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In the Spotlight: Cassidy Browning AKA Kasi & Reggie Alexander

by on February 28, 2013

In the Spotlight: Reggie and Kasi Alexander (aka Cassidy Browning)

Click to purchase!

Click to purchase!

New Release: Double Dom Fantasies

 Reeling from the loss of her boyfriend, job, and self-respect, Sami Peters is shocked to find herself at the inaugural BDSM Boot Camp at Clifftop Fantasies. If that isn’t enough, she’s partnered with not one but two semipro football players, known as AJ and Crash.

AJ is pining over his ex, and the normally happy-go-lucky Crash is distressed by the amount of vegetables in the cooking at Clifftop. Sami finds herself taking classes with these two in rope bondage, needle play, and scene negotiation, among other alarming topics.

On top of everything else, Sami’s best friend Carly and most of the Grandpointe leather community are under attack by a moral crusader. Can Sami, AJ, and Crash save the community and themselves by exploring this new lifestyle together? Should she submit to the guys as they learn to be Doms, or are they just out slumming?

Background note: Reggie and his wife Kasi write as a team. Their books are BSDM themed and scorching hot! Kasi was sweet enough to take some time out from their jewelry business, various conference appearances, and writing to do an interview with me! 

The Biz:

How many books do you currently have published? We have two books as Kasi and Reggie Alexander: Becoming Sage and Saving Sunni, and three books as Cassidy Browning: Clifftop Fantasies, The Masters of Falcon’s Fantasies, and Double Dom Fantasies.

What is the next book you have releasing? We are finishing up the next book in the BDSM Menage Fantasies series from Bookstrand. It doesn’t have a title yet.

What book are you writing right now? It’s the story of a woman who wins a contest for the opportunity to write a book with her favorite romance author. She goes to Clifftop Fantasies, the BDSM bed and breakfast, for the month-long collaboration, only to find out the author she thought was a middle-aged woman is actually a hunky smartass who needs to have belly dancing music and a bottle of wine in front of him to write.

What is your favorite type of Hero/Heroine to write about? Why? We both love to write smartass heroes, because we both (Reggie more so than Kasi/Cassidy) have a streak of smartass in us and it’s just so much fun. We love adding some humor to our books and having characters that play off one another well makes it easy to have them be quirky and funny. We think.

What is the hardest part of writing for you? For Kasi/Cassidy, it’s plotting. I can see and hear my characters (although generally only when actually at the keyboard), and they give me some good ideas as I’m working. For the overall plot, though, I really need Reggie’s input. We hash out the plot in sections as we go. For Reggie I’m going to have to say commas.

This is why I skip the plotting and just let the characters tell me the story, and Reggie I have the same comma issue. 🙂

Advice for aspiring and new writers? Don’t give up. The more you write, the better you get and the easier it gets. Don’t wait for inspiration; just plop yourself down and start writing. It’s better to have a bad first draft to work with than to stare at a blank page (or screen) trying to think of something good to say. So even if you don’t like what you’ve written, it’s a start. If you really want to write, just start and trust in the process.

Who did you dedicate your first book to? Since the first one was quite autobiographical (and an experiment in power exchange and personal development), it only had my (Kasi’s) name on it. I dedicated it to Reggie (of course), who was the force kicking me in the ass all the way through and telling me to get it on paper. You know how they say you can tell your guru, right? It’s the person who pisses you off the most—and who you ultimately learn the most from. We kind of do that for each other.

Do you have any rituals for Book Release Day? Not really. We try to go out for dinner to celebrate, if it’s possible. If I happen to be at Office Depot or something, I sometimes buy myself a nice pen to celebrate. Yes, I’m a pen whore.

