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So I needed a new car…

by on January 13, 2013

For the last two years the hubs and I have been debating purchasing a new “family” car. I’ve been driving the same Chrysler Town & Country minivan-Bessie-for 10 years, and she was comfortable. Like a worn in pair of sweatpants, Bessie fit my ass just perfectly. So I have to admit, I was resistant to giving up my comfort, for a new strangely fitting seat. But like all good things, Bessie came to her end. She started leaking oil, and some other unknown fluid from under the hood, her gears were grinding when she shifted, and her electrical system was flickering every time I hit a bump. It was time to say adieu to Bessie. 😦

Last weekend I had to drag myself out of bed at the asscrack of dawn to go scouring the car lots in 31 degree temperatures, because my hubs wanted to “just find something already.” Let me tell you right now, this was NOT the way to get me in a good mood. I’m not a morning person at all. So here we are, bundled up like snow bunnies hitting the slopes, with ice cicles hanging from our noses, and two sets of keys for Bessie so that we could leave her running when we darted out into the artic air to peek through the windows of some new car. We made quite a picture.

The salesmen, were about as happy to be there as we were, and kept their answers short and to the point. There was no long drawn out demonstrations of how the cup holders work, or how the back seats fold neatly into compartments under the floor boards. Instead we got the year, mileage, and price in that order and within moments of requesting the information. It was the perfect shopping trip in my opinion. No bartering, no pretending, just straight answers as we puffed all of the warmth from our souls out into the freezing air.  I believe I will forever recommend going car shopping in the bitter cold of winter to avoid the cliche of car salesmen. Slime can’t stick to you if it’s under 32 degrees fehrenheit, right?

We got lucky, and stumbled onto a hot little Nighthawk Black Pearl, Honda Odyssey minivan at a small lot. In fact it was the same lot from which I purchased Bessie, so I have to believe there was some sort of cosmic touch to this event. We brought our new ride home Friday, and we are breaking her in before we pick her name. Bessie remained at the car lot, and when I drove by today, she looked sparkly clean and freshly vaccumed. I hope she finds a happy home, but I can’t say I will miss her. After all, I now have seat warmers, a DVD player, and a sunroof to keep me company. 😉

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance~Lori

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  1. LOL I think next time I car shop… I will have to do it when its freezing!! YAY for a new van, I looove the Odyssey but couldnt afford one when I bought my Dodge caravan lol. NExt time Im getting a honda!!

  2. Jessica permalink

    I’m glad you like your van. Last summer I got my new car a Chevy traverse…love it 🙂 for 11years I drove a conversion van. 4 kids good for travel it did the trick. Now kids are older all in teen or pre teen, it’s comfy and daughter likes it. Have fun! 😃

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