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Do you Pin?

by on January 29, 2013

Have I told you how much I love Pinterest? Yeah, probably, but I’m saying it again. I LOVE PINTEREST. Not just for the sexy pics and gorgeous men, but also for the recipes, tips, tricks, and ideas I get there! If you’re new to Pinterest, let me explain. It’s basically a virtual bulletein board. You find pictures, recipes, articles you like, and Pin them to your boards. You can customize your boards to suit the categories you want to keep track of, and then other people can follow your boards. They can repin the things you pin if they find them interesting, and you can follow them to do the same. Simple concept, but it is VERY helpful for me.

I’ve created storyboards for all of my books/WIP. Find them here:

Here are the TOP 5 thing I love to discover on Pinterest…


I’m a writer, but at heart I’m a very visual person. I just happen to create the visuals with words most of the time. I’ve built boards for sexy men and sexy women


My sweet tooth went into overdrive when I found Pinterest.

3. Tattoos!

I have a fascination with ink! On men AND women, so a favorite thing for me to pin is pics of tattoos that I love.


I’m not the only author that has a Pinterest page, or the only one with books I’m trying to promote, and I love that people aren’t afraid to recommend their favs. Much better than via Goodreads in my opinion.

5. Tips and Tricks

Did you know that if you wrap your celery in tin foil it will last for weeks? Or that marshmallows help a sore throat?

Join me on Pinterest as a fellow pinner, or just follow if you enjoy seeing my inspiration for various books. As always, Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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