What author are you dying to meet? Or who have you met that you had a fan girl/guy moment? We’ve met so many fantastic authors over the last few years that it’s hard to narrow it down. Lexi Blake has been so wonderful to us, giving us advice, encouragement and support, that I at least always swoon at the idea of getting to see her again. We’ve met Shayla Black, Tymber Dalton, Marla Monroe, Delilah Marvelle, Chloe Lang, Corinne Davies, Kallypso Masters… so many that I get a little fan girl just thinking about them all. If anybody doesn’t go to romance conventions, you really should. You get to meet fantastic people and for the most part, the authors are very approachable and a lot of fun. I would like to meet Jennifer Crusie someday. She just seems like she’d be really funny in person.

The Random:

How would your spouse or best friend describe you in three words? Probably busy, workaholic, kinky. For Reggie, I’m going to say outgoing, friendly, and driven. Kinky, too, but you said three.

What was the last movie you went to see? Hmm, that’s been awhile. We saw the last Twilight Movie in November. There was probably one or two since them, but I can’t really remember them. Reggie is more of a movie buff than I am.

If you were an animal, what kind would you be and why? Reggie would definitely be a sheepdog. One of those really energetic ones that races in circles making sure everybody is where they’re supposed to be. He likes to take care of people and he’s not afraid to nip at your ankles (figuratively) if you go off the path. For me, I would be a cat, I think. I love to curl up in someone’s lap and be petted.

What is your favorite quote ever? Mine (Kasi) is “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success” – Albert Schweitzer

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be? Kasi – Teleportation. I’d love to be able to take myself to a nice, warm, sunny beach whenever I wanted. I suppose it could be used for good, too, but mostly I’d just like the freedom of it!

Reggie – adjustable depth X-ray vision, that way I could see all the fun stuff i wanted to and no one else would ever know. The silly smile on my face might give it away though, lol.

I will join you on that warm, sunny beach Kasi!

What song is on your Mp3 right now? Right now I don’t have a song playing, but I’ve been really into drum music and Middle Eastern music lately. With Reggie you can pretty much guess it’s going to be an 80s hair band.

Favorite place to curl up with a good book? On an airplane on the way to someplace interesting. (See, teleportation would be SO handy!)

The Good Stuff:

If you had to pick one item to bring to the bedroom with you, what would it be? Rope. I love a good rope scene. And fingernails, but I’m assuming they’ll already be there. I’m a sucker for a good scratching.

What feature on the opposite sex attracts you most? Kasi – The expression. I like people who laugh a lot, who look open and honest and friendly and happy. I’m not going to answer for Reggie on this one!

What would you pick as the sexiest scene from a book? I loved the scene in The Masters of Falcon’s Fantasies where Daphne/falcon is pushed onstage at the club to do her new song that isn’t even finished yet in front of the room. She has an adrenaline rush going from the feathers that are attached to her back and she completely loses herself in the sensuality of the dance and the fact that she knows she’s doing it for her two Masters. It’s not a sex scene but it’s very erotic in its own way.

Lovemaking: Wham Bam, Kinky Fuckery? Kinky Fuckery, absolutely. Love the connection you get from the intensity of a good D/s scene. Getting a strong submissive buzz going enhances the sex a hundred times.

Tall, Dark and Handsome or Playful, Funny and Sexy? Yes, please. Oh, you wanted me to pick? I’d have to go for playful, funny and sexy. He has to know when to be serious, and be able to do that well, but most of the time playful and funny are very important.

What actor/actress would you be willing to run away from your life for? Ryan Reynolds, for Kasi. He can do funny or serious and he’s super sexy. For Reggie, I’m going to say Emma Stone (but maybe that’s because she would make my list too!). HA – I asked Reggie and here’s what he said: I don’t know that I would run away from my life for any of them but a weekend with Emma Stone sounds like fun. (Nailed it!)

If you had a warning label, what would it say? Do not introduce politics into this model. (For both of us, especially when we’re in the same room!)

Now that we have the dirt on the dirty duo, let’s look at the book a little closer….


“Would any of you like to try a few needles now to see how it feels?”

Before anyone could answer, Lucy squealed, “I would just love to see the big guy here take his shirt off and give it a try. That would be really hot!” She went to stand in front of Crash, reached past Sami, and ran a hand over his chest, smiling flirtatiously up at him.

