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In the Spotlight: Honor James

by on December 13, 2012

In the Spotlight: Honor Jameshj-ppu-theirunexpected

New Release: Their Unexpected Mate

After the devastating loss of her father, Katherine Douglas picks up her entire life and moves to the wilds of Montana. She sets about making a home only to find the unexpected—three larger-than-life men that send her perfectly planned future into a dizzying tailspin. 

In the middle of a sting, Treasach “Scythe” Campbell, Quinlan “Mac” McAllister, and Sullivan “Sully” McAllister, Alpha Team for the Paranormal Protection Unit, were more worried about getting out in one piece than what the future might hold. But then in she walked—their mate. Like a punch to the gut, instincts older than time kick in, and the three men know nothing but the driving need to be with her.

They’re not human, not by a long shot, but they will love her with a fierceness no other could. Will she run from what they are and what they are asking her for, or can they convince her to heed the primal call from within?

The Biz

How many books do you currently have published? One currently, one due on December 26th and then a book every 2 weeks until the first week in May. LOTS! 🙂

Do you have anything in progress right now? Lots of works in progress! I have just finished book 1- of the Paranormal Protection Unit, working on tieing up the final novel of that series and I am working on two additional series, Lords of the Expanse and The Royal Wolf. I’m trying to finish book 2 in both of those series. Oh, and also another brand spanking new series that I am totally crazy about as well. Whew! So that’s going to be a total of 4 series! 

What is your favorite type of Hero/Heroine to write about? One with a troubled past or one with a haunted past.

What genre do you prefer to write? Paranormal Romance

What is the hardest part of writing for you? Finishing a story. I can start like a flash, fill in the middle but when it comes to finishing the story I sometimes have to let it sit, marinate and then I can finish it.

Advice for aspiring and new writers? Best advice I could give would be to always write, keep writing and build on your ideas. It’s never easy but if you keep at it you never know what you might achieveDo you use photo’s for visual inspiration when creating your characters, or just your imagination? Depending on the character it’s usually just a sense I have, very rarely a picture, though occasionally a character on TV gives me an idea.

Who did you dedicate your first book to? To my sister, editor and readers

How do you come up with inspiration for your books? A lot of my ideas come from dreams I have – usually completely off the wall, way out there and more than a little strange but somehow, once I throw out the freaky things, it all seems to work out.

The Random

Are you Male, or Female? Yes – Female

What would we find in your fridge if you were to do an episode of MTV Cribs? Nothing too exciting (on the surface), lots of bottles of water, milk, juice but surprisingly no soda. To me soda is something that’s best from a soda fountain. Mmm..

What’s your favorite color? Pink

What’s your astrological sign? Gemini

Elevator, Escalator, Stairs? Escalator? I’m totally claustrophobic so the cramped spaces are so not for me!

Coffee, Tea, Soda? Coffee to get me moving so that I’m actually acting like a human and not the Bitch that I normally am when I wake, and Soda (only from the soft drink fountain though) and I truly, truly hate tea. Ick.

Favorite Movie? I don’t have just one, I have many all depending on my mood… So, trying for something violent in a book: 300; something to tug at the heartstrings: Marley & Me; something to wipe out all the work stuff I need to deal with: Fast Five (come on, Vin and the Rock in the same movie!)

Who doesn’t love Vin and the Rock? 😉

What song is on your iPod/Mp3/Stereo right now? At this very moment – not a single thing, playing that is. Sitting waiting for me, anything and everything through the realms from Adele to Garth Brooks, Metallica to Usher and much more.

Favorite Rainy Day activity? Writing of course

The Good Stuff:

If you had to pick one item to bring to the bedroom with you what would it be? A book

Thong, Bikini, Full Coverage, Commando? Boy shorts

Lovemaking, Wham Bam, Kinky Fuckery? Hmm, good question, love a good loving but you can’t know the kinky stuff now and again

Single and Loving it, Happily Taken? Happily taken

Tall Dark and Handsome or Playful Funny and Sexy? Abso-freakin-lutely! All of the above if you would please!

Biker, Musician, Artist, Construction Worker or CEO? As long as he’s a bad boy, who cares?!

