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Introducing: Noah Dawson Hero #3 from Sidney’s Triple Shot

by on March 23, 2013

I want to introduce you to the last of the three Dawson brothers in my upcoming book Sidney’s Triple Shot, releasing on April 2! 

Visual inspiration for the character Noah Dawson.

Visual inspiration for the character Noah Dawson.

Noah Dawson… is so many things. He is the youngest of the three Dawson brothers at thirty years old, the tallest at six foot four, the leanest, and the most sensitive by nature. His curly brown hair flops over his brow just begging for the tender touch of a woman to brush it back. A sweet old soul, Noah is a lover, not a fighter, and only followed his brothers into the Marines out of respect for them and his country. His eyes are a unique aqua color and they darken when he’s particularly emotional.

Like his two oldest brothers he sports a black tribal tattoo on his right bicep, as well as the Marine Corp emblem on his rib cage. He uses quiet romance to sweep a woman off of her feet, and he takes his place in the functioning of the bar very seriously.

 Noah and his two older brothers, Tyce and Xavier, left the Marines when their time was up, to buy a dilapidated bar in the Texasl town of Apache Crossing. Known for it’s open nature, and acceptance of alternative lifestyles, the small town was the perfect place for the three brothers to build their lives.

Noah is the most romantic and sweet of the three brothers, which makes him easy to love, and hard to forget. A natural caretaker, he struggles with Sidney’s resistance to their desire to help her, but when the situation turns life threatening, you can count on Noah to bring out all of his killer training to protect her…

My favorite Noah quote from Sidney’s Triple Shot:

“You’ve already given me enough, Noah.” she resisted, as he pulled her towards the jewelry department.

“That’s not possible. I could give you the moon, and it wouldn’t be enough.” he said softly.


Check in next Sunday because I will be introducing the heroine of the story Sidney Rowe…

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance~Lori 

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