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The night of the CORN…

by on January 29, 2013

It was Saturday night, and I was completely absorbed in my writing. Trying to do blogs, and guest spots, and find a few minutes to write new words into The Gray Pack 4. So why does it not surprise me, that my three year old found a way to distract me from my work. He came running in to find me from the dining room (where he was supposed to be finishing his dinner with Daddy) because he had shoved a piece of corn up his nose.

thCAXNPGENHe is my third boy, so I guess I was lucky that the first two never shoved anything up their noses. My first instinct was, “Oh shit. We’re going to end up at the ER to have a piece of corn removed.” then my second reaction was uncontrollable laughter. I mean here is my precious baby looking absolutely stunned that this piece of corn disappeared up his nose…it was hysterical. Once I was able to quit laughing, I had to argue with him about blowing out his nose.

thCAWRLTULThree year olds have this specific disconnecte between exhaling and inhaling, so I’m saying “blow your nose” and he’s snorting the corn farther up his nostril. It took us several tries to get the darn thing out, but the funniest part, was seeing it go shooting across the room. I kid you not it landed six feet away on the living room carpet. Now of course he thinkgs THAT is hysterical, so I’m imagining I will eventually end up in the ER with him having SOMETHING removed from his nose. Any advice on removing foreign objects from your child?

As always, Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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