Oh yeah, gotta love a bad boy! Let’s dig in a little deeper and read an EXCERPT from

“Oh for mercy’s sakes,” Katherine muttered as she got out of her little Prius and looked up at the menacing bar. This place scared the bejesus out of her, not because it was, well, a bar, but because she had seen the men and women that entered the place while she sat frozen in place when she pulled in. Holy Christ, the men were like mountains and the women were like hookers on Ecstasy. Holy shiitake mushrooms, she didn’t belong there, but evidently this was the one and only place she could get what she wanted.

“Goodness bless America,” she muttered and pulled her purse across her front so that it hung over her like a cross-body bag. The bulk of the bag was in the front, easy access to her wallet and pepper spray should she need it.

Another deep breath had her steeling herself and marching, no other word for how she was walking, toward the door to “The Bar.”

Katherine pulled the door, and nothing happened. “Well what the ever-loving—” She grumbled and then grabbed the handle with both hands, tugging hard and groaning with the weight of the door swinging open for her.

“Holy schist.” She wanted to let her hands go from the door and cover her ears. Holy crap, people listened to music, no, country music, that loud? What the ever-loving…?

Stepping into the smoke-filled bar, she sneezed, a-freaking-gain, and took out another Kleenex, thank you, portables, and dabbed at her eyes and nose. This had so better be worth it, she thought to herself and walked to the bar. As she took a step, she had to look at the bottoms of her Mary Janes to ensure that she didn’t have gum on them. Seeing none, she bent and touched the floor and squeaked when she pulled her fingers from the sticky floor. “I have a feeling that I’m going to need a flipping tetanus shot before I go home.” They had better have what she was jonesing for or she was going to kill someone.

What happened next was like a bad movie. While she was bent checking out the floor, someone moved along with another person and tripped over her. Katherine never would have believed that bending behind a person’s knees would send them flying heels over head, but sure enough, it did.

* * * *

 As soon as the little bit of nothing walked into the bar, three men noticed her right away. Scythe had literally stopped in his tracks on his way to the bar to pay off the round of drinks he had just bought and lifted his head in a purely animalistic manner before he inhaled the air deeply. Even with the scents of The Bar swirling around them he could smell—her.

Mac’s beer stopped halfway to his lips. His gaze moved from the meeting going on in the corner and zeroed in on her. The smoldering heat built in his gaze as he watched the little thing look around as if she were lost. A low, feral growl came from his lips when he saw Big Eddie reaching out to touch her, and he watched as she unknowingly sidestepped the death of the man.

Over the comms the men wore came a quiet male voice. “Do we have trouble?”

Shit, Mac hadn’t realized his growl had been picked up by the too-sensitive comms unit and clicked his mic by scratching his ear. “Not in the sense you’re talking.” He looked to Scythe and saw that he had the same reaction to the little thing, and then to Sully, who seemed to be moving toward her without hesitation after tossing the cue onto the pool table.

What happened next would have made Mac, Scythe, and Sully laugh, if it hadn’t involved their woman. Scythe watched in fascination as the woman bent down to touch the floor after inspecting the bottoms of her shoes. When Manic and Big Eddie got into a tussle near her, they all watched in horror as Manic, one of the deadliest of the Hell’s Angels on the West Coast, tumbled, pinwheeled, and then fell over the back of the little gal, who was short and stacked, petite but delicious looking. Well, hell.

“Passing the ball off to the other team,” Mac whispered as he rose from his table, tossing a twenty to cover his beer, and began to move quickly toward the woman who was now standing toe-to-toe with a man who had more arrest warrants than Mac had PS3 games, and that was pretty fucking amazing.

“What?” squawked the lead on this case. “What the fuck, Mac?”

“Gotta save the future mother of my cubs,” he said softly as he tried to make his way across the dance floor, his eyes never leaving the woman or the large man who seemed to be getting an earful from her.

“Shit,” came across the comms and was followed with, “Beta team, fall in. Take over Alpha team’s stations. Don’t let these bastards get away. We will deal with everything else later.”

There was a trio of ‘copies’ that rumbled through their link as three leather-clad bikers separated from the shadows and laughed as they took up positions semi-close to where the weasel and the pusher were both conversing and dealing.

These guys have my attention for sure! Want to keep tabs on what Honor has coming up next? Find her here:

And look for the next two books in the series on Siren coming soon!

Their Mating Illusion: Paranormal Protection Unit 2 & Their Improbable Matine: Paranormal Protection Unit 3

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As always don’t forget to Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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