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Here’s a Sidney’s Triple Shot tease to make up for my slacking off!

by on March 21, 2013

I realize that I’ve woefully neglected my blog for the last two weeks, but as most of you know, I injured my shoulder while trying to prep a new house so that my family and I could move into it. What seemed like a small task-painting the bathroom ceiling-turned into two weeks of misery, five prescriptions, three doctors appointments, two X-rays, and an MRI. I will ALWAYS hire professionals to paint from here on out….okay maybe not, but I will be more conscious of leaving my arms above my head for long periods of time! 🙂

Once I got past the injury it was time to move, which meant packing my family of five and transferring us from one home to the next in a matter of two days! I kid you not, because of the injury I barely had time to think, much less prepare! We settled into the new house last weekend, and we’re very happy here. I’m looking forward to getting back to real life, and back to writing again.

Sidney’s Triple Shot is releasing in a little over a week on April 2, and I’m getting excited for everyone to read this one. This is a wide departure from The Gray Pack, while still sticking to my favorite Menage themes. The story is particularly personal to me, because it follows the path of a woman who has been abused physically and mentally, and is looking for safety, and love. My own life experiences made this one a roller coaster of emotions when I was writing. Just to thank you for your patience, and support during my life’s chaos, I’m giving you a tease from the book!

TripleShot-MedHere is a snippet:

Sidney had intended to make a grand exit by storming out of the office into the night and never looking back, but just as she tugged at the door, it flew open. Standing in front of her, wearing his own mask of rage, was Tyce Dawson. She gasped and jumped backward, running into Xavier’s hard chest where he stood behind her. Tyce stalked into the room, his eyes holding hers in a passionate but pissed-off trance.

“What exactly do you mean I took advantage of you? If I had wanted to take advantage of you, love, you would have been stripped naked and fucked hard. Instead I let you leave like the gentleman that we both know I am. And you absolutely do want me. I can see it in your eyes and in your body.” He looked at her tight halter top pointedly, and she lost her breath again when she realized her nipples were poking through it, betraying her arousal.

“Are you telling me that you would have forced me to have sex with you?” she asked incredulously, and he physically blanched at the idea. Fear still tickled at the base of her neck because he looked so angry, but her arousal at being in the same room with both men was fogging her brain and muffling her instinct to run.

“Do you really think I would have had to force you to do anything? If I touch you now, I think you will melt into me just like you did last night. You’re already leaning into Xavier, and he would be happy to hold you up while you come. He might even lend a hand if you asked nicely.” Tyce took another step closer to her, completely eliminating her breathing room and making the room seem very small.

“Just because I’m horny doesn’t mean that just any cock will do,” she snapped back, refusing to let herself be bullied.

“Hmm…why don’t we find out?” Xavier growled into her ear as Tyce stepped closer and took her mouth in a heated kiss. He ravished her lips, and after just a moment of hesitation, she let herself give into him completely. He was hard and demanding, pushing her to open to him and give more. He taunted her with soft butterfly kisses over her lips and face and then tormented her further when he sunk back into a deep, passionate tongue war with her. When his mouth finally drifted away from hers and down to her throat to linger at her fluttering pulse spot, she struggled to catch her breath.

“Please!” she murmured. Her own voice was husky with desire, and she wasn’t sure if she was begging them to stop or to keep going. Her bones felt like pudding, and her brain was mush. She couldn’t remember why she thought this was such a bad idea a few moments ago.

Xavier’s lips and teeth were mapping the sensitive skin on her neck and bare shoulder, and his fingertips burned the skin of her belly as he explored the jewel that decorated her navel. She sighed deeply when his hands drifted up her sides to caress the skin on the bottom edge of her halter top, and the sensitive undersides of her breasts. Gripping her hair tightly in his hand, he turned her head toward him so that he, too, could claim her mouth.

Sidney was shocked at the possessiveness in Xavier’s kiss. He laid claim to her, drinking her in and testing her resistance. When she joined into the kiss and allowed him to consume her, she felt his masculine approval like a tangible thing. Their tongues were in a duel for control, and his large hand was massaging her scalp while holding her tightly to him. When he finally released her mouth to look down at her, she was panting.

Tyce had managed to free her breasts from her halter top and was crouched in front of her, massaging the mounds tightly. He dropped his mouth to one tight, pink nipple and licked it gently. She cried out at the shock that went from her nipple to her clit and felt her knees give way. She was amazed when Xavier’s arm banded tightly around her waist, holding her in place for his brother. They seemed to be working in tandem to drive her insane. This new position pressed Xavier’s hard cock right into the soft cradle of her ass, and she creamed harder. Tyce sucked her hard nipple into his mouth, biting her softly and then harder when she mewled her pleasure. The pain was unlike anything she had felt before. It didn’t hurt her as much as it heated her blood to the boiling point.

“Oh God, yes!” she moaned, letting her head roll back on Xavier’s shoulder and gripping Tyce’s hair to hold him in place.


As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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  1. Oh My WOW ….I think I need a cold shower…..thank god my customers can’t see me over the phone lol all flushed ……and excited….can’t wait for release day…..this is going to be one amazing book

  2. No more slacking!! I love the teaser and cant wait for it to be released!!! Now… as your fishie… Im ordering you… to get rolling on the next 😉 I know Im a pushy brat

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