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Susan Hayes brought friends to visit! #SirenAuthor

by on January 31, 2013

Last week you will recall, I did a series review for Susan Hayes, Paladin Protection Agency Series. You can read it here: but FIRST….Susan gave me a heads up that she was headed over to meet with the unit, and wanted to bring me and my readers along! I’m so excited! I’m dying to get to know Jace better…although I’m not sure I could outrun Jazz….

Anyways, Welcome Susan!

Hello Lori and readers! I got a call the other day from Geoff Remington, the head of the Paladin Protection Agency. I had the distinct impression it wasn’t his idea, but he did invite me to come down to headquarters and have a face-to face-meeting with the men and women of Division S. They think it’s time they started getting the word out that there is help available for those with unusual problems and they want me to help them.  Of course I said yes! I would never turn down a chance to visit with some of the sexiest men on the planet and their awesome female counterparts.

I worked out the details and arrived at the security gate promptly on time. I know Geoff is a stickler for details like that and I didn’t want to give him any reason to cancel this meeting at the last minute. As the guard checked my ID he handed me a visitor pass and gave me directions as to where to park my car.

I pulled in between Sinjin’s black Jeep and Jason’s pride and joy, his Mustang Shelby. As I got out I was careful not to nick the paint, because I knew just how upset Jason would be if I put so much as a ding in his baby.  The moment I was out of the car I heard heels clicking on concrete and I knew I wasn’t alone.

“You made it!”  Michelle gathered me into a hug. “The guys are all waiting upstairs, but I wanted to greet you alone. They have a stack of questions and if I let them all come at you at once you’d never get a word in edgewise.”

“Thank you.”  Michelle is the driving force behind Division S, and it’s her job to handle the clients and try to keep the unruly mob of former military men and woman working as a unit. I don’t envy her the job, but judging by the glow in her eyes, I’d say she was really enjoying the challenge.  “So how are you adjusting to your new job?”

“I love it!” Michelle beamed and gestured for me to follow her to a large set of double doors. “I get to work with Sin, and I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile with the money I inherited from Robert.  I know this was the last thing he intended when he willed everything to me, but he’s actually given me a wonderful life.”  She grinned wickedly. “It just happens to be with Sinjin instead of him.”

“I’m glad you two are working out. I had a good feeling about the two of you from the moment you met.”

“You mean when he appeared in my cabin door and scared me half to death? For a big guy, he doesn’t make much noise. He’s always sneaking up on me.”

“So I hear wedding bells might be ringing for you two, care to confirm that rumor?”

Michelle laughed and led me over to an elevator. “He finally got around to it after Jason proposed to Jazz.  You know Sin, he likes to think things to death and then to dust, just to be sure.”  Michelle flashed her left hand, showing off the large, glittering diamond solitaire on her ring finger.  “He had this for months before he asked.  As if I was going to say no. I love that big, dumb man to death.”

The moment the elevator doors open the world is eclipsed by a fast moving blur that has me up in his arms before I know what hit me.  The bear hug that follows is enough to make my ribs creak, and then someone is kissing me on the cheek.  I catch a glimpse of short blond hair and realize I’m being mobbed by Jason, Paladin’s resident helicopter pilot and Jazz’s other half.

“Jason, put me down before Jazz see this and I end up as a werewolf chew toy!” I try squirming free but all that does is bring me into direct contact with more bits of lean, well-muscled male.  “Naw, she knows I’m all hers. This is just my way of saying thank you for sending her to Paladin when she needed help. I owe you big time.”

“If this is how you say thank you, it’s amazing we don’t have more law suits filed for sexual harassment. Put her down, Jase, we need to get upstairs so the others can say hi.” Michelle laughed and ushered them all inside the elevator car.

“I hear congratulations are in order by the way.” I grinned at Jason as the elevator takes us to the levels that house Division S.  “When is the wedding?”

“Only a week from now, Jazz is busy doing a fitting today so she told me to tell you thanks and of course to ask if you’re coming to celebrate with us.”  Jason is nearly radiating smug male satisfaction and his dimples are making it very hard for me to think clearly.  The man is a bundle of high energy hotness and I can’t help but reflect on the fact that both Michelle and Jazz are very lucky women. Of course, their men are pretty damned lucky too.

“Tell her of course I’m coming. A pack of wild werewolves couldn’t keep me away.”

Walking down the hall to the meeting room I can feel curious eyes on me as we go past, but given I am being escorted by two of Paladin’s highest ranked members and have my visitor pass clearly worn around my neck, no one says anything.  We pass an open door and I hear the distinctive sounds of a video game being played at very high volume. It has to be Jake, the young IT wizard who runs the operations room computers for Division S.  He doesn’t know it yet, but I have it on good authority that his days of playing video games solo will be coming to an end in the not so distant future.

The minute we enter the meeting room I find it very hard to breathe, likely because I’m being hugged and handed around from one handsome man to another. First Sinjin, then Jase again, and finally even Remington gets in on the hugs. I’m only human, and that many handsome men in close proximity have my hormones sizzling. Finally a pair of slimmer arms grabs me and Michelle pulls me clear.

