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Lets go to the Sex Show with Lisa Carlton!

by on January 27, 2013

Sexy womanLisa Carlton, is the newest Beta to join my pack, and when she told me that she was going to a Sex Show, I was all over her…I mean…that…I mean…er…well anyways, I asked her to blog about it for me. I have to admit I’m jealous as hell because this show is in Canada, so it’s not like I can just take a quick day trip to visit. Read on to see why I’m so jealous….

Welcome Lisa! Tell us about the sex….I mean….sex show!

Hi Lori and hello readers! This weekend I attended “The Everything To Do With Sex Show”. photo (2)

Yes, you heard me right, everything about sex….and all in public…have I grabbed your attention?
So the wonderful and talented Lori King, has asked me to come on and share my experience with all of you.

As I entered the show, the first thing I notice is the sexual energy that is raging through the place and how could it not! You are surrounded by half dressed men and woman, some in latex or leather and some with as little clothes on as possible, then throw in all the merchandise that is there for you to see and feel and pick up and play with and buy, everything from flavoured lotions and powder to lube and condoms. It’s like being a kid in the candy store when you come to the TOYS! I wanted one of everything! 😉 The variety they had amazed me! From the pretty-like the glass dildo’s-to the amazing vibrators with all the different settings and functions (these are my favourite-hmmmmm what todays toys can do for a lady….we have come a long way) ;), they also had butt plugs, and all kids of fetish toys and clothing. Then we come to the down right scary size toys, and I was looking and touching, and thinking “HELL NO”!  Where and what do you want me to do with that….come on ladies there is only so much we can do!

Now that I’m all turned on by all the things I have seen, I head to one of my most favorite spots at the show, ” THE DUNGEON”! Sorry ladies, no cameras are not allowed in the dungeon. Bummer. 😦  As I walk in, the first thing I come to, is a man in a kilt who is flogging a woman on a big wooden “X”. I stay there and watch and fantasize a little, suddenly he is asking if anyone wants to try! Well ladies and gents, I didn’t miss a beat. I was behind the red velvet rope before I could blink an eye and had my body moulded to that big wooden “X”!  GO LISA!

He talked me through everything he was doing and what he was using , the first flogger had a lot of tassels and when he started down my shoulders and back with it I just closed my eyes and enjoyed….I think he figured I did because he asked if I was ready for more, I don’t think I said a word, I just nodded my head in agreement! We tried two more floggers each having a wider strap tassels. I can’t explain the sensation, but the  smaller tassels give a little bite when he put some more pressure behind the flogger, while the larger strap one gives you more of a thump. He also used a larger and a smaller tassel at the same time with me and with some impressive wrist movements he continued moving up and down my back and shoulders. It was an amazing feeling! When it was over I didn’t want to move, 😉 but there was so much more to see!

Next there was some sensation play happening. There was a woman with a violet wand…now THAT looked interesting, so we watched for a minute. The wand had a bunch of attachments, but the one she was using looked like a small rake. I watched her use it on different people-some liked it, some didn’t, and some just wouldn’t allow her to try it on them. I saw her adjust the electrical current that goes through it lower and higher for what people liked. When she came to me, I knew I had to try it. She started off with a low voltage-you can see the electricity when it touched my skin-and the sensation was amazing! All I could think about was how it would feel in other places! 😉 I found she had it turned down to low so I asked her to turn it up to see if I would like it on a stronger setting and when she did…damn! It gives a bite to your skin but I loved it! It’s definitely something I could get addicted to and even crave.

Finally, we came to the last spot for playing in the dungeon, and it happened to be one of my biggest fears. They were playing with FIRE. Now, as scared as I was, I stayed and watched what they did and listened to what they said. Sure enough, when they asked if I wanted to try I said yes. I didn’t think about it I just said yes….and you know what….I loved it!  I’m not sure what they use but they spread it on your skin then take the q-tip and put it to the flame and then put it on you, so you are watching over and over as they put the flame on your skin and put it out. The warm  tingling sensation washes over you and it is so calming I can imagine having that done all over your body it would be like a warm massage. I never thought I would like anything with fire except Firemen (haha), but I proved myself wrong and really took one of my fears head on!

After the dungeon, we went into a play room which had all kinds of apparatuses to try out….AND we could take pictures! *wink wink*  We sure took advantage of it! I found myself strapped in sex swing spread eagle…that was interesting (hahaha) and all while other people watched! I didn’t even care! lol I then draped myself across a spanking bench for a nice picture when a man from behind me says “well she has the right idea doesn’t she” to his friend and me-I had a little giggle over that!  They also had tables with all different size whips, paddles and floggers it was good to be able to hold them in my hand and feel whet the felt like

I had an amazing time in the playroom and dungeon letting myself give into just trying new things and just feeling the sensations that they each brought. This is a whole new thing for me! I was never…let’s say…into this kind of kink. lol Until I started reading books like Lori King’s and others authors that she recommended and ones that I found on my own. There was so much I had no idea about, but as I read, it started opening up my mind to new things that my body was telling me I liked, just by reading it! So you can imagine trying it! I think I’m into it a lot more than I led myself to believe but after tonight….I know what I like!

Now we are heading to the main stage to take in some live shows….a burlesque show from the beautiful Roxy Delight was first on the list….until I started coming to the shows I had never seen a burlesque show and it is simply amazing what she can do….and who cant admire a beautiful woman’s body and the easy way she moves around the stage!

Next ,came the male exotic dancers! (WOOHOO!) Now ladies, I was right in front of the stage for this and caught it all on video. Dalton was the first out he came out in like a SWAT uniform which turned me on from the very start. At this point I  wasn’t  even watching him dance I was watching the amazing body that was getting naked in front of me and DAYUM he was yummy! The muscles on this man and the tattoos ((shivers))) love a man with tattoos!

She shared the video!!!!! See it here…. 

Then it was The Assasin. He is what I will call a cowboy.  All in leather, he put on a great show and they call him the legend for ummmmmm some of his ummmm parts! *evil laugh*  I will let all you ladies see for yourself as Lori has been wonderful enough to post the videos I took. Believe me, there are some up close and personal footage! 😉

She isn’t joking! Check out his…umm….holy shit! 

Ok, that is all I’m going to share! I want to thank the amazing and talented Lori King for having me on today to share my experiences with all of you! If you can ever find an event in your area I would really highly recommend going, even just to see if the things you fantasize about are something you actually like. I have found my fantasies have been dead on, with what I  like and it’s great experimenting and jumping into a whole new world.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Lisa! It looks like, and sounds like you had the time of your life! One of these years I will trek up to Canada so that I can hit the sex show with you! Let Lisa know what you think about her tale of the show!

As always, remember to Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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    Well that sounded like a fantabulous time. Jealous but so happy for you. Thanks for sharing xxoo

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