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Book Review: Unleashed Desire by Tilly Slaton

by on January 23, 2013

3 Kisses!

Tilly Slaton is a brand new Siren Publishing author, and she asked me when she got her ARC’s if I would read the book and give her my honest review. Of course yall know how much I enjoy reading new authors, so I jumped on it and now I’m sharing my take with you. 🙂 Let me show you the book first:

Unleashed Desires by Tilly SlatonClick to Purchase!

Unleashed Desires by Tilly Slaton
Click to Purchase!

Unleashed Desire

Madison Strauss is frustrated and feels hopeless. The unfulfilled intimacy in her past relationships is disheartening, and she has vowed to never again settle for a man who is incapable of seeing through her wants so that he can devour her needs.

Dorian Storm, a luscious, dominant male, continues hosting parties at his home for friends who crave to be true to their own longings. Dorian is a real catch, although he is quite evasive. He remains utterly single as he continues his search for the woman who will complement his dark needs and desires.

Thrown into a world of dominance and submission, Madison must trust a dominant, an extremely sexual stranger who strives to consume her body and mind. Madison and her friends receive a taunting invitation to experience a small teasing taste of what Dorian’s world has to offer—the chance to explore and seek out fulfillment for even the most profound desires.

Let me begin with a quick word of warning. This story contains consensual BDSM , with M/F/M, F/F/M and F/F including heroine, M/M not involving hero, public exhibition, voyeurism, spanking, paddling, whipping, sex toys, HFN…I was a tiny bit disapointed that this was Happy For Now, and not Happily Ever After, but Tilly assures me that there are more books in the Unleashed series to come. 🙂


This story took it’s time finding itself.  With very little background information the reader finds herself, face to face with Madison, and Dorian. Two characters whos sexual attraction to each other, can only be described as monumental. They are explosive when they are near each other, and the sexual tension that Tilly had built between them is mind-boggling. This story skirts the edges of a darker BDSM fantasy, but ultimately ends up embracing polyamorous interaction and group sex more than BDSM.

Madison is a strong woman who needs a stronger man to help her discover her inner sexual goddess.  Dorian is a wealthy playboy who throws BDSM orgies for his friends, and just dabbles with a sub occasionally. When they pair up, Dorian shows Madison a whole new world that she never even dreamed of. One that involves bisexuality, BDSM, bondage, and D/s. On moment she finds herself drawn to a beautiful man who is assisting a Dom in a BDSM scene, and the next she finds herself attracted to female sub who responds to her touch beautifully. The sexual interactions were hot, and detailed.

I personally struggled a bit with the head hopping in this story, just because I wanted to connect with Madison and Dorian so much more. When the author would move into the head of a new character even for a brief moment I found myself disappointed and missing the main characters. If you’re looking for fantastically fiery sex scenes-this book is for you.

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Remember to always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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