“You look like you need rescuing,” Michelle said and then added in a whisper, “and a cold shower.”

“You have no idea,” I answered. “I’d forgotten how smoking hot they all were! I know they’re spoken for, but I can still appreciate the view.”

Sinjin laughed and slid a possessive arm around Michelle. “Very spoken for, and very happy about it.”

Remington groaned and shook his head. “It’s like that all the time now. Do you have to keep playing match maker with all my best operatives? Things were going so smoothly before you started sending supernaturally threatened clients our way. Work was quiet and profitable, they were all too busy working to date, and everyone was happy. I liked it that way, back before we knew ghosts were real.”

“And werewolves” chimed in Jason.

“You see what you’ve done to me?” Remington ran a hand through his salt and pepper hair and sighed.  “And now they want you to spread the word, so more people know about this stuff!” His steel blue eyes narrowed as he gave me a very intent look.  “And I suppose more clients mean the risk of more romances for this bunch! That’s what’s going to happen, isn’t it? Happily ever-freaking-afters for everyone at Paladin!”

Sinjin hid a smirk behind one calloused hand and Jason burst out laughing. “Speaking of love stories, why isn’t Anya here?” he asked pointedly and Remington immediately turned his menacing glower his way. “Don’t go there, Waters.”

From over by Michelle, Sinjin cleared his throat and I took a moment to appreciate the de facto leader of Division S in all his male glory. Big, dark and brooding, he looked positively happy these days, which was a far cry from the broken, doubting man he’d been before Michelle came into his life and turned his world upside down. It was good to see him smiling and laughing with the crew I knew he considered his family.

“So, are you going to help us get the word out?” Sin asked and cocked a brow in question.

“Of course I am,” I told them.  “Val and Aedan’s story comes out on January 31st, and I’ll make sure it gets into the right hands.  That should help you guys get some new clients and increase your visibility.”

“So who do you think is next for the chopping block?” Sin asked and then grunted as Michelle’s elbow landed in his midsection. “Sorry.  I meant, who’s the next incredibly lucky fellow to find his soul mate and be deliriously happy?”

“Of course that’s what you meant,” Michelle laughed and everyone else joined in.

I can tell they are all watching me intently, eager to hear any gossip I might have.  “I think Dirk’s story is next.”

“Dirk?” Sin and Jason burst out into side-splitting laughter. “Mister, big, bad and silent? The guy whose only deep and meaningful relationship ever is with that lumbering mountain of drool and fur he calls a dog? That Dirk?”

“Uh huh.”

“I can’t wait to see how this one is going to play out,” Jase sniggered.  “Watching Val fall for her pretty boy was damned entertaining, but I think this is going to be even better.”

“If she was here she’d likely smack you for calling her man pretty. Lucky for you she’s still on holiday,” Michelle pointed out.

“Why do you think I said it where she couldn’t hear me?” Jason asked. “I’m many things, but suicidal isn’t one of them.”

“Neither is modest,” Sin interjected.

Remington just sighed.  “And here I thought Dirk was going to be one of the safe ones.”

I turned around and winked at Remington.  “What makes you think anyone is safe from falling in love and finding their happily ever after?”

The toughest man in the room visibly blanched and actually started backing toward the door. “I think I’ve heard enough.  Glad we had this chat. I’ve got another meeting to attend. Michelle will see you out.” He was out the door a second later and everyone else blinked in surprise at his sudden exit.

“Did I just see Geoff Remington, hard ass of the first order, run like a scalded cat at the mere suggestion of the idea that he’d fall in love one of these days?”  Jase asked, grinning like a lunatic.

“I think we all just saw that. “ Sin rumbled with laughter and shook his head. “His day is coming. Please, tell me his day is coming.”

“I’m sure it is,” I answer vaguely, but I’m done giving hints about the future. Some things they need to discover for themselves.

MmmMmm good. Those men are hot! I’m jealous Susan, do you think the guys of the Paladin Protection Agency would be interested in protecting me from a ghost or two? I happen to be very close to some werewolves too. *wink wink*

Here’s more about Susan’s new book which just released TODAY!!!!

Guarding Valentina Sometimes everything has to go wrong so fate can make it right.

Valentina Farro is used to being the hunter, not the hunted, but when a vampire marks her for death, everything changes. Now one of Paladin’s fiercest warriors is fighting for her life and the lives of her Paladin family.

It should have just been another assignment, but nothing goes according to plan when the vampire Aedan Doyle is hunting leads Aedan to Valentina & Paladin’s doorstep. Determined to keep Val safe from the vampire’s vengeance, Aedan appoints himself as Val’s personal bodyguard. Then he makes sure he’s guarding her beautiful body up close and personal, every chance he gets.

As the body count rises, Valentina and Aedan’s new bond is tested to the breaking point. Trusting each other with their lives is one thing, but can two solitary warriors find the courage to trust each other with their hearts?

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As always, Don’t forget to Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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