Sami had no question that it was panic that flashed across Crash’s face as he stared down at the woman in front of him. AJ was also undoubtedly aware of how he was feeling, because he stepped forward and opened his mouth to say something.

Lucy cut him off, tapping Crash on the chest. “You’re not afraid of a little prick, are you, stud?”

She went off into gales of laughter, and Crash turned a helpless, mournful look on Sami and AJ, visibly gathering his macho pride. He gulped a little and cleared his throat before he spoke. “No, of course not.”

He took the few steps to the chair in the front as if it was a guillotine, pulling off his shirt as he went. Sami moved with him and took both of his hands as he settled himself in the chair, trying to keep his attention on her instead of Beth, who was taking supplies out of her case and laying them out on the small table.

When Beth seemed to be ready, she leaned over Crash, rubbing his shoulders gently. “Are you sure about this?”

“Just do it.” His voice was tense, and his shoulders were bunched up as if he was expecting to be beheaded. There seemed to be no blood at all in his face, making Sami worry that he might indeed pass out.

AJ came to stand next to her, and they exchanged worried looks as Beth cleaned off Crash’s skin with alcohol and prepared a needle. Suddenly Sami had a flash of inspiration. She knelt down in front of the chair and leaned in to kiss him on the lips.

His eyes flew wide open but then closed again as he began to respond. His lips were softer than she would have expected, and she shifted a little so that she could make it as good a kiss as possible. Their mouths opened slightly, adjusting to each other, and the tip of his tongue touched her lip softly. There was no doubt that she was responding to him, too. Almost as if Beth was still zapping them, sparks raced through her body in ways that she could only barely remember experiencing before, heating up her core and seeming to fuse them together. Crash seemed to feel it, too. He let go of her hands and reached up to pull her head in closer.

Sami had to fight to keep from losing track of what was going on. At any other time she would have allowed herself to get lost in the sensation of his lips on hers, his tongue entering and exploring her mouth, but now it was important to watch Beth to see when the first needle was in.

When she thought it was, Sami pulled away from the kiss. She was glad to see that all of the color that had drained out of Crash’s face had returned. His eyes opened again, taking a moment to focus, but then he locked gazes with her, not even noticing that Beth was putting another needle in the back of his right shoulder.

“How does that feel, Crash?” Beth asked, stepping around to see his face.

“Like the softest lips in the world.” Crash’s voice was low so that Beth had to lean forward to hear it.

She raised her eyebrows at Sami, who thought her face must have been bright red from the amount of heat in it.

“Okay,” Beth said slowly, touching Crash on the shoulder. She seemed to be trying not to laugh. “That’s good to know, but I meant the needles.”


Beth chuckled and turned back to the group. “And so you can see, they really don’t hurt. He doesn’t even know they’re there.”

“I don’t think he’d be aware of a nuclear blast right now,” AJ commented.

“Wait, what? I have needles in me?” Crash seemed to be coming back to himself a little. He tried to turn his head to see over his shoulder, but the movement must have shifted the needles. His eyes went round and alarmed, and he stiffened.

“Maybe you’d better kiss him again so I can get them out,” Beth told Sami with a smile.

Sami met Crash’s eyes again. Her pussy was clenching at the thought of repeating the kiss, even though she tried to tell herself that it would be the last time, and only for his good, of course. There was nothing between them. She couldn’t let herself build something out of this that wasn’t there. Soon the guys would go back to their own lives and probably girlfriends, and she would go back to trying to put her life together again. But she leaned in and their lips met and all thought disappeared.

Mmmm….intriguing….now let’s raise the temperature a little….


She looked from one to the other, forcing herself not to turn and run. There was no way to know how they would react. Maybe they would think she was being too aggressive or that she wasn’t attractive enough for them. There was an awkward half second of silence. Sami’s nerve was on the point of breaking before Crash sat up, a huge grin spreading across his face.

