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The joys of being a Beta…

by on January 5, 2013

And no, I’m not talking about the fish. I almost feel I should say it in 12 step mode: Hi. My name is Chris, and I’m a Beta reader for Lori King. Yeah that sounds about right.

Being the coveted Beta is great. Most the time. I mean, sure I get to read most of the book before anyone else does, and I get to talk to the AMAZING Lori-Yes I do love this woman-I also get the satisfaction of knowing I helped, and her books are great in finished product.

But do you know what it takes to get there? A lot of hard work! Lori and I have to work as a team…okay…scratch that…I’m the bitch. She sends, I read, and read, and read, and read. I read what’s sent at least 3 times before I even give a comment, and holy hell she is impatient!! Not to mention I play editor. I have to pick out the smallest details that don’t fit, and I suggest ones that might. I have to make sure no one has taken off their pants twice in a scene…it’s not always glamorous. My hair actually stands on end by the time I’m done. Add on that if it’s a series you have to know the series front to back, Beginning to…well not the end, because if it was the end you wouldn’t still be the fish…I mean Beta. You have to memorize the details, and yes these lovely authors have been known to forget a name of someone in their book, and it’s up to the bitch…umm…Beta to remember. I promise you, when the author hits that point it’s time to get out a margarita and say it’s time for a break. (No not for the Beta!! The author needs a break!)

Back to the job at hand for the Beta. Take a deep breath, read the first book in the series again! Have I mentioned I have read book 1 and 2 at least 15 times…each! Before, and during the Beta read on Book 3!!! They all sleep in my bed…

The biggest thing is honesty. Being a Beta isn’t glamorous. It’s work. At first you cringe because, oh shit, I have to tell her this whole chapter sucks donkey balls, but how to word it nicely? You don’t. You tell it like it is, and it’s hard. I mean, think of it as ripping apart someone’s hard work. Knowing that they spent hours and hours and hours on it…sometimes working all day, then being a parent, spouse, then shoving writing time in there, and living on little to no sleep. (Now you see why these books are their babies heehee) And you have to rip it apart. You get to say, oh this is good, this sucks, change that…Can you even spell??? OHEMGEE BECKY!! … Oh! Got carried away there…But it’s also finding the right. Pointing out where the flow goes, if the characters are working well or not. Ryley gave lots of problems. He was being an absolute trouble starter throughout most of the writing of Legacy of the Wolf. I threatened to spank him, but damn it, he would like it!

Lori and I do not have typical conversations at all! I’m forever pestering her for certain details, and she’s a punk who keeps them from me until the last minute. I am forever wanting to smack her, and I frustrate her to no end. (I whined at her over Caroline’s wedding….yeah…wait until you read book 3!)  And grumbled up a storm until she rewrote a whole scene-of course, she didn’t share that scene with me until WEEKS later-do you want me to share that scene? Of course you do…. Find out on January 8th when it releases, because that Lori won’t give me password privileges… yet….but once she does I will sneak you all kinds of tidbits when she goes to bed!!

I am super excited for you all to read Legacy of the Wolf. Yes Lori, I do still love Ry…even if he does need a spanking, and Rafe…my sweet, sweet Rafe…that scene in the woods….

OOPS Gotta run, here she comes again!!


With all my love,

Chris…the fish…umm bitch…uh… Beta


P.S. Lori… Get to work on book 4… Im uhhh… bored

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  1. Cherie Clark permalink

    Wow is it any wonder i love the pair of you. awesome work Chris. Share with me what you can when you get it ok. Lori I love your books and now i can also thank Chris for keeping it “REEL” love ya

  2. Im gonna steal your password 😉 Love ya

    • I’m going to have to work out a system for changing my password. I wouldn’t want anyone to gain access to ALL of my secrets. ;)~

  3. Although I can see there are many ups and downs to the process of being a beta reader Chris….I think you have done an amazing job… are a crucial part of the process to get to the end of each book….and in my opinion the finished product has always turned out amazing and always leaving me wanting more….so here is to you Chris we appreciate all the hard work you put into helping the books become amazing…..and to Lori to your beautiful mind that keeps giving us these amazing books…..Thank you ….keep them coming we wouldn’t want Chris to get bored……lol

    • You’re right Lisa, Chris has been an integral piece of the puzzle, as is my other Beta Misty, and my mom and little sister. Those four women aren’t afraid to tell me when something is screwy, or when I have written a scene that is physically impossible. 🙂

      • Well I thank Misty, your Mom and little sister as well for all they do. I certainly appreciate all the work it takes to release a book and what a major part all of these people make to the finished product….

      • HAHAHA Yes on the physically impossible lol. Ahhh one day I will have to share a email about that one……

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