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Happy Valentine’s Day from Hennessee Andrews!

by on February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hennesse pic 1Valentine’s Day has evolved over the centuries. From pagan times, a celebration called upercalia started with Roman priests from the order, Luperci, sacrificed an animal. Goats were slain for fertility and dogs for purification. Cut strips of goat flesh were dipped in the sacrificial blood and taken to the streets. The priests would slap the hide on crops and women. Women welcomed the event, hoping for a fertile year.

In time, the Christian church denounced the holiday and activities of pagans. As with many pagan holidays, Christians found a more suitable subject and way to celebrate, most times keeping the original dates in order to reform barbaric peoples. Most scholars believe this is the time in history when St. Valentine was upheld after his death, lending his name to the date, decreed at the latter part of the 5th century by Pope Galius. St. Valentine was a man believed to
have helped Christians escape Roman prisons. Stories exist suggesting Valentine may have fallen in love with the jailors daughter while in prison. According to legend, in his last correspondence before his death, he sent a love letter and in closing, signed it, “From your Valentine.”Hennessee pic 2

Fast forward to the present. Valentine’s Day has evolved becoming a holiday retailer’s look forward to. What is interesting is how the definition of love has changed. No longer is society giving this holiday to heterosexuals, but to all that have found love.

With erotic romance, fellow authors celebrate love and bonds created from some of the most unconventional scenarios. From alternative romance, to ménage romance, and even interracial. Love is gift, no matter the form.  If someone finds the key holder to their hearts, rejoice for them, for sometimes many never find it.

Explore romance one unconventional relationship at a time!

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Hennessee pic 6Three months ago, Cade Lawson was left standing at the altar in front of a packed church of friends and family. His bride admitted to a love affair with his own best man. That scene not only injured him, but propelled him forward to find his happiness on his terms.

Cade uses money set aside for a dream home for his bride to chase the dream of owning a ranch. Little does he know cowboy Jed McMasters will give him more than he bargained for. The ranch has its perks, one of which changes Cade’s outlook and sexuality.

Jed stirs new emotion and desire Cade had in previous years dismissed as merely curiosity. Cade tries to ignore his attraction, fearful of ruining their business deal. What he doesn’t realize is that Jed is gay and has his sights set on luring him into his bed.

Will he succumb to the passion that Jed creates inside him? Or deny the inevitable?



Hennessee pic 7Lindsay Evans never expected to be arrested, but the evidence speaks for itself. Highway patrol officer Wyatt Cooper can’t believe what he finds. His dream girl from high school is carrying nearly a million dollars’ worth of cocaine, but swears she knew nothing about it. Is she telling the truth?

Wyatt can’t believe the once captain of the cheerleading squad, and the girl he used to wake in the morning for, could fall into such lawlessness. Arresting Lindsay was one of the hardest things he has ever done. Not only is he conflicted, but fantasies since high school of the opportunity plague his mind.

The years had been good to Lindsay, turning her from cute cheerleader to a curvaceous bombshell. Wyatt finds himself stuck between the law and the one woman his heart has desired for the last ten years. Her pleas of innocence make his job much more difficult. What’s an officer of the law to do?


Thank you Hennessee for dropping by to celebrate Valentine’s Day with us! As always readers Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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