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Giveaway Week Day 5! $10 in Strandbucks for 3 AND a taste of The Gray Pack 4

by on December 20, 2012

This is the LAST day of my 2012 Holiday giveaway week! Saturday Dec 22 I will draw for winners for each day’s prize(s). Today I’m giving $10 in Strandbucks to THREE different readers!  Strandbucks can be used to purchase books on

Medium-LegacyAll you have to do is comment, and share my blog with a friend. When you comment tell me how you shared this link, via Tweet, Facebook post, Yahoo group, or your blog!  THREE people will win so there is no danger in sharing with friends!

To further wet your tongue for Legacy of the Wolf: The Gray Pack 3, coming January 8, 2013, I’m sharing an unedited piece of The Gray Pack 4!


From her place on the front porch of the Alpha’s cabin, KJ watched as her brothers said their goodbyes to their new wife, Shandi. In just a few brief moments they would be gathering their stuff and loading up in the black SUV’s that lined the drive way. Their destination was Quiver Creek, Wyoming, and their goal was to help bring her parents back to the Gray Pack den.

KJ’s heart ached with sadness, as Ryley and Shandi both waved at her and smiled, while Rafe glared daggers in her direction. Instead of returning their friendly gesture, she rolled her eyes and turned away. There was no point in getting to know these people,. sShe wouldn’t be sticking around here. Once Mom and Dad were settled in with the Gray Pack, she would be free to set out on her own. There would be no one to tell her when she could come and go, no rationing of food and supplies, and no male rogues threatening her with a possible mating. Katie Jo Whetstone, would finally be able to be her own person.

Walking through the Alpha’s cabin into the kitchen she was brought up short as the sexiest man she had ever seen, came sauntering in from the kitchen. His eyes were a dark muddy brown, and his equally dark brown hair was cut neatly to match his perfectly groomed mustache and goatee. Lean but muscular, KJ guessed he stood at least six foot two. The thought drifted through her brain, that her head would tuck perfectly under his chin, and against his hard chest. Shaking herself hard, her eyes widened as his scent filled her nostrils, and her wolf began howling in her head.

Panic gripped her chest, and her lungs constricted. This stranger was her mate. There was no other explanation for this kind of reaction. No, she thought to herself as she jerked her gaze away from the sinfully good -looking man, I can’t have a mate yet, I have to find myself first.

The stranger chose that moment to turn his head and meet her gaze. She could feel his eyes drifting down her body, and a  red flush creeping up her throat and cheeks. As he brought his head up and their eyes locked, she felt her knees tremble, and her pussy clench. His pupils dilated as his body reacted to its perfect mate, and she swallowed hard as he took a step in her direction.

Without a second thought, she spun on her heel and ran for the front door. She pushed past Damon Gray who was coming in from the other side, and left a wide berth between her and her new brothers. She couldn’t handle family time right now. As she shot into the woods, she instinctively shifted into her wolf form, feeling her clothing rip away from her body, as she landed on four paws.

As always the smell of the earth was coupled with the fragrance of the trees, and she breathed deeply trying to clear her brain. Her mate. That’s who the stranger was. It was the only reason for her wolf to go this haywire based on his scent alone.

She ran for a few more moments, before she slowed to an easy canter, and then dropped to her belly in the middle of a clearing. After a few more blissful moments of solitude she heard the sounds of wolves behind her. Rafe, Ryley, and Shandi all burst forward in wolf form, coming to an abrupt stop in the small clearing she stood in.

Shifting into their human skin, Shandi and Ryley shared a glance before moving cautiously towards her. KJ shifted into her human form, and planted her hands on her hips giving them an angry glare.

“Why did you follow me?”

Ryley’s hands went up as if to hold her off, and he shook his head. “Whoa there, tiger. You looked upset.”

“So?” Maybe they were actually concerned about her.

“We just wanted to make sure you were okay, KJ,.” Shandi said softly from where she had stopped a few feet away.

KJ stared at her new sister in law in amazement, and then movement caught her attention as Rafe shifted into his human skin.

“Come on. She’s clearly fine.” He snapped at Shandi and Ryley who both looked torn between following his orders and comforting her.

“Rafe—” Shandi started, but KJ held her hand up.

“I got upset because the cabin was too full of people. I don’t like crowds. I needed some space.,” KJ said staring into her big brother’s eyes. The glacial blue orbs narrowed in on her, and he shook his head.

“Bull shit.,” Hhe said refusing to release her gaze.

Shock rippled through her., “Excuse me?” 

“I call bull shit on you. Something more than a crowded cabin happened to you, but if that’s how you want to spin it—” he said, shifting his weight onto his heels as he crossed both arms in front of his massive chest.

KJ turned her head into the soft breeze as she processed his words. She wanted desperately to call his bluff  come clean and tell him that she had just stumbled into her soul mate, but if anyone knew, they would push the two of them together. She just needed some time to process it all before she introduced herself to the man fate wanted her to spend the rest of her life with.

Turning back to the trio, she shrugged. “What do you care?”

Ryley and Shandi both groaned as an evil grin spread over Rafe’s face. “I don’t care, but my mate does. If she wants you happy, then I’ll do my damnedest to keep her happy.”

“No one needs to worry about me. I’ve been taking care of myself for years,.” KJ said, trying to ignore the tightness in her chest.

“But now you have a whole pack of family to help you,.” Shandi said.

KJ barked out a laugh., “No I don’t. I thought that maybe there was a chance I would find a family here, but that was a hopeless bit of optimism. Instead I found doubt, and anger, not to mention ridicule.”

“What?” Ryley snarled, and KJ stared at him in silent shock. “What the hell do you mean ridicule? Who’s fucking with you?”

