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The Angels Weep for Newton, CT.

by on December 15, 2012


I heard about the shooting in Newton, CT, mere hours after it occured. Our news media was on the ball with sharing the horrors of the event, and I watched with tears in my eyes as they showed clips of terror stricken children running for their lives from an elementary school. Their bubble of safety was breached, and a madman brought his insanity into a world where it had no place. My heart aches for the many parents who have no child to hold, and I cling even tighter to my own babies. I’m not a bible thumper by any means, but I have my own version of spirituality. In the depths of my soul I have to believe that those babies were carried to heaven on Angel wings and will only know peace from here on out. It doesn’t fill the void, it won’t ease the pain, or wipe the fear from survivors eyes, but many will cling to their faith.

On April 20, 1999, I was a Junior in high-school. I got home from school that afternoon and flipped on the tv, only to be shocked by images of high-school students fleeing for their lives from their school. Columbine was a major moment in my high-school days, because it brought the reality of terrorists to life for me. I remember crying empty tears for people I didn’t know, and families I would never meet. I relived those moments yesterday as I watched parents desperately searching the little faces at a crowded fire station for their child. All I could do was pray for the day when children can go to school without the fear of never coming home.

I’m dedicating my blog to those lives; young and old. To the teenagers who died in Columbine, the teachers who sacrificed themselves in both terror attacks to protect their students, and the kindergartners whose last moments were filled with fear yesterday. Most importantly, I dedicate it to the families that were left behind to grieve, and live on. Their path will be the hardest, but I hope that if any of them were to read this, they would know that they have the support, love and prayers of one heart in Kansas.

You never know which moment will be your last, so please don’t forget to Live, Love, and Laugh like TODAY is your only chance!~Lori


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