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Giveaway Week Day #3: Signed Book and a Tease from Sidney’s Triple Shot

by on December 18, 2012

DAY 3!!!

Dec 17-21st I’m cleaning out my closet…my GIFT closet!

Today’s prize: A signed paperback copy of Reflections of the Wolf: The Gray Pack 2!!!

Just released in paperback you’re getting one of the first copies available! Just leave me a comment telling me what your favorite PHYSICAL characteristic is in a mate. If you’re male I want to know what turns you on about females…if you’re female I want to know what get’s your juices flowing for a man… 

Todays special treat: An unedited excerpt from Sidney’s Triple Shot! This is my almost finished work in progress (I’ve hit 73k words and I’m still going! LOL).

“You and I are going for a ride, Sidney.” He said a little more gently, and she realized they stood next to his Harley. A shiver of anticipation shot through her. She had fantasized about being on that big black monster ever since her first shift at the bar, and she heard him arrive on it. She wanted the power of that engine under her ass, and the solid bulk of Xavier between her thighs as they rode into the sunset.

She began giggling at her own mental imagery, and he cocked his head to study her. “What’s so funny?”

“I want to run away and leave forever, and you’re suggesting an afternoon ride in the countryside.” She said with a louder laugh.

Xavier’s eyes darkened with irritation, and his eye brow rose. “An afternoon ride huh? Well we’ll see if you’re still laughing when we get back.” With that ominous threat, he reached behind her and plucked a helmet off of the bike placing it on top of her blonde head.

She stood still for him in wonder. Surely he isn’t serious, she thought to herself, but she watched wordlessly as he buckled a matching helmet onto his own head and then threw a leg over the huge bike, before shoving his hands into thick black leather gloves.

She hesitated, throwing another look over her shoulder at Noah, who seemed to be the most likely ally if she chose to argue with Xavier. Instead of offering to take her away from his brother, Noah instead stepped forward and took her chin in his hand.

“Honey, I would do anything for you, and you know it, but I’m not bailing you out this time. You ran away instead of talking to us, now you have to face the music.” He pressed a kiss to her gaping lips, stroking over her tongue gently, before pulling away. “I’ll see you later tonight after work. I love you”

He stepped backwards allowing Tyce to take his place. Tyce was grinning like a bobcat, and Sidney could feel the butterflies start dancing in her belly. They were really going to let Xavier take her away on the bike, instead of talking this out like grown-ups. A twinge of guilt went through her brain as she realized that they were right. She had ran away to avoid a painful conversation. But really how much rejection and betrayal could a girl take before she snapped, she thought to herself.

Tyce started chuckling, drawing her attention back to his beautiful blue eyes. “What?” she snapped, narrowing her eyes at him, as he pulled her against his chest.

“I’m just watching your brain work, Love. It’s amazing how easy you are to read. Yes, we’re subjecting you to Xavier’s company for the day, and no we’re not giving you up, ever. No matter what he does, just remember that none of us would ever hurt you. We all love you too much.” He bent and gave her a sexy kiss, that sent her blood pressure skyrocketing, and left her swaying on her feet as he released her from his grip.

She felt the cold stroke of leather against her elbow, as Xavier reached out from where he waiting on the bike, and turned her back to face him. He didn’t speak, he just held his hand out to help her climb onto the bike. As she settled in behind him, he started the engine, and she shuddered as her pussy clenched hard from the vibrations.

Xavier’s broad back obscured most of her view, as she shifted to find her seat, and placed her hands lightly on his shoulders. She could feel him sigh, and he reached up to pull her hands down to his waist, where he tugged hard forcing her forward into the seat. Her front was now plastered to his back, and after a moment of assessment, she decided to just go with it and pressed her cheek against the warm material of his t-shirt.

His softly spoken, “Good girl.” made her grin, and she squeezed her thighs a little tighter around his lean hips, as he backed the bike up, and headed out onto main street.

All of her anger, fear, and reservations flew out of her brain, and the wind hit her face, and the loose ends of her hair whipped out behind her. Her hands clutched at the material covering Xavier’s rock hard abs, and she tipped her head backwards to stare up at the wide blue sky. The highway out of town was nearly empty, and it felt like they were the only two people in the world.

The roar of the bike faded as she got lost in her own thoughts, and just relished the feeling of holding Xavier and relaxing into his care. Tyce was right, there was no way that they had purposely brought out those pictures to hurt her. Even though it was embarrassing to see herself that way, it was important that the people of the town realize how dangerous Robert could be. The best way to make them understand was to show them.

The knowledge that Robert was in Apache Crossing, and had more than likely seen her with the Dawson brothers, was terrifying. It meant that if he actually managed to get to her, he would kill her. Now the question was, how to either make him lose interest, or protect herself when the time finally came that they were face to face again.

Share your secrets! Tell me what PHYSICAL characteristic catches your attention in a mate.

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

The Fine Print:
I will draw on Saturday December 22, and contact winners via email. International readers are welcome!

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  1. The Winners of my Giveaway Week!
    Day 1: Signed Paperback of Fire of the Wolf: Lisa Carlton
    Day 2: Live/Love/Laugh Throw Blanket: Tina Dowds
    Day 3: Signed Paperback of Reflections of the Wolf: Luna Wildwood
    Day 4: Live/Love/Laugh Notepads: Christy Zito Hebert, and Stacy Wilson
    Day 5: $10 Strandbucks: Sheri Vidal, Cherie Clark, Kathleen Daultrey Harris!!!!
    You should hear from me by the end of the day to get your info, or you can PM it to me. Thank you so much for playing!!! Merry Christmas!

  2. I have a thing for eyes. I do have to say hair comes next for me. Thank you for sharing the excerpt.

  3. miriam roman permalink

    love the excerpt! love the teddy bear types.

  4. Kathy permalink

    I do believe I like the bike, the best so far. But if I really have to choose a human then it would be Xavier, cause he drives the bike.

  5. laura permalink

    I notice the eyes first. The way a person looks at you can say alot about them.

  6. Ooh, loved this excerpt! I really liked the softly spoken “good girl” remark—has that sexy undertone!

    • Usually what catches my eye is a great smile, nice strong arms, and a physique that’s built so I can imagine being cuddled.

  7. Luna permalink

    strangely I got a thing for the back of the neck. Don’t ask me why, I just do. Also the eyes are imprtant too. Windows to the soul as they say. Pretty peepers are nice to stare at and they can be so expressive without words

  8. Tina D permalink

    Belly buttons push my buttons

  9. SheriV permalink

    It’s a toss up between big muscley arms and a tight ass. lol

  10. Cherie Clark permalink

    Hey there that was an awesome tease form Sidneys story, bring it on. I love Arms. Lovely strong arms to give me squeezy hugs, to wrap around me at night and to fulfill fantasies of holding me down when needed.
    Woohoo Day three

  11. Christy Hebert permalink

    I love men who have muscular arms and chest. I love big, tough hairy teddy bears. :0)

  12. another book I want to read…looking forward to it.

    I must admit I am an eye person, you can tell soo much about someone through their eyes. I don’t mind a nice ass as well but I always look at the eyes first.

  13. Wow I’m really loving Sidney’s Triple Shot …this is going to be an amazing book… what I see first is the eyes….eyes that can turn you on just by looking at you….eyes that just scream I want you bad…..that make your knees buckle…and get you all hot and bothered

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