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Six Sentence Sunday: Fire of the Wolf (Part D)

by on January 19, 2013

1-FOTW-MediumIt’s time again for six sentences! I’ve been working on The Gray Pack 4, so I’m feeling sentimental towards my Alphas. I’m sharing a tidbit from Fire of the Wolf this week.

He was all rough edges, and a soft heart with an unusually deep-seated need to protect her. These two brothers were going to be her undoing. She could sense it.

“However…” He paused dramatically, waiting for her to focus her attention back on his eyes before speaking. “You are mine. Mine and Devin’s. You will come to accept that, but I’m willing to give you more time to fall head over heels in love with me.”

If you haven’t read this one, you can find it on Bookstrand by clicking the book cover, or Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

Here is the Blurb:

Introverted nurse Caroline Trainor’s apartment burns to the ground, and she is rescued by a sexy fireman. Waking up in the hospital, she finds the delicious fireman and his identical twin brother waiting for her.

Devin and Damon Gray claim that they are alpha leaders of a pack of werewolves, and that she is destined to be their mate. Her logical nature resists this unreal situation, but her body craves their every touch. Struggling with unresolved pain from her past and her need for her own identity, she has no desire to be their house wolf—until another wolf pack’s alpha threatens their lives and relationship with a challenge to the death.

Scared to lose the men she has grown to love like she lost her parents, she runs directly into the arms of the lethal alpha challenger, and the brothers must save her before they all wind up dead.

If you want to read more Six Sentence Sunday snippets from my books click here:


As always, Live, Laugh and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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  1. siobhanmuir permalink

    Heh, no arrogance there. Great six, Lori. 🙂

  2. This book is the beginning of an amazing series….if you haven’t picked it up I would recommend you do… You will fall in love with all of the characters and the beautiful story lines….once you are done all three you will be hooked….and waiting breathlessly for book number 4….

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