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Series Review: Paladin Protection Agency by Susan Hayes

by on January 25, 2013

5 Kisses!

The Paladin Protection Agency, is a unique group of elite military trained opperatives who have been assigned to a very special government agency.  Their specialty? The supernatural/paranormal world within our world.

Saved By SinThe first book is Saved by Sin, and the story starts when Sinjin (Sin) Heath, meets up with Michelle Jamieson. A woman still recovering from an abusive relationship. Michelle’s ex-husband has killed himself, and he has decided that he’s not willing to give her up-even when he’s dead. She turns to Sin to help her escape the clutches of her ghost, and in doing so she finds herself falling in love. For me, this first story was rocky in the first chapter or so, as Susan has to spend some time building their world and their background for the reader. Once the story hits it’s stride it’s brilliant. I love the sexual tension between Sin and Michelle, and the honest heart in their relationship. Add in a sexy as hell best friend/partner Jace and the story is complete.


On Jason's WatchIn the second book, On Jason’s Watch, comical Jace finds himself lusting after a werewolf who has asked for protection from the agency. His new love interest, Jazz, is fantastically strong, and vulnerable at the same time. I completely fell in love with her, and I swear I spent this entire book laughing at Jace’s antics.  This was absolutely the most humorous of the books. The scene with Jazz teaching the ladies about werewolves was fantastic, and the twist at the end had me literally sayin, Awwww.  I hope I see more of Jace and Jazz in the future books.



Guarding ValentinaThe third book, Guarding Valentina, is releasing on January 31st. I was lucky enough to beg, borrow, and steal an advanced copy of this one, and in my opinon it was the best one so far.  Susan Hayes has found her voice with this third book, and I feel like this book fit like a good pair of shoes. It was sexy, and heart pounding, but it was rich with a detailed plot line, intrigue, and a lot of pressure on the two main characters. Valentina (Val) Farro, is put in a position that she hates-that of the client who needs protecting. Aeden Doyle is a vampire hunter who is the only one equiped with the knowledge and the experience that it will take to protect her. Paired up, the two of them exploded off of the pages.

You can pick up all three books in the series in any e-format on Bookstrand:  I highly recommend this series, and I hope that Susan has many more books planned for the future. 🙂

As always, Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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  1. You’re welcome Susan! I’ll be eagerly awaiting future books!

  2. Thank you Lori! I’m so glad you enjoyed them and I can promise that there are more books yet to come.

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