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Teasing Licks-Erotic Free Read-Part 3

by on January 14, 2013
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I decided that it might be fun to write an erotic short story for the blog. This is unpublished, unedited, and just off the cuff so to speak. I’ll post a new part every now and then so follow the blog to keep tabs.  <—-As always a hot picture spurred my imagination, catch up by reading the first two parts before you read this one.  Part 1: 2:


Lily’s blatant challenge made all of the blood in Zeke’s body, pool into his groin. The caveman in him, was beating on his chest, and roaring with the desire to throw her down and fuck her until she cried “uncle”. In his mind he could hear his saner-self reminding him that she was using defiance as armor to protect herself, and that tenderness might be the better avenue, but his body was humming with need now.

“Sweetness, you just earned yourself a spanking.”

Her eyes lit up with desire, but her lips formed a pretty pout. “I’m not a child. Next you’ll be putting me on a time out.”

“No. You’re not a child. You’re a deliciously sexy armful, that doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut. You’re an ice maiden on the outside, but I have a feeling that there is molten lava underneath.” his voice sounded in control, and he applauded himself. In control was the last thing he felt right now. “Now, instead of spewing nasty words at me, why don’t you hop up here on the desk, and show me how wet you are for me?”

Her throat muscles contracted as she swallowed hard, and all of the tendons in her legs grew taut as she clenched them together. Lily obviously liked dirty talk. Zeke felt the predatory smile creep over his face, as he took a step closer to her, walking her backwards until her ass cheeks rested against the edge of his desk. Her breathing increased, and she tipped her head back a little to maintain eye contact with him. Stepping in between her thighs, he slid his palms over the soft skin of her knees and under the hem of her skirt. Stopping just as his fingertips brushed the soft satin material of her panties, he dipped his head and captured her bottom lip between his teeth.

Her pleasure filled moan against his mouth, soothed his bruised ego from her earlier challenge, and he let his fingers draw circles on her skin, closer and closer to the desired destination.  When her thighs spread wider to allow him more access, he wanted to crow in triumph. Instead of giving her what she wanted, he slid his tongue between her lips, and stroked hers softly. She surprised him by suckling on the invading digit, and his cock began to throb. With that kind of suction talent, her mouth was going to feel fucking fantastic on his dick.

Her hot little hands gripped his shoulders, her fingernails holding him in place. Breaking their kiss, he shoved her skirt up over her hips, displaying her purple panties and creamy peach colored thighs to his view. She dropped her hands to grip the edge of the desk, as he began unbuttoning the tiny buttons on her blouse. For a moment, he thought she would resist when he began to slide it off of her shoulders, but she surprised him by relaxing her body so that he could remove it freely. Her bra matched her panties, and he wondered if she knew how gorgeous she was. Pale skin, against delicate purple packaging, it was better than Christmas.

She wasn’t looking into his eyes anymore, and her half naked body was tense, so he stopped to assess her. She didn’t act like a virgin, but she wasn’t exactly experienced either. She seemed unsure of her next move, so he made it for her. Dropping into the chair next to him, he scooted up between her thighs, and shoved her knees apart.

He pressed his thumbs against her moist center, and she arched her back with a groan. His eyes flicked up to watch her face, as he pulled the satin away, and dipped one finger into her creamy center. Her slick wet heat engulfed his finger, and he couldn’t keep his own groan of please quiet.

“You’re so fucking wet, baby.” He said softly, and she gasped for air, as he stroked over her swollen clit. The way she rocked against him, made him grin even wider, “Mmm…you’re almost there already aren’t you, Lily. Are you wet for me, or are you just wet for cock?”

Her whisper was so quiet that he almost missed it, “For you, Zeke.”

“Do you want me to make you cum, baby?”

Instead of responding verbally, she rocked her pelvis against his hand, forcing his finger deeper inside of her. Taking that as encouragement, he used his other hand to pinch her clit while he thrust two fingers in and out of her tight passage. She was dripping wet, and his mouth watered to taste her.

The moment his tongue swiped across her clit, she screamed, and dug her fingers into his hair holding him tight against her pussy, as she came. Creamy juices flowed from her body, and he licked them up like a delicate dessert. She tasted sweeter than honey, and he loved the feeling of her thighs squeezing his head, while her finger nails scraped at his scalp.

As she shuddered to a stop, he lifted his mouth away from her, feeling his cheeks still wet with her cream. Her hazel eyes were the color of melted gold, as she panted above him. “Holy shit.” she whispered.

So what do you think of Lily and Zeke so far? Should I continue their story?

As always, Live Laugh & Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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  1. Oh, my…I think I need to go and change. “More, please…” she whispered, a tiny quaver shaking her shy words.

  2. Tammy Ozan permalink

    “Holy shit.” Continue please!

  3. Uh yes please continue. That was hot!

  4. Oh my goodness yes definitely continue their story. Can’t wait to read more.

  5. Cherie Clark permalink

    Shit where are the Fireman when you need them.. Man you can build a passion fire. Woohoo go Lily
    Can i have a Zeke please xxxoo. If you do not continue their story there may be spiders sent in the mail.. just saying

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