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The big V-card!

by on February 13, 2013

No not virginity! I’m talking about Valentine’s Day! The day of love, and lust, and passion, and dirty kinky fuckery….wait….what was I saying? Oh that’s right, Valentine’s Day, tomorrow is THE BIG DAY. The one day a year when you are supposed to make extra time to tell your significant other how much they mean to you.

I’ve had good ones-like the first one with my hubs when we were still dating, and he tried to make a romantic candle light dinner, but he overcooked the spaghetti noodles, and set a napkin on fire with the candle, but he worked so hard to make it wonderful that it was even with the smell of smoke in the air. And I’ve had bad ones-like the one two years ago when he got me a vacuum as my gift. Where did that romantic bit go? I see it like this, as a relationship grows it evolves from the desire to give the other person a memorable romantic passionate moment, to just another reason to have to go out and find a gift and a card.

This year, we decided to just exchange cards. I know he loves me, and he knows I love him, so what’s the point of a gift? I would rather he save the $ and spend the extra on our anniversary (which is just around the corner in April).

My mom has always bought all of us kids gifts for Valentine’s day, but I never really understood why. The holiday is intended for couples, so I’m resisting the urge to buy all three of my boys four foot tall stuffed teddy-bears just because they are cute.

So how do you spend Valentine’s Day? With your lover? With your family? With a big box of chocolates in your pajama’s on the couch?  Wherever and however you’re spending it, I hope tomorrow you have a beautiful Valentine’s day, and know that I love you!

As always, Live Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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  1. Well as usual, I will be spending Valentine’s day on my own cause nobody loves or wants me 😩. Just once, I would love to receive a nice card, chocolates, a cuddly bear and flowers 😣. I hope you have a lush valentines day 😊xxxx

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