that don’t miss a thing. He always looks so serious, but from what I hear, Sidney has him smiling more. He is the boss of the bunch, and even bossier in the bedroom from what Sidney says. I honestly can’t wait to see the changes in him, since he and his brothers finally snagged their beautiful fiancé.

“Well look what the cat dragged in!”

I was jerked out of my mental wanderings and drool worthy thoughts by none other than Tyce Dawson. He saunters up to me and sweeps me off my feet in a huge bear hug.

“Hey there you sexy thang. How many panties were thrown on stage this week?”

“Now Chris, you know damn well Sid would have a fit if she even thought that was happening. Besides, I drag her up there with me as often as possible.” He says in that sexy drawl of his. I can see why most women melt in his presence. Hell, I think my own undies melted away with just a look!

“Hey it’s the fish!” I turn around to Noah who is standing behind me now with his arms crossed.

“Oh you snot! You have been reading Lori’s blog again, haven’t you?”

“Well, how else am I supposed to know what’s going on with you gals? Both of you are just too busy to come visit Apache Crossing lately, so I check the blog a couple times a week and make sure you trouble makers are not in need of our services.”

I smacked him across the arm, before giving him a huge hug. “Hun, the day I’m in enough trouble to need trackers and sharp shooters…well let’s just say, you’re on my speed dial. Now where is that hunk, Xavier? I was supposed to come and ask you three a bunch of questions, but I left the list Lori gave me at home. So I’m just going to let you guys do what you do best, look pretty.”

“Pretty? You did not just call ex-Marines pretty?”

“Oh, crap. You know, for such a big man you are sure light on those boats you call feet, Xavier! I swear you scare the pants off me every single time I visit!”

Oh holy…wow! He really is smiling! I never thought he could get hotter, but when he smiles! Shitcakes! Standing there looking at these three men side by side is a potent mix of sex, sex and more sex. Good Goddess, Sidney Rowe is one lucky chica.

“Huh. Chris looks like me when you hunks walk into the bedroom.”

Sidney! I am so glad you are working tonight! I was hoping I wouldn’t miss you this time. And I’m sorry for, you know…uhhhh…lusting after your men.”

“It’s ok Beta fishie. I know where they belong.”

I drop into a seat at a table near the bar and put my head down, cursing the fact I will never live down the fishie blog.

“Fine, I’m a fishie. It’s Lori’s fault you know. Now can we just have a beer and hang out before you have to open up and let the masses in? I’m only here for a short time.”

Sidney tosses her blonde hair and smiles, “How is your man?”

“My man is doing great, working hard as usual. I am still spoiled and loving it.”

Noah puts five beers on the table, before he takes a seat and pulls Sidney into his lap. Xavier and Tyce each plant a kiss on her forehead and grab their own chairs. All I can think is…sigh. I am freaking jealous. The love shining in all their eyes can’t be denied. It’s hard not to feel a little jealous of it.

We sit around shooting the bull for the next half an hour or so, before Noah opened the doors for the night. The first people through the door were a group of locals, all ex-Marines. Waving at them all, I have to giggle, knowing some of their stories are in the works and they just don’t know it. I am beyond excited to see how they all turn out, and I will be waiting to visit with them when they finally get their comeuppance. For today, though, I am going to sit back and enjoy listening to Tyce and Sidney sing before I get to head back to my life back home in Oklahoma. From my spot closest to the door I get to see each person arriving. Kara is in place behind the bar, while her man Austin is at the door, taking no chances on anyone sneaking in. When every seat is filled, I watched as Tyce walked up on the stage, pulling a blushing Sidney behind him.

“Hello everybody! Are you ready for some music tonight?”

The bars patrons yelled almost in unison a resounding yes!

“Alrighty then, Sidney is going to sing with me this time before heads back to the bar. We have a visiting friend, that I’m sure all of you noticed sitting right over by the door, wave hello to Chris!”

Oh god! Everyone’s eyes turned my way. I really hate being the center of attention and I am sure my face turned every shade of red possible.

“Chris, this is for you, our favorite fishie!”

And with that I hear the first strains of music and started laughing. “Fishin in the Dark,” by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. (Youtube: Ask Lori to tell you what memory that song brings up for her sometime. In my case though, I flipped Tyce the bird while Sidney attempted to keep singing, while simultaneously laughing.

I can hear Noah laughing nearby, and Xavier is leaning back in the chair with a big grin on his face. It was in that moment I realized that as long as Xavier kept smiling, Noah kept laughing, Tyce and Sid kept singing, I will stay…

A proud fish.



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  1. Great blog Chris ….made me chuckle….I Love this little town Apache Crossing….where the magic of love make lives change forever for Sidney and her men ….. I love this book and the emotions it makes you feel….I can’t wait to see what is next for this town and the beautiful people who live in it….what exciting journey we are waiting to take with them…..You are a very lucky girl to have visited them at Triple Shot ….I just get to see them in my dreams…. And mmmmmm they are good dreams 🙂

    • You never know who I will need to stop in and check on the boys in the future Lisa! 🙂

      • Ohhhh I am ready and willing whenever you need me to check on those sexy ass men 🙂

  2. Cherie Clark permalink

    well i am jealous. I loved their book and i am super excited to visit with then often as the others get their stories. Thanks for taking up along for the visit. You both rock. luff ya Chris and my alpha Lori. hugs to you both, you couldn’t pass on a hug to the Dawn three for me please.

  3. Ahhhh I love getting to do these “jobs”

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