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Interview with the Guardian Angel Daniel and the Goddess Fate: Tammy Smith

by on December 9, 2012
The Guardian Angel Daniel Quartermarsh-Image provided by Tammy Smith

The Guardian Angel Daniel Quartermarsh-Image provided by Tammy Smith

Happy Monday Readers! Today I’ve got a special treat for you all in the form of guest blogger Tammy Smith! You remember Tammy from her alter ego’s Spotlight Interview: be sure to read that one if you missed it! Anywho, Tammy brought some friends along to share her newest book with us, and boy is he sexy…umm…I mean…they are fantastic…they both of them….together… yeah well let’s just get to the interview okay? 🙂


I’ve been asked to take over the blogging duties today for Tammy and her alter ego Lia. Both are getting ready for Tammy’s virtual release party for her new novel The Island (Now and Forever 2). Who am I? I’m one of the characters in this series, Daniel Quartermarsh. I’m not just an average character either. I’m a Guardian Angel given the task to watch over my family, friends and a few other charges.

I don’t have to do it alone. Thankfully, the Goddess Fate has paired me up with another Guardian also intimately involved with our charges. Michael Hartley is the father of my sister Quinn’s heart and soul, Jacob. It’s their story that’s told in The Island. On November 15th the book became available on Soon you’ll be able to get it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and many other sites. Until then, I thought I would give you a bit more background information, fill in more of our back story and give a little more face time to a few characters that seem to take a back seat, but really control just about everything. Today, I’m happy to welcome to Lori King’s blog with me today the Goddess herself, Lady Fate.

Thank you for inviting me here today, Daniel. Not too long ago I visited with your cousin, Brigid on Tammy’s website Behind Closed DoorsShe had her hands full with myself and my brother, Lucius!

LOL! I’m sure Brigid can handle him. She’s one tough cookie.

Yes, she does appear to be able to put him in his place. Maybe I should have her at our next meeting with Yeshua? That as she’s said many times today, is for another story. You wish to ask me about Quinn and Jacob, no?

Sort of. Since humans have free will, how could you have been sure Quinn and Jake would decide to give up everything on the Island for a chance at love in the real world? Aren’t you still afraid they’ll choose the wrong path again?

That’s why I put you and Michael in charge of these two. I need you to present the choices they have in front of them, with the consequences of each, so they can decide for themselves. Some may call it influencing them to make a specific choice and that may very well be. But the bottom line here is both of them have to choose the path that leads them to each other, no matter what the cost, in order that their fated destiny can be fulfilled in this lifetime. 

If they choose to stay on the Island and just enjoy whatever time they have together and never go back to Earth?

The Goddess Fate-Image provided by Tammy Smith

The Goddess Fate-Image provided by Tammy Smith

Then they have to fight to find each other again in the next lifetime and the next until they get it right. This time though, there is a lot more at stake. Each must cross paths with specific people in order for many more destinies to be fulfilled this life cycle. Without Quinn and Jacob in their lives, these other people will also have altered futures. It’s a bit complicated at times, but this is how it’s always been from the moment time began.

I have to tell you, there were times I didn’t think I could watch over some of our charges properly. I didn’t know if it would be too hard for me to be with my family since they are still mourning my death. On the other hand, it does give me the chance to still be in their lives, even if they can’t always see or hear me. I’m very happy you paired me with Michael. He’d passed on the year before, but had a bit more experience with watching over his family.

The two of you do make a wonderful team. You did a fantastic job protecting Jacob after his accident. It nearly broke my heart not to let Michael be there as well, but that was just something he didn’t need to see. It’s hard enough to have to see your child broken and hooked up to machines. It meant a lot to him that you were there.

There will be a time I’ll need to lean on him when it comes to my family. Knowing that my dad will have to go through all that chemo and still lose that fight has been a bitter pill to swallow.
(Fate takes both of Daniel’s hands into her own.)

It will not be an easy task to watch that, but your father also has another destiny to fulfill, just as you did. With the help of Michael and both of your families, all of you will get through the dark spots ahead. Trust me. There will be many more bright spots for both the Quartermarsh and Hartley clans!

And that will have to be a story for another time and another book in Tammy’s Now and Forever series. She’s busy working on the next THREE books in this series so look for those in the coming months. Until then, you are all invited to the release party for The Island (Now and Forever 2). It’s a virtual party of course, but there will be some prizes given away and it promises to be fun. It starts at midnight on December 13th and runs a full 24 hours so folks in other time zones will be able to participate in the festivities. All you need is a Facebook account and click HERE. ~~~~~

The IslandNow and Forever 2

The Island
Now and Forever 2

The Island

After losing her brother in a fatal motorcycle accident, Quinn’s life spins out of control. Shutting herself off from friends and family in Michigan, she buries herself in her work, wishing for the pain to end. In her dreams she’s finally able to find the peace her heart craves on The Island.

Driven to recklessness over a heartbreaking betrayal, Jacob races his motorcycle on a rain slick California freeway. Near death in the hospital, he’s given a choice. Stay on The Island or go back for a second chance at love.

Destined to be together, but repeatedly torn apart, these two lost and melancholy people draw the attention of the Goddess Fate. As Quinn and Jacob’s lives hang in limbo, the soul mates are given a very special gift from the Gods, and the chance to finally have their love of a lifetime.


