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Book Review: Under Pressure by Laurie Roma

by on January 1, 2013

5 Kisses!


Recently, I won a copy of Under Pressure via a contest on Laurie Roma’s blog.  I have to admit, I don’t usually purchase the first book of a brand new author, until some reviews are out, but since I won this copy, and there were several great reviews on it, I was anxious to read it. It was well worth the read. I loved it, so I had to share it with you.


Jason MacBain is the perfect agent. Tall, dark, and deadly, he is a man who lives by simple rules—kill the bad guys and protect the world.  Closed off from his emotions, Jason has never believed in love and doesn’t need anyone. But all that changes the night he meets Bella Moretti…

Isabella Moretti is a famous chef struggling to reclaim her life after she survives a vicious attack. Moving back to Chicago to recover and be closer to her family, Bella meets Jason and is frightened by the passion he stirs inside her. But now that Jason has found Bella, he is determined to claim her as his. And when her stalker reappears, Jason is under pressure to gain her trust, find a way to keep her safe, and do whatever it takes to end the threat to her for good.

Bella is forced to trust Jason with her safety, but does she dare trust him with her heart?



Laurie Roma created a unit of mercenary spies used by governments all over the world, and she made them not only likeable, but downright loveable. Bella Moretti wasn’t the most relatable heroine I’ve ever read, but her relationship with the leader of the IAD , Jason MacBain, made her an enjoyable one. Jason MacBain was overprotective, slightly chauvinistic, and completely head over heels in love with his woman. It also helped that he was sexy as sin, and willing to put his life on the line in a second for her. Their sexual chemistry was explosive from moment one, and some of the love scenes in this story will nearly melt your ereader.

This book had romance, hot sex, a nasty villain, a suspenseful climax, a sweet fun heroine, a hunky Alpha male hero, and a band of misfits that call themselves the IAD. I loved the misfits the most. I can’t wait to see where Laurie goes with this series, because she gave us all kinds of teases. I was intrigued by Liz and Sal, tempted by Jenn, Ryan, and Adrian, smitten by Slade with his haunting Angel, and I totally want to hang out with Tara! I loved it.

This is absolutely a recommended read. The author has a strong voice, and a great set up for a lengthy series of fantastic stories. I’m crossing my fingers that Jenn, Ryan, and Adrian are next, but only because of my affiinity for menage stories. 😉



Bella was tight, so tight she fit him like a glove. Feeling her pussy grip down on his cock almost made him spill himself inside her, but he needed this to last. Holding himself still, he waited until he felt her body relax around him. No matter how many times they made love, Jason was always careful to go slow at the start. To feel out what her body told him. Every muscle in his body tightened as he held himself under control, careful not to hurt her.

“Touch me. Don’t stop touching me,” Bella pleaded.

“God, I am, love. I won’t stop. I can’t.”

He slowly pulled out of her tight pussy and then pushed back in, starting a slow sensuous ride while he placed soft kisses on her shoulder, making her moan. One big hand caressing her breast while the other stroked over her abdomen, holding her back against his hard chest. Whimpering in frustration, Bella tried to speed up the pace as Jason’s long thick cock continued to glide inside her wet warmth slowly.

“Easy, love. I’m too big. You have to relax more.” He turned her head to nip at her lush lower lip, and she jerked his head down to capture his mouth with hers.

Relaxing the muscles of her pussy over his cock, she tried to throw her hips back at him as forcefully as she could.

He hissed at the pressure and gripped her hip hard with his hand, trying to stop her. “Bloody hell, Bella, baby, we have to go slow—”

“No, not slow. Hard. I want to come. I’m so close, please, please.”

Jason’s hand went down to play across her clit, wanting her to come so he could stop worrying about hurting her. His body tight with need, he forced himself to continue his slow pace when everything inside him demanded that he fuck himself into her. He wanted to pound himself deep, so deep she would never get him out. He lightly pinched the small nub as he continued to push his cock slowly into her until he was wedged up to her cervix.

“Come then. Come for me, love. Let me feel you go over for me,” his deep voice rumbled.

She tried to fight it, but he was relentlessly playing her body like an instrument. His fingers continued to rub her clit, making her gasp. She tried once again to speed up the rhythm, causing Jason’s breath to hiss out in pleasure and frustration.

“Come, Bella. Don’t fight it, just let go. Dammit come for me. Come now.” Jason’s deep voice was tight with lust and was enough to spark Bella’s body into overdrive.

Her body burst.

Bella let out a keening cry as fire swept through her and flames of pleasure licked through her entire body. She came and exploded with passion, but still it wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted, no, needed to feel him let go. She needed him to be with her, all the way.

Jason could feel the muscles of her tight pussy clench down on his cock, her shudders increasing the pressure until he swore his cock was being strangled in her tight sheath. He pushed his throbbing shaft deep as he rode out her orgasm, using small jabs and keeping pressure on her clit to heighten her pleasure.

He pulled out until only the head of his cock was lodged inside her and forged his was back inside her to the hilt, testing her readiness now. He could fuck her now, pump his hard cock inside her slick pussy in a hard pounding like he needed to now, but he forced himself to stop. That wasn’t what she needed, especially after last night’s nightmare.

She was slick with her own cream now, her body dripping with her desire, and his cock continued to slide inside her welcoming heat with a slow steady rhythm. His hand reached down and gripped her leg to hold her open for him. He slid his other hand over her breast, again pinching and rolling her nipple between his fingers as he struggled not to spill himself yet.

Bella turned her head and her mouth sought his. She nipped and sucked at his tongue, driving him mad with pleasure. Bella felt the yearning growing again, building deep inside her, sharp and urgent. The feel of him inside her made her burn with passion, the need to feel him with her, more, always. Desire sparked and heated, turning the need into something she would die for.

She wanted more.

She wanted everything.

Bella set his body on fire, and the flames of need grew into a firestorm that threatened his control. The tip of his cock wept his arousal, throbbing with the urgent need to fuck into her welcoming body hard and fast. His body screamed for release, but still he held back.

“Bella, easy, love—”

Temper had Bella snapping, “I need you, Jason. Stop treating me like I’m made of glass. I need you. Hard. Now. Please fuck me.”

Jason stopped with his cock embedded deep within her. When he failed to move, Bella struggled, trying to get him to release her but unable to loosen his hold. “Bella. I don’t want to hurt you. Just let me love you.”

She let out a shriek of frustration. “Why can’t you see that you don’t have to treat me like I’m going to break? Dammit, I don’t need your protection when we’re in bed. Either treat me like a woman or let me go.”

Already on edge, anger collided with raw desire in his system and had him growling. “Let you go? Never, baby, do you fucking hear me? Never. You want me to treat you like a woman? You are my woman.”

“Then prove it,” Bella snapped back.

Jason simply felt his tight control break. It was as if the imaginary shackles he had placed on himself had simply dissolved, leaving the wild beast free. He rolled her over onto her stomach, placing his muscled thighs between hers. He used his legs to spread her wide to accommodate his large body. The need burned white hot and demanded to be sated. He brought her hips up and back without dislodging his cock from inside her, and with a ragged breath he gritted out, “Jesus, love, hold on. Fuck, just hold on.”

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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  1. The passionate descriptions are enthralling! Thank you for taking the time to read a new author’s creation… The review is encouraging, and I look forward to purchasing this book so that I can write my own review! /cheers to others living their dreams!

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