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Giveaway Week Day #2: Live Laugh Love & an ADULT Teaser from The Brooks Brothers!

by on December 17, 2012

Today is Day #2 of my week of Giveaways! I’m cleaning out my gift closet this week to celebrate the holidays! Every day from Dec 17-21st there will be a different prize to win just by leaving a comment on that days post!

Today I’m giving away a gorgeous throw blanket with my favorite quote on it!


What do you need to do? Just leave me a comment telling me how you plan to spend your holidays this year? Will you be surrounded by a crowd of family, and friends? Or cuddling your sweetie in matching snuggies by the fire?

With the prize out of the way, here is the goodies! An unedited teaser from my Work In Progress,  The Brooks Brothers!!


“Let’s go. If she wants to drink, dance and play pool, then she will have more company than she ever imagined. And if she wants to go home with someone, it will be us.” Parker said, and all three other brothers nodded in agreement.

They headed into the bar, and Rogan’s eyes scanned the room looking for a waterfall of brown curls on top of a petite curvy body. Sawyer spotted her first, leaning against the bar chatting with another local ranch hand. She had her arms crossed under her small breasts pushing them up and out, much to Rogan’s dismay and delight. She was in full throttle flirt mode, and he wanted to shut it down immediately.

Walking across the bar as a unit they automatically surrounded her, with Hudson slipping in between her and the drooling cowboy she had been chatting with, and Parker and Sawyer on her right.

“Hey!” she yelped in surprise as Rogan’s arms went around her waist, and he pulled her back up against his chest. She felt so perfect in his arms, and her fresh scent flooded his brain.

“Hey sexy. I hear you said hi to my brothers, but didn’t stick around to say hello to me. I’m hurt.” he said with a playful pout, and she rolled her eyes giggling.

“Is that the story they told? I don’t quite remember it that way. I seem to recall Parker threatening me, then Hudson delaying me from my plans, then Sawyer bossing me around, and finally Parker playing Daddy and manhandling me.” she said with a sigh, but he nearly groaned when she settled more firmly into him instead of pulling away immediately.

“I haven’t even started manhandling you yet Sunshine, and I would be happy to play with you anytime. But I prefer to be called Parker over Daddy.” Parker said, and her eyes grew wide. She stared into the mirror over the bar at the four men behind her and next to her.

Rogan wondered what was going through her pretty little head, when her eyes glazed over slightly, and her heart rate increased.

“Guys, you’re seriously cramping my style. No man is going to want to get close to me with all four of you hanging around.” she said quietly, with a pleading tone.

“Good.” Sawyer muttered under his breath, and Rogan grinned.

“That’s the idea.” Hudson said, and Rachel’s eyes nearly bugged out of her head.


“Rachel, we get it. You just broke up with Mitch, and you’re trying to prove something. To yourself, or to him, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we don’t want you playing the field. We want you to come home with us.” Rogan said, bending to kiss the top of her head lightly. She stared into his mirror image in shock, but her body was pulsing in his arms. Whether she admitted it or not, she wanted them.

“Come on stop playing around guys.” she said with a toss of her hair.

Silence reigned for a few heartbeats, and then Parker slid his hand up her arm until he was gripping her chin between his thumb and forefinger forcing her to look him in the eyes. “Rachel, think about it. Four men, who want to please you, and make your body sing.”

            She snorted in disbelief still staring into Parker’s eyes. “Would you stop teasing me? It’s really rather rude.”

Rogan could see Parker’s jaw clench in frustration. Parker was a Dom through and through, and he hated being ignored. Rachel was going to learn the hard way if she kept it up. He knew that he had to interfere before the two of them began spitting fire at each other.

“So what exactly is your plan for the evening, Rach?” Rogan said softly, regaining her attention.

She blinked, and her tongue darted out to lick her full lips. Rogan wanted to capture those lips with his own, and worship them with his tongue. He wondered if she had any idea how many fantasies she had created in his brain with that quick little unconscious gesture. Her almost bare back was still pressed against his abdomen, and he knew she could feel his erection through his jeans. Just to tease her he lightly grazed his thumb over the delicate jewel hanging from her tiny belly button. Her sharp intake of breath told him he was successful.

“I’m going to finish my drink, and then I suppose I’m going to ask some lonely cowboy to dance with me.” She said, gripping her glass tighter in her hands. She didn’t push them away from her, so Rogan continued to trace his finger over the petal soft skin of her belly.

“You have four lonely cowboys right here, ask away.” Sawyer said with a grin.

Mmmm…..I love men who know what they want. Now do your thing and leave me a comment!

As always, Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance~Lori

The Fine Print:
I will draw on Saturday December 22, and contact winners via email. International readers are welcome!


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  1. The Winners of my Giveaway Week!
    Day 1: Signed Paperback of Fire of the Wolf: Lisa Carlton
    Day 2: Live/Love/Laugh Throw Blanket: Tina Dowds
    Day 3: Signed Paperback of Reflections of the Wolf: Luna Wildwood
    Day 4: Live/Love/Laugh Notepads: Christy Zito Hebert, and Stacy Wilson
    Day 5: $10 Strandbucks: Sheri Vidal, Cherie Clark, Kathleen Daultrey Harris!!!!
    You should hear from me by the end of the day to get your info, or you can PM it to me. Thank you so much for playing!!! Merry Christmas!

  2. This year I’ll we’ll be doing Christmas a few days in a row. Christmas I’ll be spending it with my mom and grandma. Soon after it’ll be with my friend, then when my grandpa gets home it’ll be with him.

  3. SheriV permalink

    We’ll be surrounded by all of your family and friends. I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

  4. Madelina permalink

    Ohhh, I LIKE!
    I’m not sure how I’m spending the holidays this year. It’s up in the air.

  5. Oh my goodness I soo can’t wait to read this story I am hooked already.

    I plan to spend the holidays quietly enjoying time with my family. My health has been poor of late and I just want this time for my children to be children without worries

  6. Cherie Clark permalink

    well i will be at work for the morning then camping and bbq’d for the afternoon.

  7. Aimee permalink

    I will be spending the day with my family, cooking and opening presents.

  8. Oh my I am loving The Brooks Brothers….can’t wait for more…love the guys names by the way…..hmmmmmm well it is going to be a great Christmas for me… mother and step father are flying down from Kentucky to spend Christmas with us….this is the first time she has been home for Christmas in about 10 years so I’m very excited I haven’t seen her in 6 months….it is even extra special because her birthday is Christmas Eve…..Thank you for the wonderful reading you give all of us and the amazing contest you are spoiling us with 😉

  9. It’s going to be a quiet day here in Cummnig, GA. It’s our first Christmas with grandson, so it should be fun!

    I may just light a fire, too, for ambiance.

    LOVED the excerpt!

    Stacy Wilson

    dragn_lady at yahoo dot com

  10. Tina D permalink

    I am sure I will be working so that others can spend the day with their rugrats. If not then I will spend my day watching tv and doing my favorite thing chatting with friends and reading

  11. Christy Hebert permalink

    My hubby, kids and I spend Christmas with my family in Orlando. But this year we are trying something special. The day after Christmas we are taking the kids camping for the first time at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground. The kids are so excited to go camping for 3 days in a tent. Lol :0)

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