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Three parents on the Birth Certificate…

by on March 1, 2013

I was reading this article…. on the other day and it grabbed my attention. My first instinct to the story wasn’t sadness for the two year legal battle that the three so called “adults” fought, but instead it was “Oh my God, this opens the door for poly families to list all parents on the birth certificate!”

I can see why some people would be uncomfortable with that thought considering status quo is to list only the biological parents on the BC. But let’s face it, times are changing. More and more families are living alternative lifestyles that include parents of the same sex, or multiple parents.  I write about ménage relationships, because I truly believe that they are well worth the investment by all participants. I have been in two of them, and although they didn’t work out, I don’t feel like they were a bad thing. Instead I think that I learned a lot about myself, and how I handle stress, jealousy, envy, affection, public disapproval, and my own self esteem. They were GOOD for me. I can say that if one of those relationships had gotten to the point of marriage and children, I would have wanted both of my husbands, or husband and wife, to be on the birth certificate of our children. Does this particular case mean that it’s open season for poly families, no, but it is a crack in the vault door that has locked them out.

As always, Live, Laugh, and Love (whomever you choose) like today is your only chance!~Lori

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  1. One can hope that this is a step in the right direction, but I think that change in this country is slow. Even when the masses agree with something it takes the government years upon years to instigate it. Take Gay and Lesbian rights at this point. I find it entirely impossible to fathom how in the year 2013 we still try and keep same sex marriages and adoptions from happening. I mean seriously this sounds like an argument from the dark ages. I honestly think that before multi legal parent statuses are recognized that gay and lesbian equality will be decades over. I hope I’m wrong, but I also hope that once it does happen that the ramifications are seriously considered by all of the parents before going through with that. Because any kind of separation/divorce between the parents could have serious detrimental effects on the kids psyche.

    • It is an argument from the dark ages. It’s a sad fact that divorce is so prevelent in our society, and it doesn’t matter whether the child is the product of a same sex relationship or a heterosexual relationship, it’s still detrimental to the children. Thanks for your comment!~Lori

  2. there is hope. it will take a while just like gay/lesbian marriage but we will get there. love is love and one day we will turn and think: this is so old news, they were so ass tight at that time, glad we moved on to another era! 😉

    • Just like the women serving in the military do. They look back and think “what was their problem?” Some of the strongest warriors I know are women. 🙂 I hope you’re right Mary!~Lori

  3. We live in a very interesting time regarding romantic relationships and familial relationships. Nothing that’s happening is new, it’s just more noticed because of mass and social media. And while these relationships have been happening for ages, they’re also becoming more commonplace, potentially because people are seeing that there are other people “like them” and they can actually become part of a community of people “like them,” opening themselves and becoming more of who they truly are, rather than staying hidden within what has commonly been accepted as “normal” social construct. I’m excited to see what our society looks like in 50 years, and how youth look back on this time of effervescent change.

    • I completely agree, Keli! Times are changing, and in my opinion it’s for the better. The more understanding we can be of each other’s differences, the happier we will all be. Lord, now I sound like a greeting card. LOL ~Lori

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