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My Beta strikes again!

by on February 15, 2013

Pssstt…Hey readers!!  Lori is busy today so I thought, hmmmm, why don’t I sneak over and take over her blog!  So what do you all wanna know about the awesome Lori? *snicker* I am so ready to spill some secrets! Leave a comment and I will try to be as sneaky as possible to answer.

Now, while I’m waiting on you to post your questions; I will tell you about when the Whetstone brothers graced me with their presence by showing up at my door unannounced.

When I am not being the fish, I write (I’m just getting started, so at this moment I am a wannabe writer) but we will get into that another day. I was just trying to get my story going with my characters-and they were being major PITA’s-when I heard a knock on my door. The darn dog goes bizerck, which tells me that it’s a male at the door. (Yeah, she’s a snot like that.) So I close the laptop and decide its best to break now anyway. The knocking continues as I yell over the dog barking, ” Jeeebus! Hold your horses, I’m coming!” Yanking my door open, I come face to face with a man I have dreamed about many times. Ryley Whetstone. Blond shoulder length hair, and blue eyes, he is a walking wet dream.

“Cuming, huh? And what may I ask what exactly you’ve been doing?” The fluid movement of his wiggling eyebrows reminds me that he’s used that move on a lot of women, but I return his grin. This damn man knows exactly what he is doing to me, and I have a feeling I’m about to have drool dripping down my chin.

“Need a towel?”  Another voice shakes me from my own personal daydream.


Oh God, I sound like I’m having an orgasm and all I’m doing is saying his name! He chuckles and grabs me up in a bear…um…wolf hug.  “So boys, to what do I owe the immense pleasure of this visit? I have to admit I’m pretty skeptical of both of you, ya know?”  I step back to let them saunter their sexy asses through my door, and I couldn’t help but feel short. I’m a tall chick, but next to these two I’m a shrimp.

“Why? What did Ry do now?” Rafe asks me, before he turns his gaze on Ryley, “Is Shandi mad at you for something again?”

“No! I am innocent this time!” Ryley responds.

I can hear Rafe laughing under his breath as I mutter, “Yeah, I just bet!”

“We really need your help with Lori.” Rafe stops me before I tell Ryley what I know about him, and effectively cuts off any reply Ry could have come up with, although I do hear him growl. Damn do they know what that does to a woman!?

Suddenly, they both sniff the air…guess that answers that question and now I’m ridiculously embarrassed. Good thing the shock of what they are asking seems to shut down my desire for the moment.

“Really guys? What could Lori have possibly done to you two wolves?”

“Damn it. It’s not what she did; it’s what she isn’t doing. We are sick of waiting. We want to marry Shandi and Lori is taking forever finishing our story. I can’t wait anymore.”

“Aren’t you being a little dramatic, Ryley? I mean you do know that she has a life outside of you walking masterpieces, right?” That got the grins I was hoping for. Damn, Shandi is one lucky gal.

“Chris, love, I messed up big time with Shandi, and that made Lori take a break on finishing. How am I supposed to get her to forgive me, if Lori won’t finish the story?” he gives me big sad puppy eyes, and I have to force myself to resist agreeing to whatever the heck he wants.

“Good Lord Ry! What the hell did you do to Shandi? Nevermind! I don’t want to know. But you know what? As we speak, Lori is actually working really hard on your book. Your impatient ass needs to just wait. Perfection does not happen overnight.”

This was not going well. I mean, I have these superhot, Thor lookalikes in my living room, and I’m not giving them the answer they want. Not that I care all that much that they aren’t getting their way. Sometimes these men need to be put in their place. The frowns on their faces tell me that it might be time to change tactics here.

“Rafe, what would you say if someone came to Shandi, and pressured her the way you want me to push Lori? Ryley, what about you? You two are so protective of Shandi, you would hate it.”

Both men were completely silent. Damn, that’s a first.

Rafe was first to speak while Ry continued to sulk. “You’re right. Neither one of us would allow someone to stress Shandi like that. We need to cut Lori some slack.”

I glared at Ryley when he growled. “Ryley, just because you are fine, doesn’t mean I won’t spank you. Chill out on Lori.”

Ryley laughed and raised that eyebrow again, “Now love, you know I would take great pleasure in that.”

I smacked his arm. MEN

We hung out for a few more minutes before I sent them out the door with orders to go take a run. I promised to talk to Lori, but I made it clear that I was not going to push her on anything.

Needless to say, a few weeks went by and I got a delivery of flowers and a note from the Whetstone brothers, apologizing for being pushy. In the end they were very happy their book was complete and they did finally marry Shandi.

Damn, I do love a happy ending. Now go check out Rafe and Ryley’s book Legacy of the Wolf. It just hit Amazon, or you can pick all of The Gray Pack stories up at I suppose I should get back to my own writing! Did you post your questions about Lori yet?

With all my love,

Chris…the fish…umm…Beta

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  1. You got lucky Lori….Just wait till I take over again…

  2. Ok i want the juicy stuff….I would like to know how much of her books and Yes i mean the hot scenes are based on reality or fantasy *wink* *wink* because damn if those are just fantasy she has a very wild imagination….

    • Well, you see..Lori wasnt born yesterday… Sometimes you cant write it, unless you experience it. Some is major fantasy…(But they are on her too do…ummm try…list 😀 ) Now, I dont join the Kings in the bedroom, but the Mister…well that grin cant be for nothing right??

  3. Her worst habit is procrastination,. I swear she will put things off until the last minute. Her best… her honesty. She is one of the most honest people I know

    • Cherie Clark permalink

      Thank you I know really juicy questions but it is nice to know I am not the only professional procrastinator.

      • Nahh shes a professional procrastinator… Add on impatient with me… She doesnt let me procrastinate!!

  4. Cherie Clark permalink

    What is her worst habit and what do you find the best about her?

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