“My turn.” With yet another example of his incredible reflexes, he jumped up and stripped out of his pants at least as quickly as she had. He and AJ stared at each other for a moment while Sami held her breath. Then AJ gave a slight nod and undressed as well, although a little more slowly. She knew they had seen each other naked hundreds of times in their locker rooms and showers, but it was undoubtedly different when they were both standing in front of a naked woman.

There was silence for a minute as they stared at her and she stared back in fascination at the incredible physiques of the men. Their dicks were long and thick and obviously hard. Her men, she reminded herself. She reached out, running her hand from AJ’s chest over his pecs and down his solid abs to the prize she had been fantasizing about for days. Wrapping her fingers around him, she groaned and stretched out her other hand to claim Crash’s dick as well. He leaned in then for another kiss, taking her face in his hands and whispering, “I think I love you, Buffy,” before his mouth met hers.

After a moment she pushed them both slightly, encouraging them to sit on the bed so they could relax and enjoy themselves. Kneeling on the floor between them, she worked them both, coordinating her strokes to make sure each of her guys was being taken care of. She had always loved the dichotomy of a rigid, erect penis covered in incredibly soft skin. Both of the cocks bobbed eagerly, giving her a powerful feeling of control, which mixed oddly with the submissive zone she was in. Her pussy pulsed at the thought of what they were doing. She loved the knowledge that she was giving them pleasure.

AJ groaned. “Stop for a second, baby. Please.”

“No, I don’t ever want to let you go. These are mine.” She gave another stroke to the cocks in her hand.

“Yes, they are, babe, now and forever. Before we’re done tonight we’ll prove that to you. But it’s your turn.”

Reluctantly she allowed the silky cocks to slip from each hand, repeating to herself his soft “now and forever.” Had he really meant that? Had Crash meant what he’d said about being in love with her? Or was it just men in the throes of lust?

AJ pulled her onto the bed and got himself between her knees, pushing them wide. Her head popped up to see what he was going to do, but then Crash’s face was blocking her view and he was kissing her, guiding her back down with his mouth and his hands.

His tongue pushed its way between her lips, and she softened, spiraling down into an abyss of sensuality. Crash’s hands were on her breasts, and she could feel AJ beginning to tease her pussy with his finger, his mouth trailing from her belly button down over her abdomen toward her waiting center. Then she felt his tongue on her clit, and she lost herself again.

It was heaven. Sensations that she couldn’t have imagined before washed over her as four hands and two mouths played with her, exploring and worshipping her body. Crash alternated between kissing her and sucking on her nipples, biting them gently and pulling at them until she cried out with the intensity of it and pushed at his shoulders.

“I don’t think so. We’re in control now,” Crash said in a low, authoritative voice and grabbed her hands, engulfing both of hers in one of his huge ones. He pulled them over her head and leaned over her, a dangerous smile on his lips. “I think you need to let us run this show.”

He dipped his head back to her face again, his tongue more demanding now as it plunged inside, invading her mouth. AJ was attacking her pussy, entering her with first one finger, then two while his tongue never stopped moving. It alternated between circling her clit and sucking it in to gently bite.

She writhed and moaned as they worked on her, feeling an orgasm building like a huge coil in her center. The fact that she couldn’t move her hands added to the intensity by making her feel completely helpless and controlled, and it was a delicious feeling. She had been captured, and her pleasure was their pleasure, their satisfaction hers. A strong desire came over her to be even more open to them, as if somehow she could meld them all together and become one organism.

WHEW! Somebody open a window! Thank you Kasi for that delicious peek into the new book! Where can we find more of you guys?

You can friend us on FaceBook as Reggie Alexander, Kasi Alexander and Cassidy Browning. We’re also on Twitter! Reggie3Alex, kasialexander and cassidybrowning

You can also pick up their other books via Amazon:

Becoming sage cover (2)

Thank you Kasi and Reggie for sharing your new release!

As always readers Live, Laugh and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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    what a awesome blessing I got to read two of my fav facebook gals chatting about books. With a shot of Reggie too. Thanks my lubbly Ladies

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