The sting of tears in her eyes irritated KJ as she swallowed hard trying to control her reaction to his protectiveness. “It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I know my place around here. I need your help saving our mother’s life. If we don’t figure out what’s wrong with her soon, she will probably die.”

“We’re already leaving our brand new wife to come save the day for your parents, what more do you want from us?” Rafe said nastily.

KJ grimaced and spewed out the first words on her tongue., “They are your parents too.”

“That remains to be proven.” Rafe’s tone was ice cold, and KJ shivered automatically.

“Whatever, look I’m not going to debate it with you. It’s as clear as the raised eyebrow on your face that I’m your sister, but if you need to see them to prove it, well your wish is my command. You’ll be eating your words in a matter of days.,” KJ said angrily.

“Stop it, right now. Both of you. Rafe, you and I both know she’s our blood, even if you’re too hard headed to admit it right now. Why don’t you and Shandi go for a quick run before we leave, and I’ll go back to the cabin with KJ. She needs to meet Thomas, and I think he’s there with Tina now,.” Ryley said.

KJ, Rafe, and Shandi all gaped at him, before Shandi started laughing. “Well now I’ve seen everything. Ryley Whetstone, since when did you become the serious one?”

Ryley’s trademark cheeky grin lifted hi s lips, and KJ found herself smiling back. The only one left frowning was Rafe.

“I’ll be there in ten, Ry.,” Rafe said, before he dropped down to the ground in wolf form and padded off into the woods. Shandi shifted with a shake of her head, and a heavy sigh, and followed him, leaving KJ alone with Ryley.

“Do you have to antagonize him?” Ryley asked.

“I don’t appreciate being called a liar.”

Ryley cursed under his breath. “You have to understand our side of it too. You’ve had your parents for your whole life. Our parents left us, remember? Without a goodbye, or an explanation, they just left. I told you before that it’s going to be the hardest on Rafe, can’t you just go easy on him?”

KJ felt pointedly admonished, and hated the feeling. “So you think this is easy on me? I’ve grown up hearing about how perfect my two older brothers were, and seeing the sorrow in my mother’s eyes every time she talks about you guys. How, someday we were going to go back and get you, or join you or something, anything, just to be a whole family. When I finally get the chance to meet you, one of you turns out to be a douche bag.”

Ryley’s face was a dark shade of red, and a small muscle in his jaw ticked with tension. “Fine. We’re all struggling with our emotions, but that doesn’t mean we have to be at each other’s throats. Try to give him some space while we’re on this trip, otherwise he’s likely to rip yours out.”

With that Ryley shifted into his wolf, and cocked his head like he was waiting for her to do the same. With another pointed eye roll and a huffy sigh, she shifted and followed him back to the Alpha’s cabin.

The moment they reached the tree line they both shifted, and continued on foot. Ryley greeted several people as they went into the cabin, but KJ stayed silent, heading directly towards her bag that was still sitting next to the stairs. She pulled out a pair of jeans and a Tt-shirt, and was just settling the fabric over her naked breasts as the spicy scent of man hit her nose.

Her eyes drifted shut, and she inhaled deeply. For just a moment her head spun and her body swayed as she was swamped with the sensation of her mate’s nearness. Two hands settled softly on her shoulders as if to steady her, and a deep rich voice broke through her lusty haze.

“Are you alright, little one?”

Her eyes shot open and locked onto the deep brown of his. Electricity zipped through her system, and all of the air expelled from her lungs as he inhaled sharply. His gaze darkened with desire, just as he jerked his hands away from her.

The man cleared his throat, and shoved his hands in his jeans pockets. “Are you alright? You looked like you were going to pass out.”

KJ swallowed hard, and opened her mouth to speak, but the only sound that escaped her throat was a soft, sensual growl…

Thank you so much for visiting my blog all week, and signing up for the drawings! I know not everyone can win, but I thank you all for participating! As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

Fine Print:

I will draw for the prizes on December 22, 2012, and I will contact the winners via email. International readers are welcome!

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  1. The Winners of my Giveaway Week!
    Day 1: Signed Paperback of Fire of the Wolf: Lisa Carlton
    Day 2: Live/Love/Laugh Throw Blanket: Tina Dowds
    Day 3: Signed Paperback of Reflections of the Wolf: Luna Wildwood
    Day 4: Live/Love/Laugh Notepads: Christy Zito Hebert, and Stacy Wilson
    Day 5: $10 Strandbucks: Sheri Vidal, Cherie Clark, Kathleen Daultrey Harris!!!!
    You should hear from me by the end of the day to get your info, or you can PM it to me. Thank you so much for playing!!! Merry Christmas!

  2. A must read!!! Shared on FB. Congrats Lori! ❤

  3. Heck of a contest ,Lori! 🙂
    Shared on my FB page
    Peggy 🙂

  4. SheriV permalink

    I had a lot of fun this week. Thank you Lori!! I shared on my FB. 🙂

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    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog this week. You’re awesome Lori! :0) I’m sharing your blog on facebook. :0)

  6. Cherie Clark permalink

    I shared the link on Face book. whoop whoop day 5… yipee. So how long do we have to wait for these books you are teasing us with… Happy Holidays to you and yours. love ya xxoo

  7. Wow definitely looking forward to reading Gray Pack 4, thank you for sharing the excerpt and thank you for having the contest this week. I have tweeted 🙂

  8. All I can say is OMG and WOW you have outdone yourself…i am so excited to see Thomas in this book …I still have book 3 first and you already have me craving book 4….I tweeted this so everyone would come and check out this amazing peek into the Gray Pack 4…..Thank you Lori

  9. I SO need the rest of this series!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the first! I guess I am going on a buying spree. :p

    Stacy Wilson

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