Adult Excerpt

His eyes found hers once again and she began to fall. She didn’t care. Thoughts of going back or staying there on The Island disappeared. All she wanted to think about, to feel, and taste was Jacob. Quinn pulled his mouth back to hers. The sweet taste of the berries, mango, and papaya dazzled her taste buds as their tongues teased and danced with each other, fighting for control one moment and surrendering to each other the next.

Jacob finally freed her tits from the laces of her bodice. Watching him tug at the strings with his teeth made her heart beat faster and she giggled before she could stop. He winked and kept up the slow pace. Quinn giggled even more. “I stand by my first assessment. You’re a tease, Jake.”

“Baby doll, you haven’t seen anything yet.” He pushed her dress down to her waist and simply stared. “I’m not the only tease here.”

“What are you talking about?” Quinn slid her fingertips up and down his arms. His muscles twitched and pulsed at her touch. She wanted those arms wrapped around her and to never let go.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. You don’t flaunt it, but every move and noise you make turns me on. I wanted to take this slow, but I can’t.”

“Stop thinking so much and kiss me.” She pushed herself up to meet his mouth once again as they moved on the bed so she was now on top of him. Jacob’s hands slid up her thighs, leaving hot trails with his fingertips. Her body quaked and her pussy clenched as a rush of fluid soaked her panties completely.

Jacob hooked his thumbs in the band of her underwear, snapped them off, and tossed them onto the floor. His hands slid up her body, pulling the dress up and over her head in a flash. He sat up, holding her in his lap, nuzzling first one breast and then the other with his stubbly chin and cheeks. The roughness of his skin against her rock-hard nipples sent her rolling toward another orgasm. She clung to him as he suckled harder on her right nipple while kneading her left breast with his hand. Quinn arched her back and bit her lip before crying out. “Jake, please don’t—”

He pulled back quickly, moving his hands to cradle her face. Concern filled his eyes. “Did I hurt you?”

Her eyes glistened with tears. “No. Please don’t stop.”


* * * *


The catch in her voice nearly broke his heart. The raw passion was there. Her body given freely to him, and yet she still questioned his desire for her. He knew that pain all too well. Here with Quinn though, it all faded away. She did that for him and he wanted so badly to do the same for her. He wiped away the tears that spilled onto her flushed face. He kissed her softly and held her close. “I want you, now and for however long we can be together. I need to be with you. I won’t stop as long as you want the same.”

Quinn slid off his lap and knelt up on the bed, pulling him up with her. She held his gaze as her fingers unfastened his shorts and then slid them down over his hips. Jacob quickly took off his tank top before crushing Quinn’s chest against his. She smiled and his heart beat quickened. “I need you, too. Make love with me, Jake.”

He slid out of his shorts as Quinn eased back onto the pillows. Jacob took in her entire sun-kissed body, naked before him. God, she’s so beautiful. Quinn welcomed him into her arms as he joined her on the pillows, his mouth finding her left nipple this time as his right hand trailed down her stomach.

She arched her back and moaned as soon as his fingers found her throbbing clit. Another wave of fluid gushed out of her and over his fingers. Jacob brought them up to his mouth to taste her. “Mmmm. You taste fucking fantastic. Your sister was right. Wanna try?”

Quinn giggled and licked his fingers clean. That move sent his body over the edge. His cock was bouncing with his need for her, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by his lover. She reached inside the nightstand for the box of condoms, spilling several over the bed. Jacob smiled as he placed one in her open palm. Quinn slid her hands down his abs to his pulsing member. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and squeezed a little, eliciting a gasp from him. Carefully she tore open the wrapper with her teeth and quickly covered his cock with the ribbed latex sheath. He thrust his hips forward, causing her hand to slide up and down his shaft. “Oh, now who’s teasing?” Jacob moaned.

He eased Quinn all the way back onto the pillows, and slid down her body toward his prize. He wanted more than just a taste. He wanted to feast on her cunt until she begged for him to take her. He positioned himself between her thighs and looked up to see her watching him, her chest rising and falling rapidly. He winked before popping her clit into his mouth and sucking hard. Quinn nearly bucked him off but he held her hips in place, enjoying her squirming and sighs. It wasn’t long at all before he was rewarded once again with her sweet nectar.

He teased her a bit more with his tongue and then slipped one, two and then three fingers inside of her hot folds. Her pussy clenched repeatedly over his fingers and her body convulsed over and over again. Quinn’s skin flushed from her tits to her toes, because of him, because of what he was doing to her. He wanted more, so much more. He couldn’t wait any longer. He wanted to bury his cock deep inside her, go over the edge, and never come back.

Wow! This book sounds steamy! And Daniel is yummy for sure! Find out more about Daniel, Fate, Tammy, and all of her books via her Media outlets.

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Thank you all for visiting! Be sure to comment to let Tammy know what you think of Daniel and Fate! And as always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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    What a great scene! Thanks to Lori King and thanks to Tammy Dennings Maggy.

  2. Thank you so much for hosting Daniel and Fate today, Lori! It’s been a bit hectic getting ready for the release party this week, but we’re all having a blast doing it. Hope to see you there!

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